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Nxt Comics Hentai & Cartoon Porn Site Review

Let us get this straight. I personally don't think that Nxt Comics is one of the best porn sites out there even among comics sites. There are several reasons why which I'm going to discuss later and indeed, there are a lot of sites like NxtComics but this website seems to hoard plenty of attention. So let's find out more about what makes comics sites click by dissecting one of those. Let's now review NxtComics.

Simple Design, Simple Navigation

Starting with the unimpressive layout, this site looks too average and you might also wonder how can this one be on par or even exceed the number of fans other free porn comics websites has. Honestly, I have no idea either. There are no special features or grand details on the homepage and you'll just find a bunch of adult comic covers. Aside from browsing through all the pages using the page number buttons at the bottom, is there any other browsing option here? There are 2 actually and they're kind of trying to hide from the users. The first one is by using the categories on the header. The categories are Porn Comics, 3D Comics, Interracial Comics, Hentai-Doujin, Milftoon, Y3DF, Tufos, Western, and Incest Comics. The second one is by using the search box which is on the other side of the header. You can use different keywords to search for adult comics. The results are based on tags and titles. Let's talk more about that in a few sections.

Let's talk about the services this site has for its fans. First of all, Nxt Comics doesn't have a community. Second, there's no way to add comments here and post a user rating. That means that there's no way to sort the porn comics here - no top user ratings, no most comments, and even no alphabetical order. Searching for comics here is like looking for one at a convenience store. All of their available issues are in just one rack and if you know exactly what you're looking for then it's easy to tell if they have that or not. If you're just browsing for random comics on Nxt Comics, then it might take time.

Manga Vs Cartoon Comics

In case you're one of those who call anime "cartoons", then you should probably know the difference between Hentai and Adult Cartoons. Hentai is Japanese-style animation with more details and aims to have more realistic proportions. Cartoons on the other hand are Western-style.

The majority of the content on Nxt Comics are cartoons so if you like Hentai better, I suggest going to other hentai porn comics websites instead. But, if you like cartoons, then this adult comics website is one of the good choices you have.

NxtComics Adult Comics Collection

So, what does this site have that may be on par with some of the best porn sites? Its content has a wide variety. While there are just a few categories on the header which is actually trying to act like a menu bar but definitely look like none of that, Nxt Comics actually has more than that. If there's a popular niche that you know which is often used as a category, it probably exists here as a tag. There's 3D, Incest, MILF, Interracial, and there are also others. You'll also find other popular niches like Big Ass, Big Boobs, Big Cock, Blowjob, Cum Shot, Hardcore, Anal, Femdom, Stockings, Harem, and still a lot more. I wish there was a page or even a section on the homepage that shows all of these categories but there's none. You can only look for adult comics in these niches either by clicking on the tag button on the comic with it or use the search box. In this sense, everyone using this site should know his porn because anyone who doesn't have a lead on the type of comics he wants would probably have no direction here. I mean there's a bunch of kinds of adult comics, 3D alone can have so many stories and styles. Hentai and Doujinshi are also 2 different things though they are related. What I mean is, yeah you can rely on a category from the menu but that will still give you broad results.

Are There Sites Like NxtComics?

It depends on which is relatable for you and what's naughty or nice. When it comes to quality, there's nothing special about NxtComics. The quality of the cartoon comics here varies from newbie quality to expert quality. That's for cartoons alone. We all know that there's a higher standard for Hentai porn when it comes to quality and that too has huge differences on this site alone.

How about the comics reading experience on Nxt Comics? Let's review that now. Unlike manga with different ways to read them, comics are simpler because the best way to read them is the most simple way. So, in Nxt Comics, there's only one view available here and that's a single-page view. It works in a slideshow where you can just navigate through pages by clicking the right and left arrows on the sides of the screen. You can also zoom in on the page if you want to see the scenes up close or you can just enter fullscreen mode. Aside from that, there aren't any other options. In the best porn sites for adult comics, you'll usually find download links on the bottom of the page or in the description. Here in Nxt Comics, you won't find any. Sad. I know. The bottom line is if you want to just pass time, sure this site is okay if you have an internet connection, but if you're looking for a new favorite, most probably, this review will tell you, on to the next site.

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