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If you're a softie looking for mellow porn content, well, might be very suitable for you. The experience you'll get from this site is different compared to most porn sites. While most porn sites are into naughty sluts, has a fetish for innocent-looking girls. If you're into this sort of nudity or body display, you should probably check out this review and see if KindGirls can provide that kind of entertainment for you.


The KindGirls site goes back as far as 2005 and it's actually quite a wonder how this site survived the ever-changing times without even modernizing its interface. To be honest, it isn't that special because it's not really one of a kind. There are other porn sites out there that are stuck with nudes but not sexually graphic. However, who knows? The fact that it has almost 6 million visitors a month still remains.

Another thing about KindGirls is that its design looks more like a blog site for tame girls and not really a free porn videos or pictures site. Its content is a combination of those but, there are no articles here. Maybe whoever made this porn website thought that no one actually read the articles and just decided to lay out the cards flat in galleries. Site Design

As I have said earlier, the website design and layout of KindGirls actually look like a blog site. It's just not good and it's awfully lazy. For a site that rakes in an enormous amount of visits every month, they should be able to keep it updated or at least get someone who can create a good design for it. Aside from the featured pictures on the site's main page and even on other pages, there's nothing that decorates its plain white background. Not even accents and even a logo. How can they be lazier than that?

With a design like that, can you expect good navigation features? Do you? You shouldn't. From the site's main page, there are only 3 searching options which are the main categories, or sections rather, because this site doesn't have actual categories at all. These sections are Girls, Photo, and Video. Apart from those, you can make a couple of searches on the search box. However, if you're planning to find a video, photo galleries, or any kind of content here using the keywords you usually use when searching on other sites like sex scenes, ethnicities, body sizes, and the likes, you'll just be disappointed because you won't get any results. That's because this website doesn't use tags at all. So, what's the search box doing in the corner then? Just names of the models here. In short, if you haven't checked out the models here yet, the search box won't have any reliable use for you.

If there's one thing I can say that this website did really well is how they managed ads for other sites. There are ads here and if you don't read the descriptions of the images on the right side of the main page, you won't see the ads. The reason why I think they did a great job managing their sponsored ads is that because these go really well with the entire concept or look of the website and they're neither intrusive nor annoying.

KindGirls Index

The highlight of this website is not really the content but the girls you can find here. You can look for girls here alphabetically and filter them based on the country they're from. Each girl here has her own page with galleries and a few details about her such as the country she's from, the year she was born, and her aliases. Another thing about the site's content related to this section is that since this site is old, there are galleries that are also old. That means, the models here might still be girls on the images and videos but they're now grown-up women.

Some of the girls that are now women are Alexis Love (born 1987), Alexa Tomas (born 1985), Maria Ozawa (definitely not a good girl born in 1986), but thank goodness you'll also find girls who are still on the border crossing adulthood to maturity here like Eva Elfie, Emily Willis, Blake Blossom, and a few more. In short, if you're looking for images of some pornstars when they still had their teen bodies, Kind Girls has that kind of content. But, if you're looking for actual teens, try your luck on other websites.

Photo Archive

The galleries are organized into archives based on the Month and Year the pictures were added to the site starting from January 2005 to the present month. Judging by the number of galleries uploaded every month, it seems that there's new content daily and that's awesome. Each gallery though features only one model so, in a way, we can say that instead of having a Gallery of the Day, we get a Model of the Day.

The pictures here are all high quality and you can view them in thumbnails and full size. If only had other ways of letting users browse these pictures, it would have been a much better porn gallery site.

Video Archive

Just like how everything here is about the models, the titles of the videos here are also the models' names. You can find different kinds of clips here featuring the hot babes here in different sexy situations like photoshoots, gym workouts, G2G action on a couch or bed, outdoor nudity, and even showering totally naked.

If you find those videos tempting and you want to see more, good news - you can see more of it. You would have to visit a premium site for that and you know what that means. The full videos don't come for free so you would either have to pay for them or you could just play those videos in a loop. But, hey, GIFs are popular so there's nothing to be sad about that. Overall Experience

There really isn't anything that stands out on this site because everything seems to be on balance for good or for bad. Because it basically features the babes here in both photos and clips, I'll just categorize this site as a Pornstar Database - or should it be a Pornstar Gallery? KindGirls didn't even bother adding the complete birth date of the girls which can be found on the internet and just added the year they were made just like wine.


  • There are hundreds of innocent-looking girls on the database
  • Lots of free high-quality images from hundreds of galleries and exclusive video clips


  • The whole website looks lame
  • It lacks filtering and sorting options
  • There are no tags and categories

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