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Hypnohub Review

Hypnohub opens its arms to welcome you into its incredibly niche community here. This hypno-booru-style porntube page offers one of the widest collections of cartoon porn on the internet specializing in hypno-porn.

Yep, you heard it right, this whole site is dedicated to all things dazed and confused, especially hot, wet animated characters that walk spiral eyed straight to the end of your cock!

Hypno hub style mind control

At hypnohub you will find all of your most loved characters engaged in all kinds of nasty sex acts all while under the control of another force. -Now I'll put my hand up, I know some pretty weird people, myself included, but this right here? That's niche man.

Let's just say one man's art is another man's rubbish. However, this site is jam-packed with images and animation videos that will introduce you to some of the most out-there fetishes through the medium of cartoon content. Who knew I was always needing hypnohub.net in my life to fulfill my more bizarre booru porn urges?

So if hypnotic imagery and glazed expressions on semi-comatose characters under various states of mind control are what get you off you're in the right place, hypnohub.net has plenty of content for absolutely anyone who loves this kind of shit!


If you've never visited a Danbooru style board before you've got lots to catch up on and quickly. These sites are prolific and have a huge fan base, loyal servants of all things hentai plus porn, from uploaded pictures and drawings to some more professional style images and videos.

The more info you provide, the deeper the search. Each image has lots of tags attached, this allows you to explore all of your fetishes in much more detail. Being able to customise your search to such a degree is definitely a top example of hypnohub delivering on quality again.

Fan porn tube

Hypnohub has a quality control center which means that any content is scanned before being posted on any given page, sorry to all those budding artists who didn't make the grade. This added bonus means that users don't need to worry about anything less than a 10 getting through and can instead focus on the task at hand, literally, fapping to some premium porn images. Saying this just be aware that some of the content here is SFW so not all content will be nude or of a pornographic nature. As we're under deep Hypno control, the main body of the content and posts is still hypnosis based rather than purely porn.

Hypno hub Posts

There are over 80,000 posts on this site and counting. Hypnohub fans are uploading new collections all the time. There are pools of images and pictures too so plenty of content for even the more specific search focus. That's what I like about the booru style sites, it's all about sharing. The people who form this community can't seem to get enough it seems, and who blames them?

Hypnohub website layout

This site boasts of a really nice simple look and is full of features that make the hypnohub experience that little bit deeper. The style of the homepage is clean and uncluttered.

The black homepage screen features a search engine that allows you to begin your own journey into the hentai realm of hypnohub fantasy. A similar layout as google, you can just type in your keywords and the world of hypnohub is your aphrodisiac oyster.

Sitting on top you'll find four option windows: Posts, comments, tags, and forum. All straightforward and from there you'll find navigation super easy. Even if just browsing, you'll enjoy the usability of the site and can even look at recently deleted content too if like me you were curious.

These sections are pretty straightforward but will help you immensely if this is your first time to the website. 

Navigation can be a bit of a challenge at the beginning for newbies, so it's really useful to have a guide. The page also offers suggestions to autocomplete which introduces you to tags you've probably never heard of, let alone thought of, and access to 'pools' or collections of relevant content.

Hypnohub.net special features

You can also blacklist any tags or categories you are not interested in exploring. For example, if you don't want to see any gay, anal, or transexual porn you can block them. Pretty cool dude. 

There's also a ton of info online including the wiki that fill you in on the weird and wonderful world of hentai porn. Having a wiki is really helpful if you don't understand a lot of the language of these sites. You can also familiarise yourself with the site page rules and regulations. 

Hypnohub fan site

When you enter the site and choose how to navigate you'll be taken into different gallery sections with a list of popular tags on the left-hand side of the screen. Here you can hover on the thumbnails to get more info about the image, for example; rating, tags, title, and name of people uploading.

If you want even more info there's a whole statistics list on each picture too including upload date, image size, source link, and which people liked it most.

By clicking on an image it will open up your picture or GIF file as well as the comments below it.

Hypnohub upsides

Really like how specific you can get with the tag searches. I would use this a lot to go into the deepest offerings from the site.

Easy to navigate, nice clean format, simple with a lot of space and nice layout. I really like the way the black background really makes the porn pop.

If you like animes you will be a happy bunny here. Good anime porn collection and SFW content too.

Hypnohub downsides

There is lots of content on hypnohub and other sites like it that isn't strictly speaking porn.

Luckily for me, I can appreciate the work that artists add but I imagine for lots of happy fappers out there wanting access to a good animated porn collection this could become frustrating. I guess when it comes to content their rules are pretty flexible.

Underscores again!!____WHY? Seriously, this just fucks me off. You basically have to replace every space with an underscore. Go figure! FML!

You can only blacklist unwanted material from your searches by becoming a member and registering for an account. The upside is you can still explore other fetishes, but the key topic in this place is always hypnosis.

Final thoughts on the hypnohub.net community

I'm not sure if this content worked its magic on me and I myself feel under some kind of mind control spell but hypnohub had me hooked. I love anime and I love porn so I guess you could say that I was a fan in the making. And even though the focus material is very niche I found myself appreciating the art aspect of the site as well as other x-rated content. There is also a ton of SFW content too and the talent of a lot of these artists is phenomenal.

I also really enjoyed the comments section and forum features, as a member of the anime appreciation community it was nice to connect with other users and a lot of people also directed me to some smokin' hot anime porn so thanks guys!

Overall, I found the hypnohub.net site clean and simple and the content of high quality. I would recommend really stretchin the use of the search bar on the homepage, seriously, the more specific you are the more seriously juicy, bespoke porn you're going to get your dirty little mits on. Enjoy!

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