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Hentai Videos Porn Site Review

Hentai is a term generally used as a genre for anime or manga with adult content. Hentai Videos is a free uncensored hentai website that has a wide collection of hentai videos and movies. In this review, I'll guide you through this site and let you judge if this website is worth visiting, or not.

Now then, let's get started.

Uncensored Hentai Videos

HentaiVideos.com specializes in uncensored hentai videos and these are actually quite rarer than you think. There's a special regulation in Japan which is the homeland of hentai when it comes to free porn. Free porn should always have a censor or blur sensitive body parts. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to find uncensored hentai videos. In fact, most of the videos on HentaiVideos.com are uncensored despite the fact that you can watch them for free. You won't even need to sign-up for an account to watch uncensored hentai videos and get access to other Hentai Videos content.

When it comes to the quality of the videos in Hentai Videos, I can say that they're actually quite good. Everything has good video quality. I haven't encountered any video that has poor quality. Some of them are even in HD. A lot of the hentai videos are in the Japanese language but have English subtitles and that's a really good point especially for users who like knowing what the characters are saying. I mean, can you imagine if a hentai video is tagged incest but you don't know that the characters are actually fucking their parents?

Hentai Videos Website Layout

As soon as I landed on this site, I instantly noticed how simple the site's layout is. I appreciate that the main color is black, the accent is dark gray, and the text is just red and white. The colors are so easy to look at especially because we most often than not indulge ourselves with porn in the dark. The thumbnail previews also have useful information such as duration, upvotes, and views.

The main page is actually simpler than the other pages on this site. It's quite the opposite compared to most websites. The main page has fewer elements but for me, it's cool because I hate scrolling and seeing distractions. Everything has been tidied up as well. On the top, you can see the search bar. It's a tool I usually exploit whenever I need porn. I often look for porn based on tags depending on my mood. It provides more specific content and I get only the results I want to see. However, if you are unlike me and you have fun exploring different kinds of hentai content, you can use other options you can find on the menu like under "Movies" you can sort the content based on the most recent videos, most viewed, top-rated, most discussed, and videos with the longest duration. You can also find "Categories" and "Tags" on the menu. The main page also displays a few hentai video titles in categories such as Being Watched Now, Most Viewed Videos, and Free Hentai Videos.

Now, try going to page 2 or any other page. Surprise! You get an extra navigation feature. I guess it's kind of like whoever designed this site just wants to say that since you had to go to another page, you didn't see what you want to see so here's more help. On the left side of the pages, you'll see more navigation tools that will let you filter the content according to gender, duration in minutes, and categories (just in case you missed the fact that you can also do it from the menu).

When you visit the actual video page, you will see related content or similar videos. Downloading the video is also really easy, the download icon is just there on the video itself. You can also find other information about the video such as the source, who submitted it, and when it was uploaded. You can also click on the show more button and find the tags and categories related to it.

Hentai Tags

Talking about tags, let's discuss them more. Tags are helpful, at least for me, when looking for porn videos. Despite the fact that hentai is already a niche, there are still more genres under it. Some of the most popular genres you can find in hentai are incest, rape, MILF, gangbang, and Ahegao. Of course, it's already a given that Ahegao is a popular hentai sub-genre. If you don't know what Ahegao is, it's what you call that exaggerated facial expression hentai girls have, and OnlyFans models copy, to show that they're having a great sexual experience or are just intensely aroused. Incest, rape, gangbang, and MILF are popular here because some real-life porn videos provide limits on the storyline or even just crush your imagination from the title because of regulations against illegal pornography, and some freaking moral stuff. There are hundreds of uncensored hentai content on this website so you will find a lot of videos with these tags - incest, gangbang, and other possible hentai uncensored terms.

Popular Hentai Titles

Some of the most popular hentai titles come in a series. A series in porn means the title contains episodes or chapters. Series are quite popular in the hentai community because when fans like the storyline, characters, and even the animation itself, they would want more of it or a continuation. Most of the popular hentai titles in a series share the same tag so you can find other episodes among the suggested similar videos.

Hentai Videos Community

If you want to leave comments and upload videos, you can join the community on Hentai Videos. Users can message other members, leave a message on other members' walls, and be friends with them. The benefit of it is that you can create discussions with other hentai geeks about Hentai Videos and other hentai porn sites. You can talk about the latest hentai videos, share hentai photos, and give recommendations. Registration to join the community is for free. Just create a unique username, password, and enter your email address to confirm your registration on the Hentai Videos website. Using an email address for verification helps avoid spamming. Hentai Videos doesn't even have subscription emails.

Want More Porn Videos Plus Other Contents?

Although HentaiVideos.com compiles only hentai videos and movies, you can get other pornos from their partner sites. On the menu bar found at the top of the site pages, you can see a link for extreme live cams, hentai games, and a popular hentai game - Naruto uncensored.

At the footer, you can find more of their friends such as a porn directory, more hentai games, hentai videos sources, and real-life adult videos.

All of the friends of HentaiVideos are free adult sites. Even the porn tube site HentaiVideos partner with is free of use.

Final Thoughts on HentaiVideos.com

I can say that for a hentai project website, HentaiVideos does a really good job. It has hundreds of hentai uncensored videos in its collection and over a hundred of them are in HD quality. I tried watching some of them in fullscreen mode on a 40-inch PC screen and the details are still great especially the 3D ones. I got a lot of options here, too, including the language option.

Also, despite the fact that HentaiVideos has free content, I tried turning off my adblocker but I didn't see any intrusive ads or irrelevant ads popping out everywhere. I understand why they'd have ads especially if they want to keep expanding their hentai collection. Actually, even the ads look interesting. Some free adult websites are tricky. You can't see the ads, but they're there. You know it. You can try clicking everywhere on HentaiVideos and you won't get redirected to any suspicious-looking website and you won't even accidentally download any harmful file.

So, if you want to enjoy a free hentai tube, I suggest using HentaiVideos. You can browse through 43 pages of hentai shit and you'll have all fun, and no worries.

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