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MuchoHentai Review

Muchohentai! Yes, it is! If this hentai porn site was a burrito, it would be an extra-large beef with lashings of sauce!! Filled to the brim, you would savor every mouthful while the hot sauce and guac dripped down your chin like cum from an anime sailor girl's pussy after being banged doggy style by a furry futanari. Sloppy seconds? Yes, please. I just can't get enough. I'd eat a Muchohentai burrito for breakfast given the chance.

The material of this site is huge with literally thousands of top quality hentai videos and content available for your fapping pleasure.

Porn Videos of Hot Anime Smut

The website is nicely designed and I really like its look. It has clean and easy to access folders and files on the site which doesn't make your eyes feel like they're about to give up on life.

It features a lot of quality categories to choose from like 'Hentai Series List', 'Genre List', 'Latest Hentai Posts', 'Release Calendar', and '(PV) Previews'.

The hentai series list gives a complete list A-Z of all of the series titles included on the site's extensive library. There are fucking thousands to search through and choose.

Hentai Streaming Site

The Mucho Hentai genre list is where to go if you know exactly what kind of smut you want to look at, and offers videos that are often more extreme in nature. It's also in an alphabetical list and you can choose to watch videos in English or Spanish, too. There are even some German videos in this section. This section takes you through abduction and anthropomorphism, through gangbang, goblin, inverted nipples, furries, lolicon, and more, including all your standard blow jobs, big breasts, cream pies, and anal.

You can even search this category for all English or Spanish subbed videos, too, which will take you straight to all of those videos in one neat folder. How sweet! It's these added little extras that most sites don't invest in, and they pay off. It really adds to the quality of the site.

You can chart which titles or series are to be released soon by keeping an eye on the 'release calendar' section and even get a sneak peek at the 'PV' or previews category where you get to watch excerpts videos from upcoming releases.

Top Hentai Streaming Titles

One of the major bonuses of the Mucho Hentai website, unlike so many other hentai porn sites, is that you can change the language from Japanese into English subbed, or Spanish too. I can guarantee you that makes a lot of Spanish people mucho, mucho happy! It means you can watch episodes of your favorite series without having to guess what's happening. Website. What's In A Name?

Mucho! Get it? Muchohentai seems to have everything covered. With a whole category dedicated to hentai series and episodes, you've got a wank bank that will take you thousands of hours to work your way through. That's not even including the release calendar. You will be fapping your way through these files and videos with a blissed-out glaze of joy spread across your face for years to cum!

I watched an episode of a hot young anime girl being fucked hard by 2 furry freaks who end up jizzing all over each other. I can't even remember the name, I ended up in a rabbit hole of back to back episodes, but I did find the comments box at the bottom of each video page really useful in determining the actual content and if I would like it.

If you are reading this review, I'm going to presume you know Mucho about hentai, if you don't, allow me to enlighten you. All Japanese animated hentai pornography sites have strict regulations about how much pussy and cock you get to actually see. And, that's also true of Muchohentai. Expect pixelated poon and pixelated cock. But, it's no big issue if you knew that already.

Mucho Hentai

The Muchohentai web site was set up about 4 years ago by one dude, Achoron. You could say that this site is actually a labor of love. Achoron wasn't happy with his own personal hentai experience and wanted to create something that gave a majority of people access to top quality hentai pornography for free. And, he did just that, what a job! No really, what a job! I want that job, but hey, getting to review hentai porn sites is also pretty cool, so I'm not complaining.

Animated Pornography At Its Best

In the case of Mucho Hentai, the majority of content consists of new releases of episodes and videos. You can navigate the site using the categories and useful tools such as displays giving you information about what time the latest post was added, a view counter showing you how many people have already viewed an episode, and comments and like button counters. I like this mucho hentai feature as I often look at what other files and episodes are popular with viewers, especially when new to sites. Another quality touch is the preview thumbnails on the page that lists basic info and allows you to review your decision before jumping cock in.

Futanari Anyone?

For those of you who are new to hentai, a futanari is basically a hot hentai chick with a dick! The Mucho Hentai site does offer something for everyone and also has a lolicon section and categories such as kink, foot fetishes, etc, so good for those freaky little fiends like me who lean towards some of the weirder content. On that note, if you like these kinds of things, you've got to search the Random button.

The random button takes you to a subcategory where you can find deeper content in video and episode format, there are always new releases and they've got most of the more extreme things to offer.

MuchoHentai Pros

  • Loads of quality video content
  • Free access to everything
  • Updated new releases
  • Full-length hentai episodes
  • Spanish, English, raw videos
  • Free downloads
  • Mobile services

MuchoHentai Cons

  • Some ads but its a free site
  • Pixelated private parts Summary

A major part of what I like about the Mucho Hentai page is that it has a nice modern and slick feel to it. It's easy to complete searches using the main homepage and also browse the various categories with ease. Muchohentai has so much video content that you'll never run out of episodes to keep your pecker pumpin'. There isn't much I don't like about Muchohentai, for the most part, it delivers consistently good quality hentai porn to my phone with very few ads and the option of English or Spanish subs. Signing up for the account also made the Muchohentai experience most enjoyable as I could then comment and join discussions on specific episodes I like. Other than the ads I'd give Muchohentai top marks and definitely recommend it if you're a hentai fan.

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