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JAVCL Japanese Video Streaming Experience Review

JAVCL is a site dedicated to streaming professional, high-quality hardcore censored Japanese porn videos (JAV). JAVCL features real-life Asian women models in all scenes.

There are a couple of porn sites like JAVCL that host this type of JAV content. However, there are a couple of features that make JAVCL stand out within this category.

Firstly, JAVCL has an absolutely huge selection of porn scenes and videos that you can sort by popularity.

Secondly, the quality of the content is very high, with many videos streaming in 1080p.

Thirdly, the site layout and design are very well thought out, making the experience on JAVCL very fun and easy.

JAVCL does suffer from a couple of setbacks though, namely in the form of many ads, no download features, terrible description, and the inability to comment or like any of the titles.

So, let's go for a little journey down the Javcl lane and get this in-depth review of this trendy porn site underway.

Porn Site Asian Video Collection

Some of you may not know what JAV stands for (I didn't before I started reviewing these types of porn sites), so I will quickly break things down for everyone who is not familiar.

JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video, and basically means exactly what it stands for. Sex videos in this genre will be Japanese, and titles will often feature professionally-shot Asian models.

Now, the content on Javcl is quite good for a number of reasons.

You can get access to full-length professional films, so none of those 5 minute quick clips and then switching to find another actor or video, this is the 50-80 min type porn videos. So, you are in it for the long haul on this one.

Next, I would say the sheer quantity of porn in the JAVCL video collection is quite impressive, with the total number of videos currently hosted on the site topping out at 82,008 videos.

Now, that is a collection! Especially when you consider that many of these movies are over an hour long, then you can roughly estimate that there are 82,000 hours, or 3417 days, worth of porn content on JAVCL.

With these types of numbers, you know that there is going to be something for everyone on this site. Whether you love your Japanese models to be into hardcore shit, or if you prefer softer content, there will definitely be a selection of videos that will appeal to you.

Censored Porn Videos

The reality is that it is incredibly hard to find a collection of Asian porn that isn't censored because uncensored porn is actually illegal in Japan. There are many reasons why this is, but if you're interested you will have to go check out the wiki article, not my review.

Suffice to say, all of the content on JAVCL is censored to some degree, so you can expect pixellated pussys, censored cocks, and barred-out boobies. But sometimes leaving something up to the imagination is nice, right?

English Subtitles?

So because most of the porn content is Asian, it shouldn't surprise you to know that many of them aren't in English!

Luckily, there are subtitles most of the time to help you follow along with the flimsy plotlines of the popular porn titles.

What can lead to some confusion, and oftentimes laughter, is the horrible Google Translate that many of the titles of the JAV porn videos receive.

Obviously, they have regular Japanese names. However, it is abundantly clear that whoever is uploading these JAV porn videos to this site just runs the titles directly through a translator with no corrections.


I mean, you can understand what they are getting at, but it can be a bit confusing. Mostly though it just warrants a chuckle before you click and unzip.


I end up prattling on and on every review about porn sites and their filters, but I will die on this hill because good filter options are what makes good porn sites great.

Unfortunately, JAVCL doesn't really have many filtering options to speak of.

On the top navbar, you can choose between a couple of different categories like bukkake, gang bang, kimono, and amateur, but when you enter into that category you aren't able to filter results, and the videos are displayed in what I would assume to be most recent.

You can see the top JAV movies this week and month by selecting that feature in the top navbar, and if you know exactly what you are looking for, you can always go balls deep and just use the search bar.

But it still remains, having filtering options such as "most viewed", "most downloaded", "highest rated", and even "most comments" could go a long way for improving the quality of this Asian JAV video porn site.

Or, even a simple feature like allowing users to see the trending searches could improve the JAVCL porn website considerably.

Javcl.com Layout

The layout on JAVCL is pretty good quality.

Now, it isn't blowing anything out of the water here, but when compared to other similar Asian sites it holds up fairly well.

My first impression was quite good because I was greeted with an auto-enabled dark-mode, which is something that just makes sense when you know your userbase will be viewing your Asian JAV content behind closed doors with the lights off.

The navbar is sleek and professional, the JAV porn videos' thumbnails are large, clear, and well organized, and there is even a list of recommended movies underneath the search bar on the right.

The layout and color scheme are both well done on this site, but one little feature I would like to see is length tags on the thumbnails, so you could know how long the film you're interested in is and maybe even a couple of descriptive content tags.

The thumbnails aren't always descriptive, and the names can be... unintelligible at times.

Just a couple of ideas to make the javcl.com site a little more user-friendly!

No Downloads??

This one has got me shaking my head in confusion.

JAVCL does not allow the downloading of any of the JAV porn content on the site.

This is a serious misstep by this site, as most other porn sites like javcl.com offer download functions.

It is a quick and easy thing to do, and it keeps lots of users coming back to your categories to download the full-length JAV porn videos.

But what is even more here guys, is that on this site you cannot even comment, like, or favorite any of the vids.

This just seems weird at this point, and like JAVCL is trying to actively undermine any sort of community development on their site.

In my opinion, having at least a comment section goes a long way towards allowing users to connect and discuss the video, or even direct to other similar vids that they have seen and know is good, but may be found in other categories.

To be frank, this is just bullshit. JAVCL, you need to change this asap.


Now, this one is a mixed bag - normally I check other reviews to see what they have to say about a site before I begin writing so I can get a general idea of what features are important to highlight.

I read 4 different reviews and found that half said there were no ads present on this site at all, while the other two said they had a huge number of popups, redirects, and other nasty shit.

So let me tip the scales here for you.

This site most certainly does have advertisements and they can be intrusive at times.

As soon as I entered the site without my AdBlocker enabled, a huge auto-play banner ad dominated the homepage. There were also several animated advertisements on the right hand of the screen.

Most annoying of all though was once I actually opened up one of the streams and had those god-awful chat-box popups in the actual video window itself.

What the fuck JAVCL? This is bullshit.

I know you need to make your money some way, but why not opt for a premium membership that allows unlimited downloads of the JAV porn vids, and you use that to finance your site instead of this garbage.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, if JAV porn videos are your thing, and you love to see your women in full-length films for free, then this is a good site to visit.

There are some great things about javcl.com, like a huge porn collection, a lot of variety, and a good layout.

But major issues like a plethora of advertisements, limited filter options, and no download or commenting options really do turn me off from this site.

I feel like they are just so close to being a top Japanese-style site, but just need to take a few final steps to elevate themselves to the truly terrific porn tier.

Because right now, I would have to say they are middling at best.


  • Huge Collection
  • High-Quality Content
  • Professional Layout


  • So many advertisements
  • Few filter options
  • No downloads
  • No comments
  • No community
  • Confusing descriptions at times

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