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JavSeen.TV: Japanese Adult Videos Review

Javseen.tv is mostly focused on Japanese sex online or Japanese adult videos. The javseen.tv is specifically made for the newest JAV movies. We all want our daily dose of Japanese adult videos. Hopefully, Javseen.tv is a good Japanese tube site. To start, let us talk about the content.

To be specific, this site contains the following categories Hot JAV Censored, Free JAV sex movies, Jav Tube Streaming, and Japanese Sex Online. The first thing I noticed on this site is the fact that it is in light mode. Genuinely made me want to contact the registrar abuse contact phone from the blindness it caused me. Not all the videos are from third-party sources, sure the registrar IANA id and the registrar URL are valid, It still is eerie that that whois database is filled with unsigned URL content. Like why can't I just watch Hot Jav tube streaming in peace? It feels like a "clienttransferprohibited HTTPS" just because it is from another site. What I am trying to say is that this free Japanese porn site is not the best when it comes to its content.

I forgot to add that when you click on the Free JAV sex movies you are led to a different site? Like, imagine trying to watch free Japanese porn and then end up on a manga site. Yes, that is exactly what happened to me, when I was scrolling through the server. Javseen seems to be a disaster already. Just the website alone is a mess. The quality is already measured just from the one search. Now, I guess we should move on to something good about this website. You may ask "wot" but, there is one thing good about it and it isn't even important. It is the format of the free JAV sex movies. Do you know those games RPG games and their health bar? Well, the JAV tube streaming site seems to be looking like that. The hot JAV censored videos are labeled with health bar-looking stats. I mean, I told you it wasn't important.

The so called "Icann" tells you that this page is, not even worth the fight. Like, you would report this site because of the way it is arranged and designed. Even worse is how you can't even access the Japanese tube videos and hot JAV censored. What a waste of an update. This site is really what I consider to be "Namecheap", and useless in terms of the hosted updates and videos.

Like, imagine making an unoriginal site. Which focuses on providing Japanese sex online and Japanese Tube Videos, and for it to just not work at all. Like what's the point of going to this Javseen? I guess, the updated date categories really don't matter much anymore if you can't access the content at all. Websites like this really need to work on their HTTP so it is more user-friendly for us users who just want to have fun watching sex movies.

Pros and Cons of the Javseen.tv Site


  • Great selection of videos.


  • Unable to actually watch the videos shown on the site.
  • To many external links that don't work.

Final Thoughts:

Now on to our final report, you should look for other Asian websites that would help in pleasing yourself when it comes to Japanese adult videos. Javseen on the internet is a joke that is not worth laughing too...I genuinely want to know, whois responsible for making this site. What happened? The site looks like it was made by children. The server is a mess and it doesn't take you to the right server you're looking for to watch porn. There are tons of other servers that have better shit on their HTTPS than this one. With that said, sites like javseen are not worth having on a list for you to check out, which contain false hope of being able to watch a good Japanese porn video with ease. Javseen has tons of other similar sites that you can check out instead of this one. With that said, and now that we know there are tons of other HTTPS similar and better than this. I would give this site a 4/10 and a not worth visiting. I hope you find something better for you with the following recommendations we have provided that you can check out, and hopefully enjoy your time with.

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