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Pigav.com: Review

Pigav.com is a porn site that is well in a different language. It is in Chinese, and most of the women/actors having seemed to be Asian. The site is in a completely different language because I am fairly certain this was made for Asians or people from China. If you are into Asians though. sites like this would be really in for you.

Let us start with the proper review, shall we?

Pigav.com: A Chinese porn website

The premise of this site seems to be, any guesses? Yeah, you got it. PORN!! A website like this is supposed to help your ass when you can not find anyone to have sex with. Oh, I mentioned above that all the actors are Asian. Which if you are into that, well this site is for you.

If Asians are a part of your fantasies and desires, and you know you are tired of all the white people on porn sites. You have once again, found the right website. Guess you could say, you CAME to the proper review.

The next thing, we should talk about is that website layout, and well, is it worth going to when you want to jack off? Let us find out in a while. First, let us talk about the content.

PIGAV.COM pigav 朱 古 力: Content

Okay, I have to start with the length of this video. Hell is this even still considered a video? You tell me. The first "video" I watched was 3 hours long. YOU HEARD ME, 3 fucking hours long. Holy shit. Of course, I did not watch the full thing. I just skipped through the beginning, the middle, and the end.

The thumbnail of the video I watched, was innocent. She was just standing there, with something in her hand. It was not even lewd at all. I think it was a vase or something. I open the video expecting something lowkey, wholesome? (Yes, even in porn). Boy, OH BOY was I fucking wrong. That was rough as fucking. Pulling my hair type of shit. It was hot but, the thumbnail did not show me any preview of the video.

Pigav.com: Site for your needs

Let us now get to the meat of the video, the fucking. The porn is intense, to say the least. I do not know how else to say it, it is intense as hell. You would need to watch the videos for yourself. In the video I watched, they were fuckling on a balcony with a nice ass view (literally). I was like, "oh nice pretty vi- tits". It was amazing if you ask me. Majestic is probably a better word. It was like a full-on produced porn movie. This time I think it was an actual porn movie because of how long it is (no pun intended).

In summary, Pigav.com has my vote of porn I would watch if I had a ton of time on my hands but even so I do not think I could watch the whole thing. Maybe like 30 minutes of porn, just to get the sweet slow release. If you are looking for a movie to get off too this is for you. You might enjoy the slow climax of what this movie can offer. Now, we know how the content is. Let us go and review the website layout.

Pigav com: Website layout

The layout at pigav.com is quite simple but in Chinese. So, this is gonna be hard for us foreign folk trying to navigate the website well. Unfortunately, Google does not automatically translate the site to English and I do not know if other browsers have that choice to do that, but that would be fairly handy when you are navigating through pigav.com. The categories are there. There is also a search bar. I do not think that is useful for us who speak English. The titles and, literally everything on pigav.com are in Chinese. The only we could watch the videos is through browsing through the videos. They are all clumped up and spaced evenly. So it is quite satisfying scrolling through their videos.

Pigav: Check out all the Asian chicks

The more I kept scrolling, the more I realized that the thumbnails are just naked Asian women, and uh colorful accessories? I can not quite point it out specifically but it is a very colorful thumbnail. It surely attracts attention. I also realized the video I was watching a while ago, and their thumbnail does not match up with the shit I'm seeing now while scrolling. Which I believe, maybe because I was surprised when I saw the video. I think that is exactly what is going to happen when the time you start looking at the content at pigav. This site offers quite an experience, let me tell you.

The site is black. The color of the site is black. Let me tell you, how AMAZING that is. I do not have to watch porn while I feel like I am being judged by God or, someone. I can masturbate and enjoy my fucking time without having to deal with the bullshit that the white ass light puts me through. This site gives me the satisfaction that I need.

Pigav: Final Review

This site is not as inclusive, as I wish it could be but at the same time. This is not catered to us foreign folk. I think the website was designed for Chinese people. Which of course, makes a ton of sense. This site is not fr us. If you can get beyond the language border, and find a way to translate the page. You can get the full experience. The categories, the search options, and others. Nonetheless, you can still use the site as-is. You just do not have the perk of those who understand the language.

You can still go through pigav.com and have fun. Explore the different and LONG ass content on this site. It is, built differently than the other websites. First off, it is all Asians. All the actors, which is nice. Since we rarely get to see that show up, in any form of media. Representation matters no matter what industry.

So, my rating for this website is 10/10. Everything about Pigav is nice. There of course is room for improvement, but all in all. Would recommend this site, for some fun times.


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