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Hentai2Read is the largest english hentai website. Thousands of hentai manga, visual novels, incest, doujinshi to yuri, yaoi available to read for free!

Hentai2read: Hentai Manga

Hentai2read.com is an absolute beauty of a site. So many good features and categories. Hentai, cartoon porn, Japanese comic books, complete porn collections, sex games, and even an awesome site design and search bar to boot!

Hentai2read has a bit of a lame name, make you think of some auto-generated crap, but this site is actually extremely popular, pulling in MORE THAN 23 MILLION READERS A MONTH. Yes, you heard me right, 23 million readers a month. That's almost as much as a small country of fapping hentai ninjas. In addition, this site has been collecting it's hot, steamy forms of hentai reading stories, hentai manga pages, anime porn, and tentacle-based stories for over 10 years. All content is translated into English as well, which is a good show from hentai2read.com. Thank you hentai2read, I fucking love you!

Manga Porn sites

Okay, to start off, hentai2read has an amazing site design compared to other manga porn sites. It is sleek, functional, and efficient. And what else is great is that it already has dark-mode enabled! Why cant other sites understand that you never read this dirty manga shit in the light of day?? The only downfall of hentai2read.com would be the number of ads they host.

There are numerous pop-ups and tab redirects, which can be frustrating. But, try to remember you are getting all the best Japanese comic books and manga compiled in one spot for your porn pleasure. I can't knock on hentai2read.com for trying to monetize their platform!


Hentai2read Hentai Manga

You all know of it, even if you won't admit it to your friends. The treasured Japanese sex comics (mangas) that have kept people glued to their screens in the late of the night since time immemorial. Everything you will find in hentai2read is comic-based (hence the 2read part), so be prepared to keep at least one hand free to swipe and zoom. Much nicer than other porn sites!

Hentai is a special category of Japanese pornography because the only limit is truly the imagination when it comes to these sites. If you want to see young little schoolgirls getting their asses-raped by a demonoid tree, you can find it. Do you want to see your favorite single anime characters doing the dirty bottom? Then these sites are for you - no preview. The collection is numerous and incredibly varied, so buckle up champ and get ready for a magic carpet ride through yaoi, futanari, yuri, and tentacle-based worlds. Everything is on the menu here.

Hentai2read Cartoon Porn

Okay, one of the main draws of hentai2read is the quality of the porn that can be found here. Immediately when you land on this porn site, you will be blasted with an awful low-quality banner ad at the top. Ignore that (and the other, numerous ads this site hosts). Move to the left navigation bar and you will find all the comic categories, doujinshi, directory tags, rankings, and of course, the main directory.

The navigation bar is quite robust, and I will briefly touch on it later on, but for now, content yourself with the directory and tags directory. The main directory is cool and quickly allows you to filter results based on top rankings, most popular, trending, yaoi and yuri (male and female homoeroticism), and "all ". The quick ability to get to what you are looking for in a broad-sense is nice, and this feature is one of the reasons the design of the site seems so user-friendly.

The tags directory is where you will want to go if you need to find some specific dirty smut quickly. One nice feature here is when you hover over a specific tag, you get a little bubble pop-up describing what the category means. For something like "incest", it may be a tad redundant, but for content like "lolicon", "ecchi", and "yuri" it can be very helpful. Of course, if you are an experienced erotic manga ninja, like me, you will know all these filthy porn categories by heart.

Doujinshi Hentai

Speaking of interesting categories that hentai2read has to offer, a major pull for hentai2read is their strong selection of doujinshi hentai. Doujinshi you ask? Let me cover it for you quickly - doujinshi sites are the homemade amateur category of hentai (come on I know I'm not the only one that loves the girls homemade stuff). Basically, doujinshi is fan-made comics. They can focus on pre-existing anime/mangas, using the same familiar girls, but... in various sticky situations that you wouldn't have seen before (what a beautiful image, right?).

Alternatively, they could be amateur hentai with novel girls. You can find a lot of good hentai manga in this category, and it is unusual to have such a large collection in one place. It is nice because it saves you the time of surfing all the amateur sites to find your favorite amateur hentai and comic books. A huge win for young girls and boys around the world.

Hentai2read Series Review

Many porn sites feature series, but none do it quite as good as hentai2read. There are a couple of notes I want to touch on with respect to the hentai series this site has to offer and then a quick look at how hentai2read delivers this content in a beautifully juicy streamlined fashion.

So firstly, the series on this site are numerous when compared to other similar porn sites. The jav hentai manga you will find here will blow your socks off. Like mentioned before, they have an extremely robust amateur section for aspiring amateur hentai creators, and they have a huge collection of easily searchable professional quality content.

Additionally, hentai2read has hit the sweet spot when it comes to functionality. After making a free account, hentai2read will actually save your spots in the hentai comics when you leave. So when you return, you can jump back into the story right where you left off.


For any hentai fans that love porn games, hentai2read also offers hentai manga porn games. YAHOOOOOO! The only catch is that these porn games aren't actually hosted directly on-site, and you will be redirected to other 3rd party sites for the porn manga games. The games are similar to comic books but are more interactive. Again, it is all on the menu!



  • Tons of categories
  • Doujinshi porn
  • Category tags
  • Streamlined Design


  • Lots of ads
  • Lacks page counts
  • Could improve the search bar

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