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A free hentai manga/doujinshi database featuring an online comic reader/viewer and download mirrors of English-translated adult manga and comics organized into multiple categories to suit the tastes of hentai readers.

HBrowse Hentai Manga Database Porn Site Review

HBrowse is a fantastic free hentai manga site that delivers high-quality hentai manga, adult doujinshi, porn comics, and tons of other forms of adult entertainment.

HBrowse is a home run of a hentai porn site, and I would go as far as to say one of the very best - there just aren't many other porn sites like Hbrowse that deliver such great hentai comics content alongside such a great user-experience.

This website even has a Twitter account, so you can follow along to get live updates and reviews.

HBrowse has a fantastic minimal layout and design with a tidy navigation bar, excellent categories sections, amazing filtering options, and "advanced browsing" options where you can selectively include and exclude results from your page, an active community with a bustling forum section, and free downloads.

There are a couple of features I don't like, such as a number of ads and the fact that downloads are done through a 3rd-party download site, but these small inconveniences are overshadowed by all the wonderful features of this porn comics adult site.

Hentai Comics

I think hentai is a great niche category of porn with tons of interesting storylines and a fantastic art style as well.

And where else can you see all your crazy fantasies and fetishes play out like in hentai porn comics?

You like sci-fi sex scenes, with tentacle-wielding aliens fucking some hot animalist girls and impregnating them instantly? Those tastes just can't be filled on traditional porn sites, but when you enter the manga and hentai porn comics world then anything is possible.

This porn site features comics that are in English, and are uncensored as well. Most hentai comics will be in Japanese, and Hbrowse has translated these comics from Japanese to English for you.

What is more, is that HBrowse is a fantastic spot to read up on your favorite doujinshi hentai!

This is a bit of a niche category, but doujinshi is basically amateur-made content that is uploaded by the respective members and users.

HBrowse has a huge collection of hentai manga and doujinshi on their site - and yes, it may not be for everyone, but most viewers will have a great time browsing the site's manga content.

Manga Reader

What is really nice is that Hbrowse has a really handy little manga reader available that makes flipping through page after page of hentai content extremely easy.

When you decide on your hentai comic using the excellent filtering options and categories breakdown (more on this soon), you get brought to a manga reader page that has an impressively large viewing window and a couple of really simple controls to keep your hands relatively free.

You can navigate backwards and forwards through your comic on HBrowse by using just the arrow keys.

Also, there is a small navbar that offers some useful services, like the ability to save the manga, download text links, a home button, and an option to access your bookmarks.

There are little things, but it is the attention to detail that sets Hbrowse above other similar porn sites like HBrowse.

HBrowse Minimal Layout

My first impression upon landing on the home page of this porn website was pure surprise at finding a site with such a beautiful minimalistic design that doesn't beat around the bush but offers you quick access to your hentai content.

The layout and design are simple on this site, with a single navbar followed by appropriately-sized thumbnails of recently added content and a categories selection area.

It is a pleasure to browse and search on such a high-quality porn site design.

Even the navbar has a full drop-down menu when you hover on the text of the links - this is an example of browsing made easy.

The only feature here that could be improved for me would be the option to have a dark-mode, as the color theme of the site is very bright and could be hard on the eyes late at night.

HBrowse Filters and Categories

Now as you probably know by now, if you are a fan of these reviews, is that I place a ton of emphasis on the filters and categories section when reviewing any porn site. This is because what I often see happen is that a site may have some really good content to offer, but because of a lack of user rating, filter options, or shitty categories, the users can't actually access that material.

What we have on Hbrowse must be, and I am not exaggerating here, the absolute best and most remarkable filtering and categories options.

Based solely on these features, I would already recommend this porn site to friends who are particular to hentai porn.

The filters are really unparalleled - you can browse your hentai comics by so many metrics, such as title, artist, popularity, genre, setting, body part (ear, legs, etc), sex positions, type, length, and by date.

HBrowse goes even further here and allows an advanced browse feature that allows you to selectively include or exclude every hentai tag.

So if you know specifically you don't want to search (or want to search) hentai in the fantasy incest latex genre featuring either a 69 or cowgirl sex position, you can actually do that.

This is a masterpiece of a feature, and something I have never seen on any other hentai porn sites like HBrowse. It makes it so easy and fun to browse and search through HBrowse's website.

Downloads and Mirrors

Another nice touch for this hentai website is the ability to browse and download your favorite comics.

The downloads aren't as simple and straightforward as you would hope though, because while you can download the comics from a quick link in the manga viewer, you are taken to a 3rd-party download site.

Yes, it is still free to download, so you don't need to search for your credit card here, but still, it always feels weird being taken to other potentially seedy websites that can have intrusions, ads, and potential malware on them.

If any of your downloading links happen to not be working, you can also head over to the download mirror links and try there to get your high-quality hentai comics downloads.

HBrowse Forum

Every good porn site should have a bustling forum menu, where users can discuss topics, posts, share a favorite title, or even request certain posts or a new categorization.

On HBrowse, this is all on the menu.

You can browse through their forum and find a bunch of cool material, such as users sharing video, images, and game uploads, as well as areas for general discussion and hentai-focused discussion.

If you really loved a certain scene, title, or position, then you can share your vigorous search results with everyone else on the forum list.

Mobile Friendly

HBrowse is optimized for mobile use, so you can feel free to browse the site from the comfort of your smartphone with little-to-no issues.

The manga viewer and reader work seamlessly on mobile, and you can simply swipe left and right on your comics to navigate through the pages.

In addition, if you are keen to get regular updates, this website even has a Twitter account that you can follow along with and get instant notifications to your phone.

How many websites can say they offer such great features for their users and members?


I am happy to report that this website has absolutely no ads that I can find.

How that is possible, I'm not quite sure, as someone needs to be paying for the domain and its upkeep - but hey, I'm not one to complain at all!

Most sites will need to incorporate advertisements, so it is refreshing to browse such a clean website.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, this is a great porn site - especially when compared to other hentai-focuses porn sites.

It has everything you could desire - amazing material, excellent filter options, a clean, sleek design, an excellent user-interface, stellar categorization, a robust menu, a great forum section to connect with other members, and a site with absolutely no advertisements.

They are mobile-friendly, and even have a Twitter handle - so add that to the list of great features this site has to its name!

It almost seems too good to be true and I am definitely a fan of this amazing hentai site.


  • Absolutely amazing filtering
  • Great hentai material
  • Sleek design
  • Virtually no advertisements
  • Forum section


  • 3rd-party downloads
  • No dark-mode

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