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Hitomila Free Hentai Manga Reader

Here's another Hentai manga site I'm proud of. It's not my child, relative, or even a pal but I definitely dote on it. It has a unique look compared to other manga readers or even porn sites in general. It's like a catalog that you would just want to keep on browsing. By the way, Hitomi isn't just a reader, it also lets its users download content in high quality for free. No need to make an account for that. Although for me, I'd rather read them online instead of getting the ZIP file which is only good for offline entertainment. That's because there are multiple views when reading online. I can choose to see a single page or a full spread in fit or full view.

Despite the fact that it looks so simple with the mangas lined up, you'll just have to actually look at it better and see how great this site actually is for manga fans. As of this writing, there are 25,194 pages displaying up to 25 mangas per page. Going through the entire library sounds like a difficult feat. However, that's not the case. It's actually quite easy. There are several ways to get only the results you want to see. You can filter the content according to tags, artists, series, characters, and even language. Changing the language here won't translate the title which I honestly thought it would do. But, this site seems to be internationally friendly. There are 40 languages added here and there are more than 3000 pages of hentai comics with English translations here. Although, you'll have to expect that there are more than 11000 pages for comics in Japanese.

Too Many Tags

I have to break it to you though. There are all of those options but there's just a hell lot of them. I suggest using the search box instead and rely on a few keywords. With that said, here are some of the basic tags you need - Doujinshi (type of works based on an original aka Parody), Loli (a small girl who usually has a flat chest), Futanari (trans), Yaoi (gay), Yuri (lesbian), Kemonomimi (non-human ears), and you can actually use other tags you normally use in porn like BDSM, MILF, Incest, Anal, and others.

You also have to be independent of tags as well. If you're looking for a category on the search box, instead of clicking on the "tags" suggestion, choose "type" instead. It seems that some of the comics aren't tagged well so you most probably won't be able to see everything related to a specific tag.

Popular Hentai Mangakas

There are so many names out here and there are a lot of them who only have few contributions. Going through every single artist will definitely take a long time. I mean, have you seen the A page? So, let me just suggest some of the names of popular hentai manga artists who are well-known even in the Reddit community.

  • Echigoya Takeru - Do you like Gender Bender stories? Try the series Akumateki! The frames are intense and depict a lot of strong movements. Oh, this artist is also good for those with the Shotaro complex.
  • Z-ton - If you like fantasy with characters that look like they came from some RPG, check out this artist's Eden's Ritter Grenze series. You can also check out some bestiality and borderline bestiality content like Bakumatsu Inbreed.
  • Oohira Sunset - All of the babes regardless of their species should have bouncy tits. This artist has schoolgirls, witches, elves, incestuous sisters, maids, fox girls, and more - with awesome melons of course!
  • Yuzushiko - Probably popular for tsundere chicks or those shy girls who eventually get addicted to sex. It's quite a cliche but it wouldn't have been popular until now if people didn't like it, right?
  • Usagi Nagomu - This mangaka has girls from fantasy, I mean the fantasy genre. Well, they're all so gorgeous anyway they'll definitely be in your own fantasies as well. The hottest ones are those beautiful female elves.
  • Shunjou Shuusuke - If you're looking for MILFs you'd really love to fondle and take care of your needs, Shunjou Shuusuke is your master.
  • Herio - Herio has big galleries of comics from innocent looking girls to hot fully grown-up women. Despite the broad selection or variety of female characters, Herio excels at making all of them look gorgeous.
  • Greco Roman - Have you heard of Tanetsuke Oji-san? If you haven't yet, you should definitely be on the lookout for this male character. While most manga series are popular for girls, the most popular among Greco Roman's galleries is the one starring this Oji-san like the one where he invaded a Japanese classic folktale, Momotaro, in Onigashima Vs Tanetsuke Oji-san. He's also popular for comics in full colors like the parody of The Ring, Noroi No Video, where Sadako was raped after coming out of the TV.

For me, Greco Roman should get the award for the Best Doujinshi Mangaka. His Doujinshi content is just too epic especially the one featuring Princess Peach. What sets Hitomi more special compared to other hentai sites is that when you talk about Doujinshi here, the artists don't just use the characters to make sexy scenes, but they actually take on the stories and make a good +18 version of them. Well, that's +21 in other countries.

However, I really recommend checking out the works of other artists here. There are a whole lot of talented artists out here, too. Those names I recommended just happen to be popular even in the Reddit world. In my honest opinion, everything here is worth your time. Well, there are some

Hentai Series Index

When you think of series, you're probably thinking of hentai mangas coming from the same artist under the same title with just different episodes, right? In Hitomi.la, the hentai series list isn't exactly like that. In most cases especially when it comes to Doujinshi or parody, these hentai series titles open pages related to the same original anime. Let's take the anime Gintama as an example. It's an anime that's extremely popular in Japan but not worldwide but hey, most Hentai artists are from Japan as well. Anyway, I thought of this anime because it's quite popular in having Doujinshi in different categories such as Straight, Gay, Lesbian, and a hell of lot more sub-categories. That's what you'll find on the Hentai Series category Gintama.

So, if we're talking about a Doujinshi series, what's the best way to find works of the same storyline? You have to use the title then. Everything from one series shares the same title. There are just chapter numbers added in most cases. If the title doesn't have a chapter or volume number, then it most likely isn't from a series, and searching for them won't give you other results.

If you're interested in looking for other volumes of the same series in Hitomi, then I suggest going to the artist's page instead. If it's not on that page, well, sad to say, Hitomi doesn't have it or the other volumes still don't exist anywhere on the internet yet.

What if you're a fan of just a specific anime character or series? Then I suggest using the All Series list or the Characters list. One of the best things about the Hitomi site is that its indexes seem to be complete and updated. Hitomi even has new anime shows included on their list even the ones that were released only half a year ago.

Why Is Hitomi Very Popular?

For one, it has a huge content that includes high-quality hentai manga art from some of the best artists in the industry. If you're looking for a site that's reliable for a free awesome hentai manga collection, Hitomi.la is admittingly the place you have to go to.

Here's another reason why Hitomi is popular. Doujinshis, of course! A lot of works here are available in their original Japanese language plus at least one more language. Users from different parts of the world with different languages browsing the internet for a free Hentai Manga library will find this site simply amazing. There is just so much content Hitomi has that its users can browse and access for free and they can just choose what's comfortable for them to read so they won't have to guess what the characters are talking about.

What I find most interesting about Hentai Manga is how the characters are drawn. The characters of this kind of art form keep evolving and now, characters can depict so much emotion and even the term Ahegao is getting popular. If you don't know what Ahegao means, it's the facial expression characters make when they're feeling ecstatic while being fucked.

As much as I wish that this site should be perfect, it's not. Hitomi has a couple of ads that hide external links. There are also banner ads playing below and popup ads about different kinds of software you can download. But hey! Even if you like this site as much as I do, don't trust those stuff. Aside from that, the Hitomi Site would have been perfect.

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