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MyGaySites Review

As a listing site and a site reviewer myself, I personally like this site that provides Gay Content. However, I can't say that it's perfect. So, read on and check out my honest review of how Gay-Friendly this listing site is.

Nice Design For A Great Site For Gay Sites

The dudes from this network never fail when it comes to design. Aside from the iconic Porn Dude logo and color theme, I noticed the moving graphic design by the footer. If I have to describe it, it's cute, colorful, and very gay. I'm not sure though if the network's main producer approved this design without noticing the world's most famous mouse drowning, Mr.Burns' assistant in a pool float, and that annoying sponge making an appearance for SeanCody.

Aside from that, you can see the effort into the design across this site. You can quickly search for their review on the site you're looking for by using the search box, so it's pretty much like a search engine for the adult web. The search results are also good. Although if the site you're looking for doesn't exist on their database, they can't suggest a similar site to it.

You can switch from the normal light gray mode to the pitch-black background in the dark mode by just clicking a button. You get these features too on their mobile site version plus, since there are dozens of lists here and scrolling on your phone is a hassle, you can simply click on the 3-line button at the top-left corner and see the compact view of lists as shortcuts.

Anyway, this site has 60 lists for different categories of porn platforms. They have also separated premium ones from free ones like there's a premium list for Gay Bears and just the normal one which contains free stuff. Let's talk more about those lists in the next sections.

Free Gay Porn Sites

If you're looking for free gay porn videos, MyGaySites has good services for that. For whatever kind of videos that show whatever kind of kink you may have, you may find the perfect site for you from this site. You can choose to directly access the site from here or you can read their review on that site before you jump in - I suggest the latter though.

Not all of the sites that are here have safe gay sex videos. Some have low quality while some are downright annoying. You might even find amateur videos of ass-fucking in the worst way and that might just ruin the fun. Or maybe land on a site that's full of ads that are just stubborn as fuck that endorse fake dick enhancement shit.

Really, despite the fact that they have an option for you to click on the link directly to the site and skip their reviews, you're not supposed to skip their reviews or just read the Pros and Cons on their site.

Gay Porn Sites Premium

There are a lot of premium gay porn sites listed on this site. They have several categories for premium Twink, Asian, Black, Latino, Fetish, Incest, Scat, Vintage, Nude, Hentai, Comics, and even Bareback. What got my attention though are the Straight Gay categories. Seriously, as if Nude and Bareback seem nonsense already, I don't see the need for "straight gay". Those two words don't seem to work in a way as the words "ass" and "cock" fit together.

Anyway if you're looking for places to get rid of your money, aside from the premium networks on this site, you can look for an actual hot fuck with a real male penis from the Escort list, or spend money to get fucked in the butt with male toys you can collect from Sex Shops. The MyGaySites site also reviews these shops, but they don't have any say on the quality of the items. To be fair, MyGaySites is a porn sites list, not an actual sex shop blog.

Other Gay Content

There's a list of Gay Porn Games Sites here and there are 13 sites listed on it. While not all of those are dedicated to our gay friends only, almost half of them are created for gay people. They also have lists like File Hosting, Adult Image Hosting, Gay Blogs, Tumblr, Gay Sex Dating, Sex Stories, Chat, and more.

I suggest that the best way to go and make the most out of the free service this site gives is to just fucking browse their collection. Even though you'll find a lot of duplicates listed here, they link to specific pages though. They're worth checking.

Most Popular Gay Porn Sites Of 2022

Since MyGaySites is a website that lists down gay sites in different categories, you won't find a summary of what the best porn sites are. If you're looking for what the most popular porn sites for gays are, better check out our always-updated list of Gay sites that feature blogs, premium sites, free tube sites, and more.

You can also check out our Chat list for the best sites where you can have real live chats with other people in the queer community. Who knows you might even find that hot dude next door on one of the Online Dating platforms for twinks listed on our site.

Other Gay Porn Sites List Vs MyGaySites

The PornDude has definitely made a name for itself and I honestly do admire their reviews of porn sites. There are no boring reviews, they're opinionated and entertaining, and useful. MyGaySites is one of the alter egos of and just like all other review lists on their network, this one isn't behind at all.

Gay Pornography On Not-Gay-Specific Sites

If you want some variety and you don't want to see another fucking video of a male fucking another male, no worries. There are a lot of gender generic sites on this site despite your expectation that this is supposedly for our bender friends.

You will definitely notice the odd ones from their NSFW Subreddits list to their hentai porn list.

My Overall Review On MyGaySites

I have no qualms about this site. Its existence is a great thing on the internet for people who are either into gay porn or are just curious about what lies at the end of the rainbow. While not every "gay" porn site listed on this website is exclusive to gay porn or for gay audiences, the other dudes on this website did make it even more gay-friendly by sending their users directly to the gay content on those sites.

Any Room For Improvement?

There are no "cons" about this gay porn list but I think what can be improved is how they rank their list of the best porn sites. For example, the ones you can find on Most Popular Porn Sites are ranked based on the most popular sites listed on our lists. The websites with the most number of searches and clicks are displayed first. However, on My Gay Sites, it seems that there are gay sites that are displayed first but don't seem to be that popular at all and some of the popular ones are hidden. When I checked the content, they're actually not that good.

Another thing I noticed is how redundant XHamster, PornHub, and XVideos appear on lists with the first two websites just switching between 1 and 2. Seriously, it's doubtful that someone has to visit porn list sites and just go to any of those two sites anyway. Porn consumers visit listing websites, reviews, or directories to discover new porn sites or alternatives to the common ones.

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