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Hentai Stigma | Stream | Watch Hentai Online

Hentai.AnimeStigma.com Site Review

Unfortunately, just as the latest post on the homepage says, the site is able to stay alive thanks to the ads paying for the server. The site creator is also holding up the fort just for the sake of the fans who still want to see the existing content here but that also means that you won't find updates here anymore unless the public demands and supports this site financially. Hentai.Anime.Stigma was one of the most popular porn sites in the Hentai category back in its glory days. It used to have new animated sex videos every week and all of these videos are from popular series which every ultimate hentai fan probably knows.

Definitely Not A Blog Site

It looks like a blog site but it is definitely not a blog site. It doesn't have articles despite the fact that its homepage is filled with nothing but titles made of text except for the header's background image. It's not like most video porn sites that feature thumbnail photos of the latest videos or top-rated videos. This site really looks old and boring from the front page and even the guy who created this site is fully aware of it. It really is a free porn video site and it was even the top hentai site in its generation. There are two different kinds of video players here such as the Old Player and V Player. You don't have to think too much about which video player to choose because they're basically just like any other video player from 2 different servers.

When it comes to content, this site has various hentai porn genres including those that are taboo in real life and even in porn such as incest, lolita (small girls), and more. I mean in hentai, you won't feel the slightest guilt in watching a young girl being a young bitch seducing her stepfather.

What's RAW?

You might have noticed that a lot of titles here have the word "RAW" on them. It doesn't really stand for anything and just means "raw". In hentai or anime, this kind of episode means it is neither dubbed nor subbed. Simply put if you don't speak or understand Japanese, just enjoy the visuals and sex scenes.

Filters And Other Navigation Options

This is what makes me really sad about the top Hentai Anime Stigma. It was one of the top hentai sites until 2 years ago but it doesn't even have helpful navigation features such as categories and tag lists. The only lists it has are Hentai List A-Z and 3D Hentai List A-Z. What I find the most interesting though are the lists on the Top Hentai page which has lists of awesome episodes. Of course, the other lists are also useful but that's only for top hentai fans. Just like the homepage, you won't be able to see thumbnail previews of the videos here but just titles. Anyone without experience in watching Japanese anime and hentai would really have to go through these pages blindly. Fortunately for some anime fans, you won't have to make wild guesses because, on the Hentai List A-Z, you will find a lot of Doujinshi series. If you like 3D Hentai, it's also quite easy for you to find that material.

While Anime Stigma doesn't have articles, you'll be able to find a short synopsis on the main pages of main titles which include genres and other tags which you can see if you're logged in. Unfortunately, this website is closed to public registrations now and you would need an invitation code to register. Before you switch to other porn sites, fortunately, the invitation code can be found on the privacy policy box. Sometimes you'd really have to read to get the info you want. Before you can log in, you would need to verify your account through email and get your password from another email the system will send. It's a bit of a hassle, and it's also not worth the hassle. So what about seeing the tags? Forget it. You don't need it. If you can see the genres, then you can use them the same way you do on other sites and you'll be able to get results of videos that have the same genre.

Wanna Give A Hand To This Porn Site?

Anime Stigma is straightforward when it comes to asking for support but it doesn't wave flags to the faces of its users. It even has a separate page for that where you can see 2 options to help. The first one says that they need 62 bucks every month to keep the site alive and that's just for keeping it alive. It doesn't include the efforts on keeping it updated. If you're hesitant about donating cash, you can help in other ways like checking videos and reporting them and turning off your adblocker. Each popup ad helps them pay their site hosting fees. You can also share Anime Stigma with others.

Should Anime Stigma Be Resurrected?

We all know that in this adult directory alone where you found this review and they do look more like your real porn video sites and that's not in just one aspect but everything. If Anime Stigma wants to make a huge comeback, it either has to stop relying on ads or it has to revamp everything about it starting with the site layout. When it comes to video quality and posts, Hentai.Anime.Stigma already has what it needs to stay alive and the comments posted by the previous users prove that.

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