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Hentaifox Free Hentai Manga Review

Hentaifox is one of the largest free hentai manga porn sites I've come across in my time researching. Hentaifox.com has a ton, and I mean a ton, of HD quality hentai manga collections in English, and they even feature full-length HD hentai videos. Performing a site search is made incredibly easy thanks to a robust categories section.

There is a huge number of hentai porn sites, but you won't find many hentai porn sites like Hentaifox.


The first aspect you will notice when you land on the hentaifox.com homepage is a nice dark-screen night mode.


If you have read any of my other reviews, you will understand how rare it can be to find a good hentai porn site that features an auto-enabled night mode.

After that, you will notice a nice collection of, impressively high-resolution, hentai covers with sexy Japanese girls. The covers come with a little tag above denoting them as either doujinshi hentai, or hentai manga. The doujinshi hentai tag means amateur-produced which is sort of like fan fiction. But, the quality of these free hentai comics is extremely high. Don't get fooled by the amateur tag here!

The only improvement I could recommend for Hentai Fox here would be to display a bit more information under the porn covers. Maybe a page length tag, censored vs uncensored porn, and a major category tag. This is something most other major sites include.

If you scroll a bit further down, you will encounter the "Popular Parodies" section.
This area isn't the type of parodies you are thinking of.

More like a super sexy facelift to all your favorite manga and anime series.

For me, this is my favorite section. I love hentai manga that is focused on giving me a steamy twist on familiar characters in my favorite comics! Come on, if any of you read manga, you'll know how often the authors tease the readers with their alluring female characters! But they just never deliver, you know?

Try entering hentaifox.com's popular parody section.
Some of the top animes can be found here, including Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Bleach, and more!
The weekly features area is the final section on the homepage worth mentioning. Here, you can sort through videos by the weekly top-rated, most liked, most fapped (I think they mean most viewed here), and top-downloaded.

This is a nice feature and allows you to quickly access the best hentai comics that this site, Hentai Fox, has to offer.

Hentai Comics

Okay, speaking of the erotic manga, this site is top-notch for several reasons.
First, when you click through to your favorite comic collection with your familiar Japanese girls' characters, you are greeted with a robust tag system.
Each comic is tagged by character, content category, artists, series, language, and it even displays page numbers, total downloads, and likes/dislikes.

This is a really cool feature and allows you to access tons of information before hopping in.

Furthermore, Hentaifox displays all the pages in a gallery underneath, so you can get a rough idea of where the content is going, and quickly see if it is in color or censored.
When you click through to read online, the comics are displayed in an on-site comic reader. The comic reader is quite handy and responds to basic keyboard commands, so you can quickly move between pages using only the arrow keys. Also, you will always have one hand free... for... well, you know.

Censored vs Uncensored Stories on Hentaifox.com

Most porn sites that focus on hentai will have censored and uncensored content - that is just how hentai rolls.
Hentaifox is no exception here and has content in both forms, but the best porn sites always make it easy to assess whether the content is censored or not before opening the comic.

Hentai Fox does just this!

They make it clear and easy to determine whether the content is censored, which is a major pull for this website.
There is nothing worse than opening your favorite Japanese manga collection, flipping through the first couple pages, only to be greeted with a huge pixellated monstrosity in the pivotal moment.

What a mood-killer, right?

Hentai Videos

Another major win for this site, when compared to other porn sites like Hentaifox, is that they also feature videos!

Even the best porn sites that host hentai content seem to either fall into purely manga, or video content. But, Hentaifox combines the best of both worlds here.
When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a small video navigation button.
Simply give that a click, and it will bring you all your favorite hentai videos in 1080HD streaming.


You can't get away from the ads conversation when you review free porn manga stories websites, and this site is no exception to the list.

The list of ads here is numerous.
There are annoying banner ads, pop-ups, those intrusive ads that open new windows and tabs when you click on anything.
I would recommend turning your adblocker on when you browse the collection of porn galleries on Hentaifox because the pop-ups can be a real turn off here.

Hentaifox Community

Hentaifox has a pretty top-notch community experience in store for all members and registered users.
Making an account on the site is quite easy, I was able to make one in under 2 minutes, and you are then added to a growing list of thousands of active users and artists.

Hentaifox Review

A couple of final thoughts on hentaifox.com.

There is a lot to love about this site - they have a great layout, tons of free high-res comics, amazing filter options, and all the videos and hentai combined that many other hentai sites just don't offer.

The categories are numerous and allow you to search for all your favorite characters and content easily.


  • Active Community
  • Ability to download entire comics and videos
  • Organized layout
  • Great mobile support


  • The advertisements

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