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If you are wanting to have an adult chat with some sexy girls and guys from around the world, then look no further than iSexyChat, a straight-up sex chat site where you can join in a hot sex chat room action no matter what your taste is.

There are so many iSexyChat website features on the homepage you are literally spoiled with choice. The different options available are as follows - Sex Chat, Lesbian Chat, Gay Chat, Roleplay Chat, General Chat Live Chat, Adult Chat, Singles Chat, Teen Chat, Mobile Chat, Sex Dating, Sex Modelling, and Sex Video Chat. Then you have the place to trade contacts - TradeSkype/Kik/etc., and Trade Pics.

Just click on whatever iSexy Chat room sparks your interest and begin your journey into chat room heaven. Once you click on one of the many chat room options available you are taken to a new screen where you are asked to specify your gender preferences and asked to fill out a nickname to use on the site. All of the information is completely anonymous so your privacy is fully protected.
There are 4 main iSexyChat options - I like women, I like Men, I like Transgender, and Something else (not exactly sure what this means, I'm imagining that it's a combination of the other 3.) Easy right?

iSexyChat Website Review

Perhaps not so easy, the reality is not so straightforward at all. The actual services provided by the iSexyChat adult site are a bit shady. A lot of the chatrooms are used by companies who use them to advertise, and you'll end up with a whole load of spam sent to your email address.

There is also a huge flipside to the iSexy Chat sites' privacy and anonymity regulations, as you actually have no idea who you are actually chatting with. They may be telling you that they are tight young girls who are looking for some hot hookup action with you, talking about wanting to suck your balls and stick their fingers in your ass bitches. But they could in fact be some sweaty old mushroom-smelling pervert who wants you to tell him how much you want to shove your huge hard cock into his ass and fuck him like you love him. If Mushroom Murv is really sending your cock and contents to another dimension, you can however request Skype details on certain chat rooms. You'll either have the best webcam live sex of your life or be traumatized forever. Your life, your risk to take.

Do you see the dilemma? I mean, look, it depends how you view these things, you're already reading a review about a cybersex chat room website, so I'm guessing you're already morally flexible? If it sounds good and makes you hard, does it matter who is actually behind the words? This is a philosophical question that I'm sure the website's owners do not want to be asked.

In all seriousness, is basically a portal to other adult chat rooms. And although it advertises the fact that it offers webcam chatrooms, has access to webcam sites, and live sex chat rooms, it doesn't. No platform provides video or audio connections on the iSexyChat website. What it does provide in abundance, however, is a fuck ton of ads and links to other websites.

Sex Chat for Free

The iSexyChat website has been running for over 10 years, and although there are many other sites like iSexy Chat out there, this site has been keeping users happy and has never implemented any subscription fees. You don't even need to register to use the site's chat features. What this does mean of course is that the iSexyChat website is 100% ad-supported, so expect lots of ads and spammers operating across all the chatrooms.

Top Sex Chat Platforms

Now I understand fully the need for strict rules and regulations when it comes to any open source websites, especially porn sites. But iSexyChat is like the Miss Trunchbull of sex chat room sites. Seriously this is the next level, and most of the iSexyChat categories don't even have a live video call function, it's just text chat. The only place you can really get any real contact or communication is either with the trade pics category or in the trade details section, where you can exchange Kik and Skype contacts.

I know that there are some horny freaks out there will all kinds of kinks and fetishes, but I guess you should never miscalculate human depravity. I understand why the rules are there, I've seen chatrooms descend into chaos pretty quickly when left unsupervised. People throwing around all kinds of nasty communication, using violent language towards girls, and being dicks about people's sexuality. I understand some of the main areas that are prohibited, such as not discussing topics such as rape, pedophilia, and incest. It's just that the rules on iSexyChat seem pretty extreme, guess they're just covering their backs.

Free Sex Chat Rooms

To be honest a lot of the chat rooms on iSexy Chat seem to be filled with pretty lonely people just engaged in general chat, I guess in some ways chat sites are also a lifeline for the very lonely user. This is sad, but also kind of built into the design of the site. And for lonely chicks or dudes, I guess all they're looking for sometimes is some human communication, not some smutty, sex-filled lesbian porn hookup, like me.

iSexyChat Website Layout

The design of the iSexyChat site is very slick and I really like the interface. It's bold, and even though it has lots of categories, it's easy to navigate and find the specific sex chatroom you want. Whether that's a gay chat, lesbian chat, or roleplay chat, users will find the top quality iSexy Chat services are well organized. All you have to do is click on the buttons that attract you and set up a nickname for yourself to begin using the different chats. As a user, this is the kind of setup that's pleasing. Special Features

You don't need a registration to use iSexy Chat for free access to all the top chat rooms on the site and that's the only difference between it and other sites like iSexyChat I can see. Just use the chat site options to choose which gender-specific chatrooms you want to enter and start chatting.

iSexyChat Pros

  • Completely anonymous and private
  • A large number of chatrooms
  • Large member base
  • Gender preference chat rooms
  • No registration required to chat


iSexychat Cons

  • Basic design
  • More girls than guys in chat rooms
  • Ads and spammers
  • Have to exchange Skype or Kik accounts to chat in person


Final Thoughts on

There is basically no porn content here at all, it's drier than a nun's cunt. And technically it's not even an adult dating site, so you would expect at least a bit more girl-on-girl lesbian action happening to draw you in, or some good old-fashioned quality roleplay chat. I mean, the categories are kind of misleading if I'm honest. They advertise gay chat, lesbian chat, all kinds of sexy chat, but in reality, you're directed to another site that could be operated by IRC chat rooms.

There is literally nothing here to beat your meat to, what's the point? Sites like iSexy Chat seem to just survive by making money from ads, there is no live sex chat function at all. iSexyChat is more about lonely users making friends with other lonely users or IRC-generated text response.

Stick to porn sites that actually provide porn content. The swap chatrooms on iSexyChat did seem pretty busy, so I guess some users are trading pictures. I don't get it really, there's a whole world of free porn on the internet to sink your teeth into, but I guess iSexy Chat offers a community for people who find it difficult to communicate.

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