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HumorOn Extreme Porn Site Review

Warning: this site is not for normal people - unless you want to know how sick the world is and how the stuff we think is crazy actually arouses some people. While you may find that some of the posts here are bizarre, some make you feel curious, and then there are those that are downright stupid you can't help but laugh at those psychos - some people literally get horny with these. But hey, who are we to judge, right?

Anyway, if you want to learn more about this website that seems to have crawled up from hell to the world wide web before you jump in, read on through my extensive review of this website, Humor ON.

How To Find Porn On HumorOn?

Let's talk about navigation on this site first. This is especially important if not all kinds of extreme content are for you and you'd want to avoid content that could possibly ruin your guts. There are tons of weird videos you can find on this website and if you want to see only your dose of eccentricity, there are many ways to do that here on this site despite its kind of a bit outdated look. I honestly even had to check if I used a mobile version address for this site because the margins are just too big. Unfortunately, when I turned off my adblocker, I realized that the waste of space is for ads. Also, I'll have to tell you that if you're trying to browse the content on this site only, don't mistake the text on the black panel on the left side for categories. It's definitely a trap that leads users to their partner porn sites that don't even share the same nature as HumorOn. Don't click on the orange buttons too. They lead to other sites too.

The only shortcuts to the categories that you can find on the homepage are the ones under the site's header with the small fonts - funny, shocking, cool, sexy, other, pictures, and wtf pics - there really wasn't any effort to use proper capitalization.

Are there any sorting options that will make your search for the hottest or most trending posts ever posted on HumorOn fast? Nope. The posts HumorOn adds daily are sorted by default from the latest updates. Alternatively, if you're not into the very limited number of categories there are, you can search for your bit of weird porn using the search box, and well, see your most recent searches on the dropdown which isn't such a good point. Unlike other blogs with almost no actual content, even text per post, this one is also quite behind time and just serves as an archive for the history of weird-ass news.

Ready For Shocking Porn Videos Blog?

As said, there are a few categories you can find here and they're the most generalized ones that you can expect from the usual extreme porn sites like HumorOn. If you're looking for free funny events videos that showcase how weird not only boys can be but also girls, you can take a look at the "funny" category. Now, if you're looking for some shocking videos, you'd better have a better stomach because I have no idea who tags these posts but the shocking videos you can find include a necrophile abusing a dead girl, a stupid ass guy who inserted a screwdriver on his pee hole, and psycho girls licking a dead bird while crying. This is the kind of content that should be called "sick" instead of "shocking".

Would You Need A Barf Bag For The Weirdest Sex Videos?

Now, venturing on to the "sexy" videos section is not also the sort of content you'll expect. You might be like me who was expecting some hot fuck. Actually, aside from the weird shit that you'll see here that just contains some nakedness, what's even more awkward is when you get to see some content that has a title like it's some kind of news featuring real situations when it's just a clip from a premium porn site's preview. You can't really cheat people with familiar faces of popular pornstars. It's just too miserable and disappointing. Although you'd be able to find a lot of wild amateur videos featuring a hot drunk girl in sex.

Humor On Vs Other Bizarre Porn Sites

Honestly, I don't think HumorOn is one of the best porn sites for extreme porn. In fact, it just gets its content from the best porn sites in its field and other sites the blog creator think is cool and then creates an anchor for the link from this site to the source.

In general, in terms of the funny porn content, I can't really say anything about the "humor" that HumorOn has. I'd rather say that this site is more moronic in a way than humorous. If you're trying to find better funny porn content and hardcore porn, just simply check out our lists for some higher quality shit that has actual content. Because, while you'd rather pay other sites for you to be able to register and get updates on cool content, it's a wonder how this shit place still gets ads on this day when there are so many porn sites one would rather be. The only sure thing that's funny about this porn blog site is its quality. So just avoid this site, fast, and don't waste your precious time here.

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