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Here's another popular website that was created in the late '90s and is kind of obvious about it because of two things - the number of monthly visitors and design. Well, let's talk more about the latter later. Anyway, this platform is still alive and kicking hard. It still gets almost daily content updates with varying numbers of posts. It's a pretty cool place if you want to check on it weekly for some suave erotica. But, if you're going to ask me if I recommend this website to be nominated for your regular passions, well, go ahead and continue reading because there are a lot of things you should consider whether you should visit this website, or skip it.

Softcore Images and Videos

Just in case you like fapping to hardcore sex action, you won't find it here. What you'll get here though is a massive ton of hot girls in teases and, well, some sex scenes and feminine masturbation. They're all presented in some sort of a blog post but you know it really isn't a blog because each "article" has a description and not really an article. What I mean is, it's just going to tell you what your eyes can see anyway.

So, what kind of hot girls can you find here? Well, you can find lots of pornstars, porn models, and even celebrities and their intentional nip slips, nudity, and wardrobe malfunctions. Okay, let's give these gorgeous celebs some benefit of the doubt. Let's say they're not intentional but they damn look good wearing those flimsy swimsuits, latex suits, and other paraphernalia we call "clothes".

Image Post Website Layout

After knowing what kinds of stuff you can get from this porn website, you'd probably want to know how to get those. Although, before that, let me just add in a few words about how this platform looks like. Remember me telling you earlier that this space looks old? I did mention that earlier in a different way, but yeah, guess what? The design looks older than those social media websites for making friends and it doesn't look like a place for pornography. That's because of the bubbly font used for the logo and the different shades of purple and blue used on the design. I have to say that it definitely looks like it's not for the green eyes of dudes looking for smut.

Aside from the distracting popup ads, who everything's laid out is distracting in itself. Instead of making a navbar that contains actual navigation features, they made a menu bar with links to other porn websites and they scattered the useful browsing features on the left and right side panels. They're literally scattered actually. It's like playing a game where you get a chance to go to other websites, or safely land on an actual page on this platform.

Is There Any Navigation Feature?

Fortunately, you can find the commonly-used navigation features to browse porn content here. The thing is, they're not as obvious as on other websites. The categories are listed on a tab that says "Site Navigation". The incredibly long list includes a wild mix of normal porn tags and porn sites providing the content you see here. There's only a handful of description tags here such as 18 Years Old, Amateur Creampies, Amateur Models, Anal Sex, Asian, Asian Teen Pussy, Ass, Ass Licking, Babes, BDSM, Big Tits, Bikini, Cameltoe, and some more. Well, compared to the number of porn sites listed on this tab, the number of those tags is relatively small. But, it's better than nothing, or just going through tons of pages of archives since December 2004. You can find those folders on the tab located on the opposite side. Aside from these two tabs, the rest contain links to other porn sites.

Another noticeable thing here is the list of pages. I'm not sure what's that supposed to do but it's not an automatic bus seater or toilet cube indicator so it's technically a waste of space that they could have used to compress the actual useful navigation features they have.

Can You Play Videos Here?

Yes, you can play the videos directly on their video player by simply clicking on the "read more" text. When you land on the video page, you can see the tube, some ads, a short video detail talking about the actress and advertising the source, a discount link, and thumbnails you can enlarge. I don't want to be a party pooper though but the videos you'll find here are just free previews from premium porn sites. Well, if you want to look at the bright side of things, just imagine that instead of hopping through a lot of premium sites, you can just check out their content in one huge catalog.

Where Are The Galleries?

By clicking on "Offsite Gallery" on a post, you'll arrive at another destination on the web. Well, a lot of high-quality images are there. Most of the galleries are on external hosts while, of course, there are some here as well. Actually, I would rather encourage you to enjoy the beautiful girls here in pictures than on videos. Finding posts here that don't contain videos but have a "read more" option is like hitting a small town lottery jackpot because just one page can contain dozens of high-resolution photos. It's the best deal this platform has.

Extremely Friendly Platform

You might be wondering why I have been calling this shit a "platform" several times and that's because there are tons of links to other sites on ImagePost and I'm not sure if it's just that they're either being too friendly, or they just have too many advertisers. Every single page has one or more kinds of advertisements. The main page has several with both links and thumbnails. If you hover your mouse over the link, it will even show you a bit of information about those sites. In a way, it kinda goes like, if sites want to remain to be their tight-buddies, they gotta offer discounts to, or their relationship will just turn cold.

Porn Discounts

Like I have said earlier, when you check out the videos here, you'll find links to porn discounts. No matter what the text says, when you click on them, you'll just be redirected to not the original sources or sites like FTV Girls or Casting Couch. I unintentionally learned something about this advertising platform while browsing through which premium sites offer discounts via So, here's what I realized while I was checking for options like Brazzers, ATK Premium, and more - the videos and photos stop coming from sites at some point when they probably have no longer discounts on Well, you'll still find some materials from them on an archived page though.

Am I A Big Fan Of Image Post?

I honestly thought that I can probably expect more here just like on other blogs that look kind of lifeless but actually has a lot of awesome handpicked porn materials. Although, if not for the wide selection of girls from skinny chicks to mega BBWs here, I won't even mention that this advertising platform even exists. If your motive is to compare various premium porn sites, go ahead and click on the site's thumbnail here. If it's for that purpose, then it is quite reliable. I wish they were good at advertising their own website though and correctly added the proper description it deserves.


  • thousands of free galleries with high resolution
  • awesome catalog for premium sites


  • watermarks on some of the videos
  • obviously, an ads platform for premium sites

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