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Welcome to one of the widest archives and libraries of popular hentai porn tubes in existence. This porn site offers everything from vanilla to creampie, tentacle, and gangbangs.

Rule 34 again, baby! If you can think it, then there's motherfucker porn about it, especially in the animated fuck fantasy realm Hentaigasm. Think futanari footjob and monster girl masturbation. Basically, the freakier the fetish, the better the chance you have of finding it on the site. A whole bunch of it!

And, you dirty little freaks love it. The weirder the video content, the higher the number of views and likes it gets. And, with 13.5 million visitors to the site every month, you're not even a minority. User rating goes through the roof, sick fucks!

The guys at Hentaigasm have been fapping relentlessly just to screen and build one of the fattest free collections of hentai videos on the internet.


What is Hentaigasm?

Often misspelled as 'hentiagasm' or 'hentai gasim', Hentaigasm is a porn site that provides quality content hentai videos and animations to viewers who appreciate Japanese hardcore hentai style content. It offers quality HD video and image results and links to other hentai based apps such as games like 'Hentai Heros'. Basically, hentai is no longer a phenomenon limited to Japan, Hentaigasm has made sure of that. This shit is now worldwide and going strong!


There's Only One Hentaigasm

If you're already a hentai and Japanese manga-style comic fan, then you're probably already one of the millions of Hentaigasm followers who contribute and benefit from the most eclectic and complete online archives there is.

The interface of the site is pretty simple and easy to navigate. The main page allows you to sort your searches and order: Date, Title, Views, Likes, Comments, and Random sections. This is a really helpful tool and I personally use the number of views and comments of videos to guide me to the most popular stuff when I first explore sites, so heading to the Likes and Comments section gives you in-depth info about content than just the amount of views it has, which allows you to order your search.

Plus, the hentai community is full of geeks who love to leave a lot of info and are generally really active so it's nice to know there's a cross-section of opinions and lots of updated reviews. I really like that this feature is part of the main menu as it encourages users to be active in sharing and recommending quality content to other Hentaigasm users.


Hardcore Hentai Material

When you enter the main Hentaigasm home page, there's no soft entry into the world of hentai. It's full-on into a whole screen load of thumbnails of videos showing some fresh out of Japan mega Manga babe hotties with titties like watermelon bouncing about, getting fucked in every way you can imagine. Monster cum spraying everywhere, goblets of it getting caught in blue hair, green hair, every motherfucking where! Swollen anime lips sucking off swollen cocks full of cum, reading for some anal creampie action. The categories in this site's library are absolutely banging!

Site Design and Navigation

Unlike a lot of the other sites out there that offer an extensive search bar experience, Hentaigasm only allows a basic search. If you are looking for something a bit more specific, and let's face it, in the world of cartoon sexual fantasy that is hentai, why the fuck wouldn't you? You will find it harder to access from the homepage search bar and will have to browse the categories instead. For example, if you type in a bunch of tags at the same time, let's say, "Japanese monster anal," you won't get a result. You will have to type in just anal to see those specific pages. Just monster to see pages featuring that tag, and then look through the videos to find one that features both tags. Yawn! Seriously guys, catch the fuck up, your audience knows what it wants, especially when it comes to porn sites. This is a disappointing lack of design.

Saying that though, there is a copious amount of very niche and hardcore content here, so if like me, you have the time and the inclination, let's face it, what else are you going to do when the world's in lockdown, then it's worth every none spent dime!


Free Porn

Talking of not spending a dime to fap your sap all over the place, Hentaigasm is a free site, and because of this, they do have some ads. Not as bad as some sites, but still a fair bunch that comes up mostly featuring links to online games. As I'm a dedicated fan of all things erotic, I choose to install an ad blocker and enjoy my porn in peace.

And, we haven't even reached the Hentaigasm, seriously perverted, sites categories yet.....


Hentaigasm Porn Videos

While enjoying some quality time alone, just me and the fucked up furry futanari, I had the realization that probably not everybody likes fapping to demons, or tentacle gangbang porns, couldn't possibly guess why. But, one thing all porn fans can agree on is that they like to have options available and some control over their viewing experience.

If you're new to sites like Hentaigasm, then this issue might be something to be aware of, not all, but a lot of the more graphic sexual content and close-ups of drooling wet pussies and pulsating cocks may have a kind of blurry pixelated area covering the juicy bits.

Also, while we're discussing our Hentaigasm annoyances, then I feel the need to mention the lack of options and features available to adjust your viewing settings. You can change the page setting to full screen and turn the volume down if you're fapping away in a public toilet, and that my friends, is about it.

You can't change the quality of the clip or click on captions to display and change subtitle settings, so unless you speak English you're fucked! Sorry! It's these kinds of details that affect my overall rating of the quality of this site, to be honest. I mean, video quality should surely be a priority for this sort of site.


Hentaigasm Pros

  • We don't need to pay a goddamn thing! This puppy is for free!
  • Big library of free x-rated online hentai.
  • You can download every Hentaigasm video on the site from any of the categories.
  • Likes and comments categories - really nice tool.


Hentaigasm Cons

  • The search features are useless, sort it out!
  • Pixelated pussies and restrictions on certain images
  • Ads and spam content.
  • Quality of videos.


Summing It Up, Hentaigasm Review

All in all the Hentaigasm experience is a cum-packed, creampie rollercoaster of a site that brings the quality material, original, ripped DVD content for free. Can't complain there.

For me, the pixels over pussies is just plain stupid, but as it's got something to do with Japanese law, I guess there's not much way around it if you want to watch the original stuff. Hentaigasm ads are also quite annoying but I can deal with them. For me, the Hentaigasm porn site is the place to access the weird and wonderful world of hentai.

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