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Welcome to Gromet's Plaza | Bondage, Selfbondage, Mummification, Latex, Packaged and Erotic Stories

Gromet’s Plaza is a 100% free adult story archive, updated regularly - the ultimate source of Bondage & Fetish stories. With thousands of the very best stories online featuring fetishes, bondage, self bondage, latex, packaged & encasement, mummification, spandex, dollification & erotic fiction, also other story groups including Trashcan, Devoured (vore), Buried & Sinking, Transformation, PonyGirl & Petplay, & Giantess Stories. Fetish Stories The Review is a site filled with stories online featuring fetishes. The stories remain to be mostly revolved around fetishes. Like self-bondage stories, BDSM STORIES, and other erotic fiction. Note These stories concern people who submit stories of their own. All packaged and erotic stories. The stories contained are story-related texts. With that said, Gromet's plaza all rights reserved for the respective authors of the site. Every story on this site is fiction and fantasy, so you may never try to recreate the stories. As mentioned, it may cause "serious injury".

To start, I like how when you first check out the site. You are given a message about how "The website as a fantasy" and "Therefore adult in nature". Meaning, that they warn the people before they are led to all the recent stories menu. Now the main site of, you would notice that on the side of the website, are pictures/images. Images of fetishized women. All in bondage, latex, and whatnot with classic high-resolution photography. . All of the content on this site are galleries of text. Not a single video, so that is something you can't expect from here.

Further details should entail more information about erotic stories gromet's plaza net. This site is focused on categories that revolve around fetishes, like the following: bondage, latex, shackled maidens, forced orgasms, self-bondage, and all the best fetishes you could think of. Maybe anal, if you're lucky.

Now for the actual meat of the site, the stories. Each story is curated by us, by a random adult. All the stories are updated daily, so that is something you can look forward to. From mummification latex to giantess stories, all of the very best stories are made by the same people who read these stories. It is great to know that these people are given a platform to write, and we are given a platform to read.

This new page aside from being updated regularly is also a perfect story website. I say "perfect story website" because the site is made greatly. You may read stories without any interruption at all. That is just because gromet's plaza, unlike other story groups has no annoying ads. You heard me right, no pop-ups or anything that could interrupt your experience. is the first of its kind to do such a thing. I have never encountered a site as great as

It is even better than their "copyright property", which all belongs to them. To the creators on the site.

This is something I would consider to be the ultimate source of fetich content. Also, other story groups never get the best of both worlds and the fact that this site gives us self bondage content. All the fetish, fetish, and fetish content without having to pay for anything. I appreciate the bondage, bondage, bondage, and oh, yes BONDAGE. It is something as special as ever when I think about this site. I have never seen such a good layout, such good coding. A free site that feels like it is worth accessing for hours on end. This is exactly what I adore about this site.

I want to keep appreciating this site, but we should move on to the final verdict. I adore this site, this is great. I think that there is room for improvement. Just a few minor changes though. I hope they can change how the whole site looks in the future. I just am not for the whole "old blog" aesthetic. It feels like it was made in 2002. Now that is all I could say when it comes to the negatives because everything else about it is done well. Bravo to them. The coding is phenomenal. The content on here is pretty good. All the stories seem to have been made with the best imagination. Every story is made by authors who have the mind to work on such imaginative stories. From transformative to bondage. All the kinkiest shit you could think of, you can find it here for sure. If there is anything else that makes this site the best, is its content. Oh before I forget to mention, if you ever have problems with the site you may contact them directly through email. They have that option set for us. This just shows how much they care about their readers and it shows. With that said, this site deserves an 8/10. Few changes and they would be the first site with the best score.

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