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JustSwallows.com Cum Swallowing Porn Videos Review

JustSwallows actually calls itself the best cum swallowing porn site and their dedication to sticking to this niche is kinda admirable. Though, let's see if this porn site can be called the best porn site for this niche, or if calling it the best says that most of the pornos on this porn niche are just bad.

Just Swallows Loads Of Cum Swallows

In all fairness to JustSwallows, their content is entirely about cum-swallowing and blowjobs. You'll definitely see women here doing all stunts to get their dose of lots of semen. This website has a lot of videos with girls feeding on cum from a wall on the category Gloryhole swallow or sucking a whole load of cum while gagging. If your fetish involves seeing a girl swallowing a huge cock with her mouth overflowing with cum, then JustSwallows may fill that fantasy for you. Their collection is also quite huge with many categories for just cum-swallowing and they even have a variety of videos including amateurs and HD.

JustSwallows.com probably gets to call their site the best cum swallowing porn site because of their compilation of not only videos but also photos of lustful women each sucking on a dick or two or more. The site itself seems like it just can't get enough cum just like the ladies on this site are.

The scenes here also have quite a huge variety. Things can go from innocent cock-sucking to a hardcore cock-swallowing. This site really gives a whole lot of experience of swallowing action.

Swallow Salon On JustSwallows

One of the interesting pieces of content here on JustSwallows is the Swallow Salon. It's a page containing videos of hot young girls sucking dicks inside bright neon rooms. The videos on this page actually seem to have the most views on the entire video collection on this site.

I guess that if you're going to the JustSwallows site, then this page should be included in your destination.

You can search for this category by checking out the categories hidden on the right side of the site. It really is hidden for a reason I don't know what.

JustSwallows Website Design Review

Here's one of the aspects I always comment on with all the porn sites I visit.

I'll start with my summary of what I think about the layout. It's trying too hard to be minimalist.

Is JustSwallows trying to make its site look clean because it's already too dirty with dick fluids? Seriously, you can't clean up your layout and expect it to be that functional.

Instead of using all that space for the search bar, you could have added the Categories button there instead. We wouldn't mind the list of categories dropping down from there instead of pulling it out from the side and then scrolling it down. I just don't find that feature impressive.

The site colors look naughty and it's good. Especially the background is black. Good thinking for a porn tube. I don't know why other porn tube sites just don't get how important that feature is.

Categories And Tags

As this site reiterates, its content is based on dick-in-mouth porn. What that means is that the categories and tags you'll find are all related to dick-sucking action. Here are some of the categories worth visiting:

  • Amateur Allure
  • Rave Gloryhole
  • Hardcore
  • SpermMania
  • Tokyo FaceFuck

I guess the others seemed common and then there are some categories that have little to no videos at all. I think if a page doesn't have anything in it, then just hide the link to it. How difficult can it be? Or is its purpose is just to say that they have a lot on their list? They could have just added POV instead which they seem to have a lot of.

Their tags seem pretty simple but it's probably the site admin that gets to use them mostly like if you want to see a video tagged "latest", then you'll see that video on the homepage. It defeats having to look for it and wait for results to come out when it's just there. Or if you want to look for some specific dick-in-mouth action, just check out that drawer on your right. I'll be hell impressed with how more specific you can get.

JustSwallows.com Community

One thing is for sure - they do not seem to have an active community. Sure you can find the number of views on every video and you'll see that majority of them have more than a thousand per video. It does say a lot especially if you have those numbers but almost no rating. They also have links to Facebook and Twitter. I don't know if that matters.

With what they offer, it seems that users just don't find a reason to set up an account and bother remembering a password for.

Signing up an account here seems to be too much of a bother to what a user might get from here. It doesn't even lessen the chances of encountering an ad on every single video you'll click.

With the frequency of these annoying advertisements, you'll never think about looking for that login button, or if you have registered by some really stupid mistake, you would definitely even forget about your password.

Overall Experience

Sure it's a great place where you can see a lot of hot chicks sucking a sperm-filled cock but calling it the best cum-swallowing site might not do other sites justice. With how it looks, their latest content and links are new.

The models sucking cock here are really gorgeous so I'll admit to my own cock raising a flag while going through this site, but then due to the obvious advertisers it partners itself with, it just kills it. One headshot. Dead. The worst part is, you won't see just one ad, you'll see ads everywhere you go. They even have pop-up ads that open a new fullscreen window! I really hope to see more girls sucking on a cock than these.

Also, forget about using an adblocker. You won't get to watch a video with an adblocker active. Don't bother registering either because you might just receive spam on your email. I haven't tried it but with those advertisements, I won't use my e mail.

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