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Only Hentai Games Games Review Site Review

There's nothing with my heading. Only Hentai Games is a site that reviews only hentai games and we're going to do a review of this review site. Got it? This site does have downloadable games but it's more famous as a reliable database for the hottest hentai games and just hentai games. You won't find any other kind of adult games here or even cartoons here. This website is very useful for everyone who loves not just any kind of porn game but specifically hentai porn games.

What Are Ero Games?

Japanese people often call these kinds of porn games "Eroge" which is a nick for "Erotic Games". It's quite a popular genre for porn games in the Land of Hentai and that's nothing surprising. These kinds of games have different genres that share the same kind of drawings. There can be plenty of varieties of these games from the elements to the gameplay itself. The most popular ones commonly associated with the term Eroge are the interactive erotic visual novels where players will encounter different situations based on their choices. There are more complicated genres of hentai porn games such as RPG, Action, Simulation, and more.

Getting Around

If you were born in the '90s, you'll probably understand why this porn site reminds me of the old social media sites which let users set their own backgrounds. I appreciate that they made an effort on the site design but it is kind of like the effort of a normal dude who just wants to customize his profile page. But aside from that, it seems a bit difficult for a newbie to check where to look first. That's probably because the stuff here isn't properly labeled. What I mean by that is that the pictures or thumbnails have lots of details and the font is compact and a bit small so you'd have to look closely even though the site is in dark mode.

Anyway, enough of the design. There are still lots of other porn sites that look thrice worse. Let's talk about how to make full use of this hentai porn games site. First off, let's choose the language you're comfortable with. You can choose between 6 languages which are Chinese, Deutsch, English, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese. Choosing a language won't change the site's language but it will give you suggestions of games available in that language.

If you're not into any specific type of porn games and the only standard you have is nothing censored, then you have an easy life. You can simply go to the Uncensored section and you can get plenty of suggestions there. There are plenty of pages though and unfortunately, there are no sorting or filtering options here. Rest assured though, Only H Games knows its job and only post reviews of games worth checking.

OnlyHGames Categories

What if you're that type of porn games fan who has a specific fetish? Well, there are different sections for you to look at on Only H Games. There's a list of different types of games under Type on the search menu which are 3DCG or 3D Anime, Action, HCG, Game Video, Puzzle, RPG, Simulation, Visual Novel/ADV, and you can also find Hentai Videos there including OVAs of some popular porn games. Since OnlyHGames is a blog site for porn games, you shouldn't expect high-quality videos here. Still, it's cool that you can even download videos here. If you're looking for a more specific type of content, you can search for tags on the search box. The search results aren't 100% accurate but the search page does yield relevant content. You can also look for tags on the Genres page. It contains several tags such as Ahegao, Angel, Bloomers, Bunnygirl, Comedy, Doujin/Fanfiction, and more. Each game contains all the tags related to it on its description which makes every search page worth looking at.

Looking For Hentai Games For Android?

Of course, you can find them here. There's a special page for Android games here. The homepage may occasionally feature some of those but because the majority of the games in the OnlyHGames collection are computer games, you'll save yourself a lot of time from downloading them before knowing their compatibility with your device to finding links.

Want To Download Games?

There are two buttons for every game and both of them link to another file hosting site. One of those is for premium users who subscribe to Patreon and another one for free users. What's the difference then? If you're not a premium subscriber, suck it all down and play with ads.

Should You Become A Patreon?

If you want to download games with no ads, you can just support on Patreon. I honestly think that it's a fair deal for their advertisers which helps this site survive and keep on giving useful updates for its users for free of use.

Where's The Community?

It's on Disqus, Facebook, and Twitter. Well, you need one of those sites to be able to interact on Only H Games better.

You might also think if you should even bother linking any of your accounts here. It's understandable. You should if you're considering supporting Only H Games financially to make sure that you can get all the benefits you deserve as a loyalist. Also, if you are very much tempted to show your love for a game on this site, you would need to connect your account on any of those platforms so you can post a comment and add a response to the game.

Should You Use Only H Games?

I guess if you're looking for instructions on a porn game you have just downloaded, you won't find that kind of info here. On behalf of whoever created that game, I suggest logging into that game instead and read the info there. What you can find here are suggested games with screenshots, and other info on the description like the file size, producer, launch date, and download links. This website, Only H Games, puts a lot of work into making the experience on this porn site great. However, not everything seems to be perfect here including the fact that every game lacks important details like the real game title, screenshots of the actual gameplay, and even a user rating. There's still more work that needs to be done here and you can check the list below.


  • a huge ton of information on hentai games with different languages and there's a wide range of types of porn games
  • plenty of porn games with free downloads
  • the information on the reviews is filled with useful things
  • everything here is high-quality when it comes to visual design and gameplay


  • bunch of ads such as banner ads, ads that open in new windows, and ads made of thumbnail photos of videos from other sites
  • some games require a serial key before you can install them and that info isn't added to the game description

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