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As I continued scrolling through, I begin to realize that you can win money by submitting your pictures? If I am honest it kind of looks like a scam... but I can also imagine it isn't since the pictures seem to be posted on here without no problem. I like the idea of it, though. That will obviously depend on you if you want to join in... I personally would not but if you are an exhibitionist you can definitely go right ahead.

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Final Thoughts

Now for the final verdict, if they find a way to fix up the site, I would rate this a 10/10. I like the premise of it. The thought of going around and looking through everything, it's alright. The layout is shit though, that is the only downfall but everything else is okay. You can definitely use this page if you want to. Though if you hate this, and it is not really your cup of tea, you can look through other sites down below that we can definitely recommend to you.

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