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Hentai Play Free Hentai Site Review

If you're tired of hentai content that looks like it came from a decade more ago, you should try this site. HentaiPlay has thousands of animated porn videos that have high video quality or great resolution and all modern graphic designs. None of those flat-looking drawings with rough edges and dull hairy yet blurred animated pussies. The girls here all have lustrous shiny skin you can just imagine how soft and smooth they feel. That kind of drawing style is exactly why there are more hentai-designed sex toys and action figures now. They give out more erotic sensation with visuals alone, and that is the kind of hentai you'll find on HentaiPlay. Let's talk more about this site and see if it deserves the title as one of the best porn sites in the Hentai category.

HentaiPlay Site Design

I have to be honest, I had a prejudice as soon as I landed on this site. The layout looks too ordinary and too plain like whoever created it just thought that it should be functional and then forgot all about aesthetics. It also gives the impression or vibe that it's quite a bit neglected and not too passionately made, thus it may be like a dumpsite on the internet for hentai videos no one cares about anymore. Except, I have to say, never judge a book by its cover. I found out that there are even updates about upcoming hentai videos and series posted here which means that it might be much more updated than any other porn site.

Anyway, let's get down to how to go around the HentaiPlay website. Starting with the topmost part of this website, there's a search box that lets you search videos based on title or keyword. I tried using a few keywords and titles and I get the results I'm looking for. If you don't get results, it means they don't have it. For example, it seems like they don't have tags for Doujinshis or parodies so you can't find hentai videos based on titles and names of characters from mainstream Japanese animes. You can check out their tags by clicking on Advanced Search which you can find right below the search box and among the menu options.

There are other ways to filter the content here and they can be found on the menu options such as New Hentai for new releases, English subbed for videos with English subtitles, Uncensored to see only those videos with no blurred or pixellated genitalia, Hentai List to see all the titles listed as text, and Upcoming Hentai which includes images which are previews of soon-to-be-released hentai videos with the title, release date, and company or label producing them.

If you're not looking for a particular hentai video or genre, you can check out the thumbnails displayed on the homepage, Most Watched Hentai, Latest Hentai Updates, and New Hentai This Month listed with thumbnails on the right section.

Animated Porn Videos Categories

Just like most hentai sites, there are lots of categories here on this site including the most popular niches in the hentai world. These are Lolicon, Yaoi or gay, Yuri or lesbian, rape, and of course, tentacles.

While Hentai is more popular in Asia, there's a great deal of support out there in the west as well. This is probably because there are a lot of impossible scenes that look more realistic in hentai. While that sounds absurd because hentai is just Japanese-style animation, there are genres that aren't acceptable in real porn like rape and lolicon (which is basically pedophilia). In terms of animation, people can go ahead and watch old men snatch petite girls guilt-free. They wouldn't look too fake and nervous as well. On another note, if this can help end illegal pornography, I'll be glad to smash hentai porn sites into the top chart of porn sites.

If you're no longer confused with what I meant about how hentai porn can be more realistic, let me tell you where to find the categories are. They're just under Advanced Search. They use tags for these actually. It's simple but efficient. Aside from the usual hentai porn niches, you can also filter their collection based on the year when the videos were released starting from 1987, which is pretty rare by the way, up to 2021. So, if you're into just brand new hentai porn content, I suggest just ticking the boxes for the years 2010 to 2021. A quick disclaimer though, it won't work if you choose a lot of options at the same time.

Hentai Video Features

Let's move on to the actual content here. Actually, HentaiPlay content is originally hosted by other sites like HentaiHaven. That might make you think that you would rather watch the videos on the original hentai porn sites then. No worries. You can access the videos and play them directly on Hentai Play. You don't have to worry about having to explore the hentai porn galleries here only to find yourself getting redirected to other sites. Be at ease. In terms of the navigation options and indicators here, users are sure to be able to use them with a purpose.

Anyway, moving on the tube page, there are a lot of things you can find there that make it easy for site visitors to navigate through similar hentai videos. Under the video player, you'll see the category, uploader, and other episodes or suggested content. Unlike other hentai porn sites, the episodes on Hentai Play aren't from the same hentai series. Sometimes, you may even access previews of episodes of a series but they're not the exact episodes.

Going back to the homepage, it actually seems like you will find more information from the thumbnails including whether the animations you'll be watching have English subs, if the video is uncensored, info on when it was last updated, and the number of views and comments it has. I wish it had other details like the name of the producer and have the "likes" feature as well. Although, you might be interested to hear what other users say in the comments which are almost like really short reviews of the content. Some of them write reviews like they know quite a lot about what they're saying and have watched a couple of episodes from the same series. Not to mention but they even seem to know the characters really well. It has more worth than likes then. However, the drawback is, they might have prejudice and review the content quite poorly compared to its predecessor when it can be more than what its review says.

No Registration Needed

Now here's what I love most about this site. Everything is for free. You can even download the hentai porn content directly from this site without having to sign up in any form to create an account. There's even no login button here on this site. Feel free to browse or explore HentaiPlay as much as you want - on all days, any time - for free. You won't have to worry about getting charged anywhere whenever you play or download a video on this porn site. You can even download them directly from this site or another file hosting site, which is quite rare. All kinds of animated porn on the full Hentai list can be downloaded.

Final Words On HentaiPlay

For a free porn platform, it's filled with great perks - not to mention that it's adaptive to both PC and mobile. Individuals can choose where they want to enjoy their animated women with the same quality on either screen. However, because it's free, there are ads everywhere including banner ads and popups.

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