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Hentai rules, sharing the love since 2006 :)

Hentai Rules Free Hentai Manga Site Review

It's definitely not about rules on Hentai. It just means that on this porn site, Hentai rules! Got it? It's all about Hentai manga or porn comics in Japanese-style drawing. What's special about this site which is a bit different from other Hentai comic sites on our list is that you can download comics here in ZIP files. They even promote it. Whether they're worth downloading though is up to you and that's what we'll mostly talk about in this review on HentaiRules.net. Of course, I'm also going to help you out in looking for stuff on this site. So, let's get the review started.

Site Design And Navigation

This site is actually one of the best porn sites but I have to criticize the fact that the layout is kind of a mess. If you're used to layouts from Blogger, using this site will be easy as shit, but if you're not, it's just a mess of plenty of text links. And yeah, you'll also get cover images of the mangas here but the dude who passionately made this site did not bother much about where to put stuff in the most optimal spots like the navigation tools here even look like they link to other sites because they're in small fonts stuck at the top of the pages.

Anyway, those text links at the top are quite useful but let's check out the biggest section on the homepage first. HentaiRules comes in a porn blogs site look and it's awesome that even though this site has been in existence for several years already, it still gets almost daily updates. It's also obvious that the dude here, Oliver aka The Admin, is serious about keeping his porn site alive and he even has plenty of fans. Not all porn site admins even get a single fan. Anyway, those almost daily posts are what you can find on the homepage and they are displayed starting with the latest post. If you really like Hentai porn, this is an ideal site to go to for daily content.

Each post contains plenty of details including categories, tags, number of comments, number of votes, average rating. a short description of what you can expect on the content, the artist's name, and other stories or comics from the same creator. Of course, the title is on the header of that article. If you want to read the porn comic, you should click on the "Continue Reading" button. You'll land on the page with options on how you'd want to see the actual content such as whether you would just want to open the Complete Pictures Gallery or Download the Free Hentai Manga in a ZIP file. It also has information including the file size, number of pages, and language it's in. You might also find an admin note if the file was recompressed before it was shared on the site.

If you're hoping to come across specific content here, you can push your luck in looking for it using the search box on the right-side panel. Although, I have to set your expectations that it'll be a bit difficult to look for cartoon porn here, and use the names of characters even for the Parodies category. If you're just looking for porn content in a specific niche here, that might work for you but there aren't lots of terms used here to index the ton of stuff here.

Hentai Glossary

Before we start talking about how to find stuff here, let's first make sure that all HentaiRules users are familiar with the wide variety of Hentai sub-genres here and the terms you might encounter while browsing sites like this one. Well, I'm not really going to be the one to tell you about that stuff because this site already has the page for it. Thanks, Oliver. You just have to take a look at one of those tiny texts at the top of the site and look for Hentai Glossary. It's a pretty cool index that won't give you definitions like Merriam does. It contains simple explanations of things that are used in general and the ones used here. Honestly, I always knew what "Ecchi" means but I only found out how that word came into existence while looking at this cool glossary. If you're also interested, take a look at it for yourself.

Doujinshi And Other Categories

There are categories listed on top and on the right side of the homepage. You can find the most used ones at the top such as Doujinshi (or parodies), Incest, and Uncensored. The ones you'll find on the side include niches and sub-cats like Complete English mangas, Lemon (or light novels), Original Manga (like those in untranslated Japanese texts), and there are also Animated GIFs.

There are more tags here that don't appear on any list and you can find similar materials to it by clicking on them from the comics you're checking out. These include Lolicon, Rape, Big Boobs, Fetish, and other sex action-based niches.


There are a lot of discussion groups here including a group to help users identify characters, which anime or game the girls who look better than real women come from, where to find a certain mangaka to ask for commissions, and you can even ask for sources of other cartoon porn. There's also a chat zone here which comes in different options like either you use an IRC or just sign in to Discord and post comments here. If you're not interested in interacting with other users here, you can also just go to the Twitter account of the site administrator. He's a pretty cool guy who doesn't even bend to paying webmasters for shitty ads on his site unlike other sites like his. He also encourages his users that instead of donating, they can use their extra cash on other stuff. If you're one of those fans who want to donate or contribute to this site, check out his page on Donation FAQs.

Editorial Blog

If you want to get to know the admin more, you can check out his personal thoughts archives on Just Talking. You can find the link to it on the second row of texts from the top. There, he just talks about new posts, the highest-rated posts, and updates about him and this site.

Featured Artists

Oliver, the guy behind HentaiRules, supports every artist here really well. There are a lot of discussions about the creative geniuses here and if you find a type of hentai drawings that you like here. he'll either help you find a downloadable material or version of it, or something similar that you might take interest in. He even created a dedicated page for the Great Artists with a lack of an actual Mangaka profile, but it does showcase random porn material in a GIF, a photo, a gallery, or comics of every artist you can find here.

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