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IMHentai Free Hentai Manga And Images Site Review

There are millions of female anime characters with their own charms and therefore their own fans. Some of them are even from animations for kids. That's why there is such as thing as Doujinshi. Doujinshi or Doujin actually refer to self-published works but it's now more commonly used to call parodies in Hentai form. Doujinshi in Manga is even more in-demand and more common than other forms. is all about that and more that's related to the art of Hentai, Manga, Doujinshi, Anime, CG, and even Cartoons.

IM Hentai was formerly and has been reborn as for some reason. was even very popular in Canada despite that its materials are foreign to that country. I did wonder so much why had to shut down even after getting a very positive review in a popular directory for porn sites. Anyway, now that the name is reborn, let's check out on this review if the site is still as glorious as how it was originally was.

Platform For Hentai Artists

Out of all the features of this site, this is the one I'm proudest of. It serves as an awesome platform for manga and digital artists. All of the names who have contributed to this site can be found on the Artists page which you can access by clicking on the "Artists" link on the header. The list can be sorted in two ways such as A-Z or Popular. If you're looking for your new favorite artist, I suggest looking for names based on popularity. However, if there's a specific artist that you'd want to see here, then you can sort the list alphabetically and just jump to the initial of the name. You can also use the search box and you'll get all of the artist's works on the results page. I admire IMHentai in that aspect that they know how to pay respect to every single artist by tagging his or her name to all of their works present on their collection while providing great services to the site users.

IMHentai Content

Now let's talk more about the content here. The IM Hentai collection is composed of different styles of digital art and even composition. But let's clear something first, Doujinshi is not really its own media but it's just like a niche. It can be in the form of videos, games, comics, or just pictures. Well, you can find almost all of those on this porn site. There are thousands of beautiful anime girls here you can check out for free. You can get all of this stuff on your dirty hands for free and heck, you can even download the content here just by signing up. You won't need to pay a single dime for the comics or manga here. You can even download the complete series and no one will care. You'll just be considered a solid fan.

Hentai Manga And Other Porn Materials

Let's talk about the comics first. The comics are available in many languages including English and Japanese, of course. However, the availability of translations in English depends on the existence of such versions. If none exists, then don't expect that this site will translate it for you. On the brighter side, there are thousands of comics here and there are more of them available in full color. I also like the traditional black and white drawings but nothing beats characters with luscious-looking skin. There is a lot more I can say about the comics library here but I'll be straightforward with you on one thing. They're quite difficult to find unless you know specific Mangakas or illustrators. I'm going to tell you more about it in the next section.

Aside from the tags related to the artists here, other tags don't seem to be too reliable. I'm not sure who uploads the content here but the tags are quite vague. Some image sets are like galleries of the same artist featuring the same character which I imagine is just the appropriate way to call them, and then I came across an image set featuring different pages of different series.

Anyway, there is a huge pool of tags here but taking a dive into it can be funny. There's even a tag here for Poor Grammar. I have no idea why anyone who uploads content here will add that to his own uploads, but he actually does. There are currently 681 materials tagged with it.

IMHentai Site Layout

Let's first talk about the site layout and how useful the navigation features are and what are the only things that actually work. Let's start with the homepage. Aside from the ads in the form of banners sprawled at the top and bottom of the homepage, the design is pretty cool and looks really modern. It's kinda like the UN with flags from several countries, too. However, those things don't work. Clicking on any button there won't change your situation. The only thing that works on that section is the search box. The links on the header link to where they should lead you to. The tags lead to a page filled with a huge ton of tags you're not sure if you would actually want to use to search for stuff here. The Parodies index page is a bit more useful though. For others, not so much. Also, if you want to stay on this site, you shouldn't click on Uncensored Hentai. It leads to another porn site. Using the search box to look for random mangas isn't helpful as well. I thought that since there are buttons for Manga, Doujinshi, Western, etc on the homepage, it'll be easy to search for a random manga here by using the keyword on the search box will give me results. I actually got one. It's just one.

IMHentai Community

Now, let's talk about whether this site is worth remembering or saving a username and a password for. Everyone can join the community and no one has to pay shit. Everyone can also join their Discord chat and follow the website's profile on Twitter. Aside from getting access to all the latest updates on this site and talking to your fellow users who also love Doujinshi or parodies, you can enhance your experience on IM Hentai by joining the groups on any of those accounts but better if you signup here.

Once you have created your own account, the download button will finally work, you can add likes to your favorite porn, and post comments on artworks. You can even create your own blacklist. It filters out porn materials you don't want to see. Let's say for example that you find furries ridiculous. You can cross out kemonomimi from the suggestions for you and other similar keywords. Summary

You probably won't enjoy on a mobile phone than on a computer because the sections are smaller and the content loads slower, too. The ads are even more persistent on mobile. Instead of banner ads like on desktop mode, they can fill up your entire screen. But the bottom line is when it comes to judging IM Hentai, I guess it's pretty good when you're looking for a Doujinshi of Pokémon characters or any of your favorite characters. But with all honesty though, it's just really good if you're looking for the creations of your favorite artists or any other Doujinshi or parodies of an existing anime, cartoons, and games. It's not really friendly for random viewers.

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