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HentaiPulse Free Hentai Site Review

This site looks like just an ordinary blog site but it actually has a collection of more than one kind of hentai material so I'm actually a bit proud of this hentai porn site.

I have always liked Japanese anime and I did start the right way growing up which is starting from those anime series for kids, then Ecchi, and then HENTAI. Well, folks, to fully appreciate this kind of porn material, you have to go through it the right way. If you skipped those phases, you probably just have a great imagination, or I'm wrong.

Anyway, I'm proudest of HentaiPulse because of its wide collection of new hentai porn material. It's complete with all the popular hentai niches that just look too hot in 2D like Lolita, Futanari, Tentacles, and Kemono Mimi (translated as beast ears).

Let's get on with the full review of HentaiPulse!

Getting Around Hentai Pulse

Like I have just admitted, the site's layout is too simple. Although simple, there's an effort put into it as you can notice with the shadow cast by the scrollable homepage on the borders. Even the logo is simple but made with effort. Except for the annoying ads, the homepage is pretty good and unless you use a fullscreen view, you can say that the spaces were well-maximized. The site itself is adaptive in that the content adjusts and the row of thumbnails from 3 to 1 depending on the width of your window or when you use a mobile phone.

The menu options are also very simple and what you see are just the necessary ones. All of them are important navigation features of Hentai Pulse. There are also 3 icons for their social network community such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also find the hidden search box there when you click on the search icon. If your searches don't yield results, you'll find some suggested tags which are also categories actually, and a few browsing options. These include sorting options like order results alphabetically, or by most upload date either in an ascending or descending order. Before you use them though, make sure to choose a category from the "look in" dropdown list first.

Hentai Anime

There are two main ways to check out the hentai porn content on Hentai Pulse which you can find from the menu - RAW and English Subbed. Raw just means that there are no English subtitles on these videos. You can also opt to check out all of the videos here but since these are all Japanese anime porn, not all of the videos have subtitles and raw clips come before subs.

Aside from the main categories, what's notable about the hentai videos here is that all I have seen so far are in 1080p quality. It's not just the drawing techniques and styles that are more modern but also their video resolution. This is the main selling point of HentaiPulse against other free hentai porn sites.

While Hentai Pulse doesn't have a high amount of hentai videos, and they don't seem to have Doujinshi or parodies, I'm still contented with this porn site. When it comes to hentai, quality and newness come first.

Hentai Previews

So the videos here are more like clips because most of them are less than 30 minutes long, the previews are shorter. These are just less than 3 minutes long clips that show the best scenes of some of the best titles. These are even a lot better than GIFs because imagine skipping the dramatic show and just get to see the hottest moments.

By the way, you can actually play the videos here at different speeds from x2 to x16. Still, I suggest checking these out instead of skipping through parts of the original clips.

Hentai Series List

Aside from solo acts, there are also a lot of hentai series titles here. These are different and it's cool that Hentai Pulse decided to make a different index on a separate page for this kind of content.

Hentai Series gain more fans because the first episodes always pave the way for the succeeding episodes. Actually, a lot of videos here aren't standalone hentai clips but are hentai episodes coming from new popular series. Well, there's an A to Z index of these and some of the terms on the titles will give you an idea of what the series is mostly about.

Hentai Genres

HentaiPulse seems to be mostly aimed at Hentai or JAV fans which you can tell just by looking at the genres or categories page. There are a lot of words in Japanese as much as there are those in English but if you know hentai or JAV pretty well, then you won't have a problem understanding what those words mean.

These include words like Ahegao (crazed facial expressions), Bukkake (several men having an ejaculation party), Futa (short for futanari or chick with a cock), Gokkun (cum swallowing), Guro (grotesque or extreme), Gyaru (dark-skinned girls), Kemonomimi (beast ears), Nekomimi (cat ears), Netorare (cheating), Oppai (boobs), Otaku (obsessed people), Paizuri (titty fuck), Pettanko (flay chested), Shota (pedophilia for young boys), Sumata (no penetration), Tsundere (characters who act cold but actually wants the treatment), Yandere (sick lovestruck), Yaoi (gay), and Yuri (lesbian). There, I have translated them for you.

Release Lists

I was actually hoping that this page is for blogs but it isn't. Hentai Pulse seems to not like adding things it doesn't find necessary. What it has though is a preview of every upcoming video release and a few details like the title, episode number, when it will be released, the company/label producing it, Getchu link, AniDB link, and of course, the preview.

Free Downloadable Hentai Games

What you might not expect from HentaiPulse is something that other sites don't have - free downloadable hentai games. The game selection here is quite big for a free video site and seriously, they're even a lot better compared to those coming from game sites and they even have better quality when it comes to the story and mechanics. What's important here is knowing to read stuff first before asking stuff. Each game has enough information about it including the title, a description, and instructions on how to install it. It also includes the password so don't ask anyone else about the password or don't comment that the game doesn't work when you actually haven't followed the instructions. These are all on the page when you click on "read more" including the download button.

Hentai Pulse Community

Posting comments is powered by Disqus. If you want to interact with other hentai porn fans or just share your thoughts on a video, you have to log in using your Disqus or other social media accounts and there's no way to create an account on HentaiPulse directly.

Final Verdict On Hentai Pulse

What I'd really like to show readers here that even though I have both of my thumbs up for this porn site, HentaiPulse, it doesn't show that I'm completely biased to only the good stuff here. Take note of the pointers I have listed below.

Things I Love

  • huge high-quality content
  • great hentai porn browsing services

Can Be Improved

  • annoying pop-up ads and banner ads
  • relatively short hentai porn clips

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