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Hentai-foundry.com provides access to the best library of online animated porn content on the internet. Its popularity has been growing steadily since 2006 when the site launched.

Users and artists upload their own content to share within the hentai community, some of the material pushes the boundaries of what might be acceptable to some, but hey, at least it's not real right? Better to release all that pent-up violence and sexual frustration in a safe space where only cartoon pornstars and hentai hottie s have to feel the fury of your wrath.

Cartoon Porn Site

The hentai foundry site welcomes everyone, no matter what your tastes or perversions. Visitors are encouraged to search the depths of the site's content and image banks. This place is full of some of the best x-rated cartoons, images, and hentai porn I've ever had the luck to see.

Hentai Site

What is hentai? Most of you sick pubescent puppies know exactly what hentai is and that's why you're here reading this review. For those of you new to the hentai foundry community here's a brief history.

I’m guessing if you pulled up this review, you already know precisely what the fuck hentai is. This section is for the old folks and Internet newbies just joining the class. But, for folks who are old and born before they heard about it and newbies who have only started using the internet lately, this section is for you.

Hentai is the term commonly attributed to Japanese pornographic anime and manga content and cartoons. The hentai foundry page is the leading place to find animated porn material and artist content, you'll even find some SFW images too but essentially the foundry site is dedicated to sexually explicit and pornographic images.

Categories, Contests, And Content

Click on browse categories on the hentai foundry homepage and you are taken to 5 main sections of content; Anime & Manga, Cartoons, Games, Miscellaneous and original. In each of the main categories, you have options to 'expand section' which takes you into an encyclopedic listings page of your favorites things.

First I clicked on Anime & Manga and it's just chocked full of a bunch of tags running A-Z. Or Attack on Titan through to Zombie Powder. The same goes for the other sections, the cartoon category features literally everything I can ever remember watching since the age of 5 and I was born in the 80s, the 80s! Fucking Gummi Bears! Who framed Roger Rabbit, the Jetsons! Wow...that shit is old! There are some straight-up nasty remakes of your old favorites plus a shit ton of porn too

Next up you've got all your games and gaming characters, on to miscellaneous and that is broken down into even more detailed categories. Users will not be disappointed, there is something for everyone. Now I can hear you squirming...' Where's all the disgusting filth I want?'...Don't worry.....it's all in the hentai foundry 'Original section'. Fuck me, this shit just got lit.

Anal, Bondage, Bukkake, Crossdressing, Double Penetration, Fantasy, and monster porn. The list is long people. Nearing the end of the list we have some even filthier shit, literally some scat, and then it's finished off with a well-deserved bit of Wrestling. I guess there's a time and a place for everything?

This community hentai site's interactive nature is a good feature and there are regular drawing contests hosted for users to participate in. On the forum page, there is a section committed to sharing updated information about up-and-coming contests where you can win a bunch of cash prizes.

When registering for free membership you secure access to a range of other benefits. One of my top being the blacklisting tool which is only available when you have an account. This tool filters out any porn material that users don't want to search for.

Hentai Foundry Site Pros

The hentai foundry homepage is simple to navigate and the layout is clean and clear.

The quality and features within the categories are top ranking. Really one of my favorite hentai sites for content and usability.

This hentai community makes you immediately welcome, even for new visitors. The level of support across the sites forums, chats, and comments sections are great too.

Artists can upload their best work to the hentai foundry website and win cash prizes in the latest art contests.

Hentai Foundry Hates

Ads. That one fucking thing! Easily fixed with a free account registration though, so not a total loss!

Hentai Foundry Site Overall

I'll review this hentai foundry website as one of my all-time favorites. I couldn't put it down to just one thing, It's got a quality feel with quality content, easy to navigate, and full of everything from monster porn to fucking sci-fi scat! This is the ultimate archive of all things hentai. Thank you hentai foundry.

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