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LustestHD Indian Porn Site Review

LustestHD is a website that is more like an index than a platform where you can stream porn movies. This site is popular for its collection of high-quality full-Indian porn movies. You know that fact weighs that much compared to most Indian porn sites that only have amateur porn videos or a few episodes of a series that aren't even complete. What's worse is that most Indian porn sites have bad layouts that make it difficult to search for videos to watch. LustestHD on the other hand has leveled up and has a good way of indexing their porn collection and displaying them too. I can say that it's a site that is worth more than looking at.

You can either be a guest here or you can sign up for a free account. Those two have differences but are not that significant actually. It also seems that LustestHD planned to have a premium membership option which somehow seems to be discontinued. Anyway, there's a lot to discuss those differences and we'll get to talk about them as we go through this site. But before we continue with this review, it's better if you'll know right away if this site will work for you or not. If you're looking for a porn tube site where you only have to click on play to watch Indian sex videos, LustestHD won't really work for you. This site can give you suggestions on where you can watch or download those videos and you can even get information about the porn movies that you can find here. LustestHD is technically a porn index site where adults can browse for new adult movies and where to watch and download them. If you're one of those collectors, then this site is worth considering.

More Than Exclusive Indian Porn Content

Aside from well-produced Indian porn movies, LustestHD also has porn videos from other countries that aren't produced by amateurs. I can't say that they're from premium studios either because some of those are from countries where pornography is technically produced unlabelled such as South Korea and the Philippines. There are also some English-produced porn movies here from SexMex, SexArt, XConfession, and more. While they aren't from the top bigwigs in the Western porn world, those producers have one thing in common - they all happen to share a passion for creating actual plots. The adult movies that you can get to browse here are almost like movies with changing scenes and developing storylines. They're basically movies but they have tons of explicit scenes and nudity.

Since this site has more than Indian porn content, you might wonder if the movies are available in only one language. Actually, it depends on the sources. Some foreign movies like Korean ones only have one audio language but they have subtitles in another language. You can choose the language available from the download options you can find in the sources or from this site.

Getting Around LustestHD

Now then, let's take our time to go around this site because it's actually some kind of catalog with no index. There aren't too many videos here and it won't really take so much time to browse through lots of them especially if you're not planning to download or watch every single x-rated movie here. Really, it won't take you a whole day to check their collection from the first to the last page. There are a few ways to browse porn movies on this site. There's a search box on the menu bar and you can use several types of keywords such as titles, pornstar names, producers, and original language. The languages available are Filipino, Hindi, English, and Korean. LustestHD doesn't have a list of categories but it doesn't mean that they don't have any. They are more like tags that you can click from the details on the video thumbnails or on the page where you can get the links to watch or download the movie.

Whatever your gender is, I think this site packs adult movies that are enjoyable for both men and women. So, if you're one of those adults who enjoy watching sex scenes for the sake of sexual entertainment without bias on the ethnicity of the actors and actresses, I suggest that you simply go through the collection starting from the first page. Each thumbnail is more like a movie poster with a title, producer, release year, available episodes if there are any, download speed, available resolution, and where you can find download links for the movie. The homepage only has two sections - Exclusive Contents and Recent Videos. Exclusive Contents don't mean that these movies can only be found on LustestHD. They're more like featured movies of the day actually. As for Recent Videos, it's just that the movies here are sorted from the most recently added first on that section. The further you go, the older the movies you will find. There's also a list of production studios on the menu bar in case there are movies that you like that are from the same producer.

Now, it's about time that we talk about the differences between being a visitor and a registered user. The first one is that members have an account page each which contains a bunch of shortcuts to most features that aren't even functioning yet. Apparently, registered users should be able to pay for a premium subscription from their account pages so they can access direct download links but the payment issue seems to have never been solved and there are never any direct links on LustestHD. Since there aren't previews on this site, you can see some frames from the videos in nice quality images on the movie's page.

Final Verdict On LustestHD

Whether you want to watch the movies online or download them for offline viewing, having an account on LustestHD doesn't really matter. Either way, you would still be redirected to other sites, wait for the download or viewing link to appear after a couple of seconds, then click on the link and wait again for your download to finish. The resolution of the movie is indicated on the LustestHD page and that information is correct so you'll know what to expect from all the wait you have to go through. I guess that this site isn't so bad if you know what you're getting from it. You'll be able to get your hands on good movies as what you can find in their collection and they're all complete as well.


  • there are several download and streaming options for each video

  • neat layout and cool adult movie posters for thumbnails


  • no categories list

  • the only categories are basically English, Hindi, Filipino, and Korean

  • no direct links for downloads and streaming

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