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Kiss JAV Free Asian Tube Site Review

I have to say that seems to be an extremely popular JAV porn site with 14 to 15 million visits every month with most fans coming from Japan and Korea. This site is free for users meaning everyone can enjoy unlimited access to JAV porn videos and other porn content from other Asian countries. Although honestly, it's not easy to tell and you'd have to look deeper into the site ad its content to agree with the users here and well, you'll only like this porn site if you're into JAV idols or any other yellow Asian chicks. Anyway, let's have a deep discussion on every aspect of Kiss JAV on this review and see for yourself if this is the ultimate free Asian porn tube for you.

Cool Black Site Design

Let's start with the cool dark design of Well, there isn't anything special about it aside from the fact that it's just simple and it makes things feel naughty and exclusive. That's the point though. It looks just like one of those average porn sites that each have legit content with working videos but there's nothing special about them. It definitely gives the impression that you'll find the videos here in other sources and I can't blame you for that and you might actually do. But the question is - on which websites? Yeah. There are tons of videos here and there's probably almost a million here with a mix of amateur-taken videos to those filmed in big-shot JAV studios.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that you can't judge a website by its cover or how it looks like. I'd love to though. I mean, can't you, Kiss JAV dudes, make it look more like what it deserves. Give it a tuxedo, bro, or at least, make the titles look proper and use a single language for it. Because, here's the thing - Kiss JAV supposedly means Kiss Japanese Adult Video, but why am I seeing more titles in Korean than Japanese?

According to the traffic review of this site, Koreans are the second top fans of this website and Japanese folks are still the number 1. Then, how come there are more titles in Hangul? Well, that's because the production of pornographic materials is essentially illegal in South Korea so just like porn from other countries that don't allow adults-only companies, there are more amateurs who produce them individually and submit those to independent sites. So how's that related to what I'm talking about? Well, since all these amateurs want to do is just fuck and submit smut, they don't care about translating titles since they don't have to. Apparently, this site didn't feel the need to do so as well.

JAV Categories

There is a hell of a lot of categories here that are totally useless because some are empty and some don't make sense. Most of the categories though, which you can find when you click on the "see more" button, are based on production studios or sources. If you're not familiar with them, you should just get lost. Just kidding. There is very little useful stuff here though which we'll focus on in this section. The only useful ones you can find on their index are Thailand, Vietnamese porn, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippine porn, Korean porn, Malaysia, Indian porn, Hong Kong, China, and Western porn categories. There's also Webcam, Anime, Uncensored, Censored, and probably just a few more that are difficult to find. The saying "finding a needle in the haystack" can be used to describe the situation you'll be in if you're going to look for commonly-used categories here.

If you're looking for a category that's based on a fetish or a kink, I suggest using the search box instead. The search box actually works better with those kinds of keywords than looking for characters or pornstars. There's a downside to it though. It seems that there's no tagging system on Kiss JAV so the searches only rely on the titles, and you know how bad some of the titles can be. Well, you get great quality content, but awful navigation services.

Other Asians Porn Content

As I have said earlier, there are other kinds of content on Kiss JAV aside from Japanese Adult Videos. I'm not talking about the mixed-in ads but other Asians. If looking for fetishes and kinks is too difficult, I suggest that you choose another path in life which is checking out the girls' nationalities here. Aside from Japanese and Anime, the most popular content here is Korean. You'll find a lot of hot Koreans here who you'd wish would appear in professionally taken sex videos, or maybe just have more than one video of. Aside from them, you'll also find a lot of Thai chicks, Vietnamese hotties, Taiwanese models, Singaporean babes, Filipina whores, Chinese call girls, and Desi sluts here.

AV Models

If you're looking for content featuring the hottest Japanese AV idols, you can find them on the models' index. Again, AV idols only. Is it reliable? Thank goodness it is.

Most Popular

There are two awesome ways to browse the list here and the first one is to sort the chicks from the most popular ones. I don't want to say more about the results because they change daily and it's fucking full of surprises and hot babes.

Most Subscribed

The second way is to look at the most subscribed chicks and this is good because it's almost similar to user votes since it gives a good view of who has the most loyalists.

Asian Porn Movies

Here's my favorite kind of content on - Asian porn movies. They're free, long, and all are of good video quality. It's difficult to find a site with content that has a lot of new porn movies that exceed more than an hour.

Free Sign Up

If you want to upload your own content, or any other content you just have, post a comment, or create your own playlist, you should go for a free membership. It's easy, you don't have to verify your email address, and then you can download content after 6 months. It might sound like crap but it's good to avoid people who are just here to steal or copy their content.

VIP Exclusive

You can get a lifetime VIP membership for 20 bucks. What it does though is that you can abuse the site without advertisements and download all the shit you want with no cool-down period of 6 months. You can find more info on the VIP page.

Final Verdict On Kiss JAV

Here's a summary of things you need to consider to judge the overall quality of


  • probably a million videos accessible for free
  • tons of high-quality videos even from amateurs
  • videos from professional studios all have at least 480p quality
  • thousands of full-length porn movies with HD quality


  • stay alert from ads - there are ads mixed in the content and ads that open in new windows
  • there are some Western porn videos mixed in the collection
  • dozens of categories you won't need in your life
  • difficult to make searches - bad categorization and tagging system

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