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HotScope Amateur Porn Site Review

What I can guarantee that you'll find on HotScope are thousands of pretty girls who are also pretty wild. This site kinda promotes permitted voyeurism with girls showing off their skin, ass, and fake titties on camera. There are also lots of porn videos here of couples fucking on camera but they are all amateur videos so the video quality and the sound aren't as crisp as with premium porn videos, or just the ones taken by pros like in PornHub. Anyway, some people like it natural and that's the kind of people amateur porn sites like HotScope are aiming to please.

Amateur Porn Sites Vs Premium Porn Sites

Aside from the huge difference in audio and video quality, there's also a huge gap between pornstars and just pretty girls who like flaunting their hot bodies in front of a wide audience. In my opinion, aside from the studio working behind the scenes, pornstars themselves know the best positions and facial expressions that are sure to arouse their fans. After all, the best pornstars of this age are usually those with years of experience. On the other hand, in amateur porn sites like HotScope, you might find girls who have started only a few days ago.

Site Layout Review

I honestly like the simple design of Hot Scope. It's just 80% black accent and 100% black background which is exactly my type of color for naughty porn sites. The homepage is very simple with thumbnails divided into sections as home categories like Recent Uploads, Live Right Now, Trending OnlyFans Videos, Trending Periscope Videos, Trending Snapchat Videos, and Trending Porn Videos. So, basically, they're just featured videos from different platforms or sources.

The navbar is disguised as a neat header. You can find the collapsible menu list on the top left corner beside the HotScope logo. You can find more navigation options there and more categories. On the other side of the navbar, you can click on the search icon and explore the video collection using different terms like big boobs, hot teen, Asian, and more. They all work and the top results display videos that have the most views and highest ratings. This feature probably works because of the tags and titles. It's really nice because it is very reliable.

Moving on to the inner pages, you can find the number of views, user rating, and upload date under the video player. You can also find a couple of tags and thumbnails of related videos and a comment section.

I gotta say that if you don't have an ad blocker, you have to install one. This porn website looks neat and innocent but has hidden ads that open another site on a new tab which is kinda safe but quite annoying.

Porn Videos Categories

Despite the fact that this is an amateur porn site sourcing from videos from streaming platforms, it still has categories which makes it an interesting free porn website. The tags work, and there are categories.

There are categories that are usually found on other sites like Lesbian, Bikini, Anal, BlowJob, Teen, Leggings, and Shorts. I wish they could have included more filters like Straight and Gay especially with the video content.

I personally recommend checking out the hottest fucking content on HotScope which is under the Lesbian category. Seriously, those amateurs look hotter than pornstars on those pussy rubbing action scenes and you'll definitely love those shit.

Hot Girls On Hot Scope

Let's talk about the steaming hot girls on HotScope. All of the girls on HotScope are amateurs which means don't expect to find popular pornstars here. You can find a couple of popular Instagram babes on this website though. One thing is for sure here, all of the girls are hot and beautiful. They are all wild and naughty in plenty of ways and their naughtiness scale from displaying their naked bodies while looking shy to getting hard fucked. You can find more than one pink pussy here which you can set as a personal goal to find.

Most of the videos here aren't uploaded by the girls on the videos and its obvious because you most probably won't find their names or even their aliases on the video description Users are even encouraged to suggest the model's name

Streaming Apps

All videos uploaded on HotScope are from streaming sites like OnlyFans, Periscope, and Snapchat. That's why the videos here are mostly in POV or static, those taken using a tripod or some other stand. There are plenty of videos here where girls are holding the cameras themselves which are actually what natural lovers love.

HotScope Live Sex Cams

If you're like me who also hoped that these Live Sex Cams are HotScope originals, you'll be disappointed, too. No doubt that these Live Cams can be accessed for free and even without registering, but you'll notice that finding them with your ad blocker enabled is impossible. This is because they're actually links to other cams sites. You can see the thumbnails on HotScope but they all link to other players which you can still access for free.

HotScope Community

By joining the HotScope Community, you'll be able to access exclusive videos, upload videos, and like videos. The lack of reasons to encourage visitors into sticking around this website and scrimping on the perks of having a membership is disappointing. However, there are hidden benefits users can enjoy if they become members which can only be discovered once you have an account. But since you've made it this far in this review, I'll let you know about it.

First of all, having an account lets you create a profile that lets you add your website and social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It's great if there are things you'd like to promote. If you're a girl who wants to promote your OnlyFans videos, then setting up an account is definitely a good promotion for you and it's for free. For other users, you can mark the clips you have watched and like as favorites and access them later on your profile.

Is HotScope On The Best Porn Sites List?

In conclusion, there are things that make HotScope a good porn site for amateurs who like sharing their best porn clips, I guess. Although, based on my experience getting around HotScope, I think it's easy to go around this site and browse through its content. If it'll be your first time to visit this website, don't worry because I haven't any bit of content I can call garbage either. Still, I listed below the major things I like about HotScope and suggestions I would like to be updated on this site.

Users Love About HotScope

  • free and safe porn clips fans can enjoy
  • all of the ladies here are hot and you won't find a girl you won't want to ogle

Users Hate About HotScope

  • a lot of videos and links were removed or not working
  • annoying ads that pop up on the side and some opens a new tab
  • more categories, please

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