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New Sensations: World's Largest Exclusive Porn Mega Site is the world's largest exclusive and award winning pornsite. Featuring over 7500+ exclusive movies and 2500+ pornstars.

New Sensations Premium Porn Site Review

The New Sensations website is a premium porn site which means that members get more than what they pay for when it comes to both quality and quantity. This website has more than just porn movies but it also has super high-quality professionally shot photos of the hottest pornstars and models which is why you can call New Sensations a premium porn site. It really is worth calling "Premium".

If you are already registered in other premium sites, check out more about New Sensations on this review to see if it is worth your bucks, too.

Introducing New Sensations

New Sensations is an award-winning site not just in terms of quality but it literally is award-winning. It has received a lot of awards that will definitely fill Santa's bag for bad boys. Actually, to be more specific, it is their studio that got these awards and since this is a premium porn site, you will see those movies exclusively on this site. Don't take your chances to see them on free sites or other paid sites. Your efforts will be in vain. I mean, despite the fact that I'm an ultimate cheapskate, I can say for a fact that this site is worth my hard-earned cash and I would really want the producers to be able to continue producing all this high-quality content by paying for a subscription, and it's a win-win situation anyway. I get access to premium videos and see assholes and pussies of my favorite pornstars like Angela White in HD and I can even keep photos of them.

Anyways, these are the awards their studio got through the years - Best Amateur Series Award for Video Virgins in 1995, Best All-Girl Release Award for The Four Finger Club 2 in 2000, Best Special Effects Award for Intimate Expressions in 2001, Best Video Feature Award for Dark Angels in 2001 as well, Best Videography Award for Jake Jacobs & Nic Andrews from their studio for Dark Angels also in 2001, Best Solo Sex Scene Award for Brook Ballentyne in Screaming Orgasms in 2004, Best Foreign All-Sex Series Award for Pleasures of the Flesh in 2005, Best Three-Way Sex Scene Award for Erotic Stories: Lovers & Cheaters in 2005, Best Videography Award for Dark Angels 2: Bloodline in 2006, Best Big Bust Series Award for Big Natural Breasts in 2008, Best New Series Award and Best Continuing Series Award for Ashlynn Goes to College in 2009, Best Vignette Series Awards for Cheating Wives Tales, Best All-Sex Series Award for Addicted in 2011, Peoples Choice Award specifically Porn Parody of the Year Award for The Office: A XXX Parody in 2011, and a fucking lot more awards I'm too lazy to mention up to the end of last year.

Honestly, I prefer JAV porn videos more than other porn niches because the JAV studios focus on stories a lot more than others. However, it seems that New Sensations do that as well and I can't be more pleased than that. It's probably a contributing factor to how they get a lot of awards ever since they started producing porn. I mean, even their series always get a lot of attention.

Studio New Sensations

Since they deserve better attention, I think, I'll give more info about their production team. New Sensations Studio has been producing high-quality adult movies for over 20 years and it has produced over 7500 HD porn movies with exclusive scenes you can see only on New Sensations.

Actually, there are free top porn sites that have some videos taken from New Sensations but they only have very short videos and they're not playable in HD which make them seem like trailers to what you can get from the original site and I can say that it's a pretty cunning way of advertising their content. You'll also notice that the videos were well-edited in a way that you would really expect to see more so you will just want to go ahead and explore if there are other parts of it or a longer version. I have to say, if you want to access more, you'll have to access it directly on New Sensations. I know because I tried and it did make me get a paid subscription with a discount, of course, and I'll tell you more of that later.

The Hottest Pornstars Are Here

With over 2500 pornstars on New Sensations, you can expect that there's a huge variety of pornstars and models here with different ethnicities, sizes, or looks in general. Their database for their pornstars and models always keeps on expanding as the hottest newcomers keep on coming. What's better is that with all these new babes coming in, registered members can subscribe to weekly updates from the New Sensations Network.

These weekly updates from the New Sensations Network include the latest news about pornstars, their latest movies you can access from the site, and its network.

Since there are thousands of models on New Sensations, the site seems like a pornstar database as well. You can check out the Models page, browse the collection by name, click on the displayed photo, and voila! You can check out a profile page of the model and some snips from hot scenes from her movies you can access only on this site. Cool, right?

HD Porn Videos on New Sensations

New Sensations Network and Studio create interesting titles for their movies like Video Virgins and Bow To Your Squirt Goddess. The titles are surely naughty but the scenes are even naughtier. I have also noticed that with the many years of work their network has been through, their experience in production results in not only HD videos but also scenes that keep on getting hotter and hotter.

I haven't really considered getting membership from a premium site before but now I know it's all worth it on this site. I have been streaming videos since last night and out of all the videos I have been streaming, I can guarantee you that the scenes from these are at a much higher level than the scenes in that mainstream BDSM trilogy movie I bought for almost $80 USD. I can buy thousands of movies from the New Sensations network from that price actually.

Porn Movies Niches

The movies here fit into one or several niches and you can search based on them from Categories. It includes fetishes and kinks like cuckold, interracial, creampie, facial, parody, and more. You can also browse through the content based on looks such as Asian, Blonde, Brunette, Latina, etc. With the wide range of ethnicities here, it's no wonder how there are a lot of videos under the Interracial category.

The Perks Of Being A Premium

What I haven't mentioned yet that comes along with the premium are bonus sites and unlimited access to the network content. Specifically, it means that you can access the entire New Sensations Network with more than a dozen of bonus sites that are exclusive to this website. These bonus sites include Hot Wife XXX, The Lesbian Experience (this is hot FYI), and Heavy Handfuls.

The best you can get from the premium is that you can do multiple streams and get other download options as well which lets you watch their premium content even when you're offline.

There are several packages on this site starting with a 3-day trial offer to a 1-year subscription so members get a lot of flexibility when it comes to payments.

Special Discounts

The packages are relatively cheap compared to other premium sites but, of course, who doesn't like discounts? You gotta agree with me that we will save some bucks as much as we can, right? New Sensations offers a really huge discount for a 12-month subscription which is more than half of the original price. It's a huge bait that I willingly took and I was quite glad I took it. It somehow saves me from buying something like that dull BDSM trilogy.

Adult DVDs

Honestly, I thought I can access the DVDs here separately like I have to pay for them separately, but I was wrong. You can watch them if you're already a member. What's different from the DVDs compared to other videos here on New Sensations is that there are previews and a bunch of other details when you click on them. They also have ratings and users can post a comment about the scenes as well.

New Sensations Network

If you still haven't made up your mind about getting a premium here, you should probably check out the bonus sites you can access from the network. They are unlike other networks on the internet that share the same content and links so no worries about that. The bonus sites here have their own scenes yet they all have the same HD quality. You won't get any red flags even when you jump on all of those bonus sites alternately.

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