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Perfect Girls Free Porn Tube Site Review

Let me start off this review with a note - this is a free porn tube website so expect ads and make sure you have an ad blocker working before you start browsing videos here. Make sure to follow safe porn browsing.

When I first heard of the site's title, I thought its pornography is on pictures. I mean it sounds like it's either a database for porn actresses or a pictures site for beautiful models. It's actually a tube site for straight people especially men whose fantasies are exclusive for girls only.

Anyway, this is one of those reliable free porn tube sites when it comes to streaming actual videos. It has hundreds of thousands of videos and good navigation features so I'm a bit proud to introduce this site to my good ol' mates. But, of course, everyone has their own preferences even with porn sites so let me give you an overview of what this porn website is and how it fares.

PerfectGirls Chic Site Design And Layout

Honestly, I'm not really sure if this site is for straight men because of the title which seems to feature "Perfect Girls only" or if it is actually for female audiences because of how it looks like. The colors and design of PerfectGirls kinda resemble the packaging of products for adult women. I think despite the fact that the design looks feminine, it's effective in a way that it gives me an impression of beautiful women who are too ready to get laid.

Aside from those details, I like the overall layout. It's quite neat with the full header including the search box, language option, and menu options such as Categories, Pornstars, Tags, Favorites, History, and links to other porn sites with different contents. There's a banner ad by the header but you can close it so you only get to see the filtering options Video Previews (meaning you get to see only those with thumbnail previews instead of static thumbnails), HD Only, and just choose to see the Top Videos of the Last 3 Days, Last Week, Last Month, and All Time.

I like the rows of thumbnails but there are those things you shouldn't click if you want to stay on this site and some of them are mixed in the trove like an advertisement made of 4 thumbnail photos, and a playable banner ad. The thumbnails are pretty cool too. Aside from the fact that you can see scene previews by hovering your mouse over them, they also have information like a descriptive title, duration, and an HD indicator for HD videos.

Categories And Tags For Hot Girls

There aren't a lot of categories here and this site even combined some of them like Amateur/Homemade, Asian/Oriental, BDSM/Fetish, Cartoons/Anime/3D, Casting/Interviews/Meetings, Lingerie/Stockings, Uniform/Maid/Nurse, and more. It does seem like this site's creators are either lazy to make several pages for every category, or there aren't too many videos here so combining them will give users more results per category. At least it's a good way to prevent adding clips to the wrong category.

While there isn't a separate page for categories, the tags have an exclusive page and a long list. Tags are sorted alphabetically starting from 18, then 20, 3D, 50 plus, 69, 70s, 80s, 9 Months Pregnant, and then tags from A to Z.

My brain died for a split second when I noticed a couple of puzzling tags like Yellow, Yellow Bikini, and Yellow Dress. Is Yellow a sexual thing? They also have a couple of tags starting with the word "she" as She Likes It In The Ass, She Squirts, She Wants Anal, etc. What's up with those fillers? They could have just went for Ass, Squirt, and Anal.

Pornstars List

The list is huge! The list of babes here is even bigger than the boobs of Amy Anderssen and Hitomi Tanaka combined. There's a long list of names from A to Z but if you click on "see more" on every section, you'll be redirected to another page of another huge list of names with the same initial.

It's one of the best navigation features PerfectGirls has and the more active the pornstar is, the more sex clips you'll find. The list itself also seems quite updated but it doesn't have all the names of the porn actresses even if they have a single video here. Still, if the pornstar is popular, you'll definitely find her name here.

Suggested Content

While most sites suggest only porn clips to their users, PerfectGirls also suggest other stuff. There are suggested popular tags and names of popular pornstars listed at the bottom of the homepage. It's quite interesting that most of the popular tags aren't based on sex scenes but there are other porn sites on the queries.

As for suggested sexy actresses, the list seems to be updated regularly. The names include those women you would really expect most people these days would want to see in an extremely hot sex video. I mean, it's so easy to imagine that there are quite a lot of guys looking for a sex video of Adriana Chechik, Mia Malkova, Brandi Love, or a classic sex scene featuring Mia Khalifa, right?

Favorites And History

You might also wonder why there are pages for Favorites and History but there isn't any login or signup button or link anywhere on this site. That's how free tube sites usually work. PerfectGirls doesn't work like that. You won't need to set up an account to access everything it has. You can add clips to your list of favorites and watch them again later or even see your viewing history for up to 7 days. The hang is if you want to maximize these features, make sure that you don't clear your browser history including the cookies and cache here.

Final Verdict

For a free xxx tube, PerfectGirls does a really good job on a lot of things, and it even has quite big content. It does need to work on a few things though including expanding its collection with higher quality porn clips and not being too lazy with their categories.


  • huge collection of porn videos
  • lots of navigation features that actually work
  • large database of names of porn actresses


  • they mixed VR with the category Cartoons, Anime, 3D
  • there's no full-length porn movie

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