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MySexGamer Review

Porn has always been connected to interactive things because duh, porn is about sex, right? Sex is an interactive activity of two or more persons that sometimes might start from a strip poker night. So, as I was saying, Mysexgamer offers an interactive variety of free porn games. We all kinda played on interactive websites that offer a lot of online games, right? Well, if you're horny and want the same feel, you can go to Mysexgamer and enjoy a lot of the best porn games ever offered in the world.

In this review, we would review the layout, whether you will be watching and playing sex games in a bright background or if this website has a lot of things going on that will already be distracting for the viewers. We will also talk about the categories they offer and if it will be easy to find the best porn or game to your liking. Another important thing we will check is their video player, will it be in HD or will it be needing you to have a computer engineering degree to understand. And finally, we will talk about pop-ups!

MySexGamer Layout

For an interactive porn game site, their homepage is kinda bland. I'm expecting more of a cool homepage for an xxx games site when I visit one. Another thing to take note of is the brightness. Well, probably acceptable since you are going to play games anyway, but still, maybe they should go a little darker. Adults do prefer to watch and play porn games in the dark.

They also have a few options which are sex games, hentai videos, or hentai comics. Though they have a few options, I doubt that there will be a few categories and each genre. We all know that there's a ton of hentai content out there.

The thumbnails of the games are also not interactive, they are just sexy photos or graphics that would suggest what the game would be. It will also show you a glimpse of the reviews the games are getting with the number of visitors it has. Usually, new games are the suggested content on their homepage.

Bottom line, the layout is bland but simple to understand and you will easily find a fun adventure game or video for you!

MySexGamer Graphics And Video Player

This is important since, of course, this is a sex game site! I tried playing some games and they really are the same as those HTML games we play back then. Some have very poor graphics but others are great as adventure games.

As for the video player and the manga, it's the usual stuff. The video player is normal and easy to use with the normal options of making the screen full screen or making the sound on mute. The manga is the usual manga layout which is hard to read for newbies but, yeah, not bad at all!

MySexGamer Categories

Let's go over the categories MySexGamer has to offer. The name of the website itself seems like it only has porn games to offer, right? But hell no! Porn sites like Mysexgamer have a lot to offer. Continue reading if you want to know more!

Sex games, this is their main market. Their pride and glory! They offer a lot of niches like fun adventure games or an RPG where you can be on your own virtual world up to word puzzles. Weird, huh? I think they just want to give you new games to enjoy every time you get bored from watching porn.

So what if you're not into playing sex games? Well, they also have hentai porn! Amazing, right? So if you want to just masturbate while watching, just go to their hentai porn videos category and you will see all their options!

So what if you're not into playing and watching, but you're more into reading hentai manga? Don't worry! they also have tons of hentai comics available for you. You can just browse titles or characters you want access to. Then bang! You're already getting hooked!

We can already call MySexGamer one of the best porn sites there is if you want free to play xxx games, free hentai or hentai manga.

MySexGamer Filtering Option

So let's talk about how easy it is to filter their categories! When you choose between sex games, hentai content, or hentai manga, they have the same way of filtering their content. When you hover to the option, you can choose between specific categories or if you want to know which one has the most reviews or the most played or watched. That's how they filter the content. It's very simple and straightforward which is what we're expecting for a free play website.

MySexGamer Community

We all know that some people who are into sex play or hentai is very passionate about sharing their interest. Well, say no more! Mysexgamer doesn't have a blog forum, but if you would like to review games or review content, you can just simply create an account by signing up. This will also merit you in uploading your own content. So if you can create porn games or hentai manga, then this is perfect for you! Share your blessings, right? Another thing you need to know about MySexGamer, before you can play any games or watch or read hentai, you will need to create an account!

MySexGamer Ads

Here we go again with the Ads. I think this website doesn't have that much. It felt like I didn't see any pop-ups or I was not routed to any other website they are promoting when I'm browsing through this sex games site.

But I guess the main reason here is the fact that you need to register before you can do anything. A little bummer because not everyone has the time to sign up when they're in the mood for sexy time!

MySexGamer Final Review

For a free porn games site, Mysexgamer can be considered at par with the best porn sites we have available on the internet. They have everything you could ask for, strip poker night, adventure games, or even hentai vids or manga! I just feel like their need for a user to sign up before they are able to play free sex games or watch hentai or read manga is kind of sketchy. But hey, I wasn't charged anything. I just felt like it's too much for a free site.


  • Wide variety of content from games to hentai.

  • Users are able to showcase their sex game creativity because they can upload content.


  • users need to sign up before they can do anything on the site.

  • Bright as the sun homepage background!

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