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MyXClip General Review

Are you one of those people who has a kink with homemade porn? Or have you ever thought of recording your own amateur porn? Well if you answered yes to one or both questions, then MyXClip is the free porn site for you. This free porn site specializes in real amateur porn. This porn site focuses on real sex scenes made by real people. This website has tons and thousands of real homemade porn videos from around the world that you can choose from. This is the real deal.

In this review, we would review the layout, whether you will be watching porn in a bright background or if this website has a lot of things going on that will already be distracting for the viewers. We will also talk about the categories they offer and if it will be easy to find the best porn to your liking. Another important thing we will check is their media player, will it be in HD or will it be needing you to have a computer engineering degree to understand. And finally, we will talk about pop-ups! One of the most crucial things that users need to know before they venture into free porn sites. If you want to know more about MyXClip, just continue reading and let me set up your mood to porn watching.

Website Layout Review

Once you enter the website, it seems pretty cool. For a website that's specializing in real sex clips, this page seems so expensive. You will have a feel of a premium porn site when you see its website layout. The page is very simple, with a combination red and black theme, this is pretty cool and well thought of.

You can select specific categories, models, and channels from its local library amateur porn. It has a wide range of categories you can choose from if you have a specific fetish or if you have a favorite model. You can search porn for straight, gay, female, and shemale. So if you're exploring, you can try all of their options!

A lot of people who watch porn at night usually use their mobile phones. The layout is working very well and the ads are not an issue when selecting the porn scenes you want. It works totally fine with iOS and Android and it makes the experience better since you can still watch it in HD.

The thumbnails you will see on the galleries will link you to another window which will let you watch porn. Very simple and straightforward. You will also see reviews and comments left below the video player.

MyXClip Categories

We're now on the juicy part. I know you were cool with what this site's layout looks like, but hey! The categories and the content should be the goal here. I reviewed their categories, tags, and featured scenes, and I was surprised that they have a category for every fetish you can think of!

With the quality of their homemade scenes and their content, the huge amount of tags they have, the fact that you will have full access to all the videos even if you don't sign up, this website from a 5 became a 10 to me. New scenes and content are uploaded regularly. So you will never go out of anything to watch in MyXclip.

Video Player Review

Sites like MyXClip that have a very simple layout might also have a simple video player. I tried watching a few videos just to be sure that the player is okay and it was. The only downside is, it opens a completely new page where you will be watching porn. The video quality depends on the submitted porn itself, remember they specialize in amateur porn, so most likely those are recorded on their phones.

PornOne Content Quality

The content quality MyXClip offers can be compared to premium porn sites that requires you to shed money for the subscription just to watch a collection of real homemade porn. When you go to MYXCLIP you have a wide range of categories, full-length scenes, and full-length movies. Once you have selected porn from the list of all videos or categories, the video player will be available for you to start streaming. As easy as that!

MyXClip offers a variety of homemade porn that the best porn sites might not offer. You can choose from different categories based on your preference from their wide range collection. You can also upload your full-length scenes or material if you're into that kind of thing. You really have a lot of options here, whether you just want to enjoy free porn, or you want others to enjoy your own porn material.

MyXClip Ads

Let's talk about the ads. These are game-changers for free porn sites. Like all other porn tube sites, PornOne also needs to make a profit without you creating an account and paying a subscription. Whenever you visit and browse PornOne for porn videos, it will lead you to ads.

Their ads are not aggressive. Just be careful with malware-looking ads. They also have banner ads that will not affect your porn-watching experience. Everybody's gotta make a living, right?

MyXClip Community

MyXClip offers a forum for their patron which other websites don't offer. They have this thing called the lounge where you can talk to other users about anything under the sun, I even saw some users posting ads and looking for posts, some are looking for sex buddies to deal with and some are posting ads for their own content to be watched.

You can also sign up to their community, it's like Facebook for people who love porn. You can view other people's profiles, view what they're up to, and see who's popular among the community. You can send them messages and also view the content they are posting on their feed. It's really like a small social media platform for porn patrons. It's like going to a social media site but all the things they post are their homemade sex clips.

For you to do all this, all you have to do is to be registered on their site for free. Once you're signed up, you can leave a comment or put reviews on the porn that you want or you watched. You can also upload your own material and have people watch it.

MyXClip Final Review

This free amateur porn site really is one of the best I've seen so far. From the simple but cool layout to the very simple media player, everything you want they have it. It's just that you should not expect the content to be on HD because remember these are shot in bedrooms or hotel rooms with poor lighting and equipment. This is the real deal for real amateur porn!

Overall, this is one of the best that you can get for a free amateur porn site. Who knows, you might see someone you know here.


  • Simple and cool layout.

  • Simple media player.

  • Wide range of options of categories and tags.


  • Just the ads. But let's get over it, it's not that much!

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