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MasalaSeen Indian Porn Site Review

Masala means a mixture of spices but does this website have the same fierce spiciness as its name or will you feel disappointed with its content? Let's find out in this review. Of course, we'll check if the porn content on this site will please a porn addict or not.

This website goes by another domain- On this site, you can enjoy watching Indian porn videos for free. There are a lot of other websites where you can find free Desi porn content so it will be better to get the information you need to know here first before checking out the site by yourself. Aside from finding out whether it's safe to enter this site or if you can trust the content here before you click on anything. After all, it's not pretty weird if this website is just a sham since a lot of free Indian porn sites can tend to be quite annoying with tons of broken links, ads that will redirect you to other sites, and short clips with the poor video quality.

Masala Seen Design

Despite the boring design of MasalaSeen, this website has a pretty great amount of traffic every month which makes it interesting. This site gets over 8 million visits monthly which may sound very surprising to you but that's a pretty hard fact.

Let's take a look at the homepage first. The homepage looks old and pretty much disappointing because the thumbnails are confusing with the twin images that are just the same. It's only like that when the videos are for VR. But when you click on the thumbnail, you'll only find a normal porn clip inside. Anyway, the menu bar is accessible on all pages and it contains menu options like Categories, Contact Us, DMCA, and Upload Here. Unfortunately, there's only one option there that is actually usable and it's pretty much useless because it's accessible throughout all the pages - the Categories. There are very few categories on this site namely Desi Amateur Porn, Indian Amateur Porn, Other Amateur Porn, Pakistani Amateur Porn, Sri Lankan Porn, and Web Series. Other useless tools on the homepage are the three seemingly sorting options - Most Viewed, Most Commented, and Most Liked. Clicking on them will just show you an error page.

Long story short, MasaHub has the potential to satisfy your heat needs but it will be a bit difficult before you can find the porn material that you need. It's not really uncommon for free porn sites to show you the results you want when you use the search box but MasaHub can stick out like a sore thumb among the websites that are seriously unreliable. So, yes sir, you have all the rights to complain as much as you want.

Adult Indian Movies - Free!

Some porn sites have a certain gimmick of letting users set up an account that lets them have their own page to fill in with the clips they want to see again without the risk of downloading bad stuff. MasalaSeen doesn't have anything like that. MasalaSeen doesn't hide its categories and tags - it simply doesn't have anything at all. You can't really expect much from free adult websites but I really think that whoever the head of MasalaSeen or MasaHub is should have done a better job. Like at least let the people get their collection rated in order for one of the sorting features to at least work. Another thing MasalaSeen could have done is to have an infinite scrolling page option since the case here seems to be a massive collection of amateur clips. So dude, if you're reading this I can offer other alternative sites that aren't really as low as this one.

Just What Kind Of Content Can You Get Here?

Can you find other Indian pornographic materials on MasaHub? Despite having another name, MasaHub or Masala Hub, the only kind of porn here are videos. The end. It's just a hub of various types of Indian amateurs - Desi or the locals, Indian or the ones scattered around the globe, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Other Amateur or amateurs of different ethnicities. There are also web series clips here that won't make anything easier for you. The web series clips don't come in packs or albums so you'd have to browse through one page at a time with thumbnails that have small titles and closing ads on every page.

Talking about the videos that you can see here on MasalaSeen aka Masahub, they vary from sex tapes, recorded cam shows, masturbation videos, and more. About the scenes, you can enjoy watching softcore teases like NSFW strip shows, real couples engaged in vanilla sex, and even hardcore rough BDSM plays. Anything that can be accomplished by amateur producers can be found here. It's like as long as you can imagine it and it's within the budget and limits of what can be done without a huge amount of budget, you may get your hands on them in here.

Overview On Masalaseen Review

Honestly, MasalaSeen can either put a huge smile on an Indian girl lover's face or become a website you would really hate to stay in. The navigation features are useless and it's almost like you would rather use an ordinary browser than stick to this site. There are lots of other sites on the net where you can find amateur Desi women. You might not have to remember this place and just move on to other Indian porn websites.

I really wish that MasalaSeen can create more categories that are based on real categories that are sex niches. Like man, it's so hard to remember which page you found a certain video you liked here because there are always new uploads here so you'd either have to download it or just let it go. Otherwise, it would be really hard for you to search for it again.


  • the porn videos are uploaded directly to this site's server

  • everything in MasalaSeen's collection is amateur clips and the majority are Indian amateurs


  • it takes a lot of waiting time for some of the videos to load

  • the search features are all useless

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