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Hentaihere is a hentai porn site. Hentai is a broad category that generally includes anything focus on animated content released from Japan. This can include hentai videos, or hentai manga (a form of Japanese comics). This porn site focuses primarily on hentai manga, so basically Japanese sex comics. In the following paragraphs, I will review hentaihere, and it's content selection.

Hentaihere Categories

Okay, the first thing you should know about hentai comics, is that they are incredibly varied. The opportunities are endless, in every way. There are censored comics, meaning that the good bits are pixelated or blurred out, there are uncensored comics, here you would find quality girls on full display for all to see.

This site, hentaihere, has mostly censored comics. They have a collection of around 24,000 comics in manga form. From this collection, roughly 1000 are uncensored. This is common, even among the best porn sites specializing in hentai comics. That is the initial content breakdown, but I will review the actual hentai breakdowns and tags a bit further down.

Sex Games

Okay, so the layout of hentaihere is a bit weird, with several selectors available at the top of the page - staff picks, anime, real porn, and sex games. All the links except for "staff picks" redirects members to porn sites outside hentaihere. When you click on the sex games tab, you are redirected to a third-party site where you are tempted to "fuck your way to victory". So be adventurous and travel off site for some fun hentai options.

Porn Sites

The remaining links in the top nav bar links you to two different sites - avforme.com, which seems to be a site that hosts Asian porn content (this is real porn content, not comics or manga) and hentai2w.com, which is a comics site with an additional gaming section. Both of these sites seem to have good search features and design, so you can access your fetish favorites quickly. Neither site has many reviews though, so I'm not a fan and in terms of options, you are better off staying right on hentaihere for all their good shit.

Best Porn Sites

Hentaihere has self-proclaimed affiliate sites that features ads-free manga comics content, and have plenty of quality reviews and content. The affiliated sites are: Hentai Anime, Erotic Comics, Real Porn, and the Porndude.

So if you do plan to travel-off site, make sure to give these links a look.

Hentai Manga


Okay, so hentaihere allows you to sort through your doujinshi, yuri, yaoi, futanari (more on these soon) and other explicit content through an interesting ranking system. When you travel to this category, members are presented with several "top 10" ranking lists that allows people to get access to all their favorites all in one place, quickly and efficiently.

This is a nice design feature, and saves people a lot of time searching up tags and shit to find everything they are looking for. I am a major fan of the design!

Basically, it is broken down into 4 sections - previous day, week, month and all-time. I mean most of the good quality shit will be here, in one place, for your review.


The search feature on hentaihere is very robust. You can filter through the manga with regard to everything from series names, release dates, tags, and much more. The feature is very robust, and makes things easier for most people to locate exactly the content they are looking for.


Content Tags

The content tag design for this manga site, hentaihere, is phenomenal. It is almost overwhelming to the user, actually. There is a tag for EVERYTHING. I'm not joking - there are over 9000 tags. OVER NINE THOUSAND! This is how a good feature becomes a bad feature. When there are so many, they basically become meaningless.

But you can use the doujinshi (self-published work), yaoi (homo-erotic male), yuri (homo-erotic female), futanari (chicks with dicks) and some other tags to find some good bad stuff, if you know what I mean.

Hentaihere also features a category system, which if you read the above-mentioned tag system, is desperately needed to efficiently group comics. Here, you are presented with 30 different categories, featuring normal things like comedy and big breast categories, to the weird things like lolicon and bestiality. Truly some odd material, but most will find something they are interested in.

Site Structure

Hentaihere is a good repository for online comics and erotic manga; however, hentaihere doesn't have the best layout around. The navigation bar is located on the left side of the screen, for some odd reason, and the individual selections pop out in a weird and unusual way.

Another important feature to note for hentaihere is that it actually has a lot of ads. You don't notice the ads right away, because there aren't actually many on the hentaihere webpages, but when you click on links you will constantly have ads popping up in your other tabs. This can be quite annoying, and hentaihere...listen, we know you need to monetize, but can you at least do it in a less intrusive manner?

Final Thoughts

Hentaihere is a good site if you are looking for a wide diversity of hentai comics, but the layout is a bit odd, and the ads can be annoying. Other than that, no comments.

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