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InstantFap Free Porn GIFs Site Review

Instant Fap is a porn collecting website. The content on this site comes from different sources across the web, but mostly from Reddit. Some of the other sites they get their content from are PornHub, TikTok, Patreon, GloryHoley, NewGrounds, DreamPornX, and YourLust. Although, the posts are shared on Reddit before they reached this website. There's nothing surprising about it and we're not getting depressed either. In fact, when it comes to the volume of porn content, Reddit wins against tons of actual porn sites despite the website not being pornographic in nature. is simply just a porn site that makes it easy for users to browse through several Subreddits at once. There are many porn sites like InstantFap and we're not complaining at all.

Instant Fap started in 2013 and I find it amazing how the site admins manage to keep the site active up to this point in time despite the fact that there are no ads anywhere on this site. You got that right. You won't encounter annoying ads here no matter how many images, GIFs, and videos you click. There are many cool features here so let's review InstantFap deeper.

More Than A Porn Site For Pictures

Most porn sites that review InstantFap actually adds this website to their porn picture sites list. Although, now that I'm checking it, the Image option isn't even working. I was hoping to find still photos there because when I opened the site, the homepage is automatically displaying Videos. But because the Videos are more like video clips with the same duration as GIFs, I seriously expected that there are still images under Image. I mean, like I have said earlier, even the most famous review porn site categorized this under their picture sites list. So, where are the photos? Anyway, they probably didn't add it to their tube sites list because the videos here are usually just around 15-second video clips. They're more like GIFs than actual porn videos, and GIFs are closer to images in nature.

But of course, everything here is forgivable. That's because everyone can access the entire content here for free and the admins aren't even asking for support. The site has been running for almost a decade now but they don't even have a community. We all know that in the porn industry, even sites with content coming from a free source, it takes a lot of money to actually host porn sites. InstantFap is even a network. I don't usually cheer for others but I hope they do get to achieve their goal of becoming one of the best porn sites. Well, probably if they make sure that everything on their platform has good quality and that all of their sections have actual working content. No more dead thumbnails, please.

Site Design, Layout, And Navigation

InstantFap looks simple and easy to navigate. Almost everything can be seen at one glance. But, let's just talk about the features that work, and those that don't. At the top left corner, you'll find the home button which is the logo. It works quite whenever you enter categories that don't contain a single thing and you'd just give up to browsing stuff on the main page. Well, don't say I didn't warn you. It's disappointing. I know. I was disappointed, too.

You'll probably get more disappointed when you use the search box beside the logo. There's only one though. Just saying where the dumb shit is. This is how dumb it is - I tried to search for "hentai" and it gave me this message, "Didn't find anything. Please adjust your search terms." It also suggested some stuff with titles that contain the word "hentai". It gives results, but it's weird. Instead of admitting that they don't have a tagging system working and they just use titles to match suggestions, they gave a disclaimer.

If you're used to getting disappointed, let's move on to a couple of buttons. There are supposedly 4 filter buttons displayed above the thumbnails. Those are Image, Animated, Video, and Source. They don't really do the job they were created for though. I have explained what two of those were supposedly for so I'll just tell you what the other two were supposed to be filtering. Animated was supposedly for actual GIFs or a series of images that flows in a loop, of course, you won't see a single GIF from there. The Source button is supposed to filter stuff based on where the original posts are but it also doesn't work. Just stick to Video if you want to save yourself time and effort.

The Categories List

While the sex videos here are for instant fapping because they're too short, looking for categories here that have actual content will definitely eat your time. But, I have a tip for you - don't check a category based on a niche, sex position, or physical attributes of women. Those categories will either have no posts at all or they're found in their source's archive. If you check on the category Amateurs, you won't be able to enter fullscreen to watch videos. Congratulations, you might even come across some photos there too but they're actually frozen screenshots of now nonexistent archived content. That goes for Asian and Ebony as well. Looking at the bright side, at least this platform isn't biassed towards one race.

Anyway, there are lots of other categories here based on Subreddit communities and the bigger the community is, the bigger the content a category corresponding to it has. That just doesn't apply to the GoneWild category though. Mobile Version

While the browser version of InstantFap boasts being ad-free, there are some advertisers on the mobile version. You'll find links to an NSFW TikTok content-collecting site and an offer to join a premium porn site for just a dollar. The mobile view looks like an ugly tube site. There's only one thumbnail in every row and no side borders. I noticed that InstantFap has a message at the top of its main page telling users about its mobile version so I did expect more. Again with the expectations.

Instant Verdict On Instant Fap

Since boasted itself as being a porn collector from several sites, I had high expectations from it, because hey, Reddit is free. All they had to do was add a sex GIF from a Subreddit to their site and give it the proper tags. Still, they didn't. In the end, even fetish porn sites seem to have bigger content than them.


  • no ads anywhere!
  • the random page is full of surprises


  • inconsistent content quality
  • categories that don't really have anything

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