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Ice Gay Porn Site Review

For a free porn tube site, does try its best to be one of the best gay porn websites in the industry with its overall design, functionality, and content. It's actually one of the most interesting sites that I would introduce to porn hobbyists and this is even my first time reviewing a porn site dedicated to gay porn fans.

Gays As Cool As Ice

The majority of the actors here look as buff as weightlifters who can strangle you with their biceps alone. The choice of actors here actually made me think if this is a premium site since the collection seems to have a signature preferred look. Well, that's at least what the featured videos on the site's homepage show. So, let's go around and dive deeper into what this gay porn site offers.

Getting Around

Aside from the pornstars, Ice Gay seems to be on par with premium sites when it comes to the entire site's layout and design. The colors are strong but relaxed and just dark enough to blend in a dimly lit room. Everything's organized really well too with no wasted space from top to bottom. The menu is placed directly on the same placement as the logo which are links to pages to Videos, Categories, Channels, Pornstars, History, Playlist,s and external links to a games site, a live cams site, and a premium gay website.

Before we talk about the navigation features on this website, let's talk more about its design and its functions starting with the thumbnails. The thumbnails include details such as the title of the video, duration, number of views, upload date, rating, a disappearing add to favorites button, and a screenshot of the video itself. Some videos have an HD logo on the left-hand corner of the thumbnail and based on the videos I have checked, Ice Gay seems to have a high standard when labeling their videos as HD. But, I do have my suggestions as well. Since Ice Gay is a tube site which means their videos will play directly on their website, they should be able to use transitioning scene shots for their thumbnail previews but they didn't. Also, the uploaders haven't even bothered standardizing the language to be used for the titles. My translator extension needs consistency. It can't tell if it should prioritize translating Chinese, Filipino, or Japanese to English. Anyway, since there's no standard in giving titles to the videos on Ice Gay, translating those titles won't probably give you a good idea of what the pornographic clip is about. One more thing I wish they have added in regards to all the thumbnails plus their layout is that instead of an endless scroll, they could have used pages. It's easier to get back to page marks than scrolling through a lot of them while looking for what you might have missed.

Let's now discuss the other navigation features. Users can filter the content based on Video Quality, Length, Date Added, and Categories which can be found on the left side of the page along with a list of trending search keywords and sort options. Users can also search for videos using the search box on the menu bar. There's also a language option beside the search box and upload button that lets users choose between English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian as the site's main language. Although it doesn't help with the titles, it helps guide users in navigating through this website in a language they're comfortable with. What surprised me a bit is that there's no Asian language available in the choices when it seemed to me that the main uploaders of this website are Asians judging by the titles which are in Asian or poorly translated English.

Going deeper, let's try to watch a video, shall we? Just kidding. Let's see how the web player page looks like. And... Here comes the ads. While the homepage is free from ads, the pages where you can watch videos have them. There are popup ads on the video player, ads at the beginning of the video, and distracting banner ads under the video player and on the right side of the screen. But, aside from the ads, you can also see a bunch of other useful stuff as well such as related videos, uploader, tags, and categories associated with the video you chose. There are also recommended videos at the bottom. Visitors are also allowed to cast their votes on the video or flag it for takedown using the buttons directly under the video player.

Tons Of Gay Pornstars

Since this website seems to be running for the Best Gay Pornographic Website Award (which I'm not sure if such exists), users can find their next favorite gay hottie using the suggested names of gay actors on the Pornstars page with the help of filters and sorting options. While this page doesn't contain all of the names of the models you can find on Ice Gay, this page has some of the biggest names in the porn industry for the gay niche. You can search for gay models using their initials, built, roles, and ethnicities. You can also sort the results or suggestions based on the most popular, models with the most videos, or just arrange them alphabetically.

Looking at this feature though can't stop me from drawing conclusions about the Ice Gay platform designer and say that he does have all these awesome design ideas and definitely knows how to execute them but he's just too lazy to go all the way. I mean, the dude just had to put one photo for every model and he didn't add all the models yet some of the shots either don't show the face of the actor, or there are two dudes in one photo so guess who's who.

Anyway, based on this half-baked effort, you know you can't rely on the information here specifically the number of videos featuring these actors, and using the filtering tools may not help as well.

Catch Them In Various Scenes

Despite Ice Gay being a niche in itself already, it still uses a lot of categories even more than generic porn websites. The best part of it is that all of these categories contain videos that users can actually watch. I mean we all know that some free porn sites include videos with broken links so it's already awesome that the videos here are actually playable. Anyway, the categories here include witty ones like Sleeping, Muscle, Money, Seduced, Cousin, Breeding, Bar, Drugged, and more.

As I have said earlier, this is my first time writing about a gay porn site and I find it interesting how there can be so many videos with creative scenes for a niche itself. The all-male videos here can be as surprisingly innocent or as extreme as straight videos and it's all cool.

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