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GIGANTITS, Movies of Women with BIG TITS at! Porn Tube Review

If you like massive tits, I mean GIGANTIC tits, then this site might be for you. Everything about this site is about enormous boobies. You'll probably never see anything less than a D here. I did try to look for a pair of them. Your manual searches will most probably result in zero like how mine did. Aside from the benefit of letting this site filter out porn videos to nothing less than a D for you, I'll tell you on this review whether or not this site is worth visiting or dumping.

Gigantits - Gigantic Tits

Let me tell you about the models you'll find on this site. They all have colossal melons you know that they are not suitable for diving because they will definitely effortlessly float. Lol.

Gigantits is probably the most definitive porn site on the internet to satisfy you with models with the biggest boobs. Name a model you know with huge udders and you'll probably see her among the results from at least one page on this site.

Enough with the models, I think I have guaranteed you enough that all you'll see from this site are big boobs. They do live up pretty much to their name because this site's content is, repeat after me, Gigantic Tits.

Free Porn Videos

As a good citizen of the porn community whose duty is to provide good reviews to my co-citizens, I have taken the privilege to check out the videos on this site. They are free anyway! I can jump from one video to another, or check multiple videos at the same time in as much as I want to without this site asking me to subscribe or anything.

The thing is, I wasn't really happy with the results of my endeavors. It's not fun if a user searches for his soon-to-be favorite video only to have the results lead him to another site. Worse, it's almost just the same site - Xvideos.

I don't know what happened to this site because I've heard that before it still linked to more than 1 site that if you click on a video, you might get to one site, and if you click on another video, it will lead you to another site.

It was still more fun checking out the thumbnails opening to videos from different sites than clicking on a lot of them and each video lead to the same website as the other. With that, I'm not sure if this website exists as a porn aggregator or a tube website.

It is so surprising though that this website still gets its share of views among the huge collection of websites the internet can offer. It probably shows how particular men can be when it comes to cup size that they even resort to a website lazier than them which is Gigantits.

Anyway, since I was already there, I decided to check their collection and I saw one that got me really interested. I'm not exactly a fan of Titanic-like boobs, but I checked out a video that led me to the original video on the original site - and whoa! Gigantits really has Gigantits. It has hundreds of thousands of views and the video is just showing Penelope Black milking herself. The funniest thing about this video though is the single comment - "Why is her breast milk yellow." It would have been better though if that single comment was actually posted on Gigantits. At least the site can offer more than thumbnails.

Gigantits Website Experience

Gigantits does have a lot of videos and each video features a woman with Gigantits. The thing is, there's almost zero way of filtering the content here on Gigantits. There is no way for you to filter and get searches through common options like views, ratings, popularity, etc. If you want to see the number of views a video has, you have to click on the preview, get to another site which is most probably Xvideos, and see the views there.

Since the majority of the videos, if not all, lead to that site anyway so you should probably just go there instead and enjoy all the filtering options and displaying the number of views on each thumbnail of the videos, instead of staying on Gigantits.

You'll really have to admit, dude, that the only reason you'll probably stay on Gigantits is that you're too lazy to go through search results of a "big boobs" filter only to see a C in it. Seriously, I think that's the only perk of Gigantits - nothing less than a D here. Well, actually, there are 2 tabs on this site which are probably what the creators made in lieu of filters for a 6-page Gigantits site. These 2 tabs aren't even as useful as my least used filtering option "views." These not-so-useful tabs are "Best Huge Tits Movies (top rated)" and "Best Huge Tits Movies This Month." Who views these. man?

Are There Ads?

The only advertisement you'll ever see here is the banner on the bottom-most part. It's surprisingly safe. Come on! Let's be honest. Most porn sites with shitty layout are just full of views of pop-ups and other suspicious stuff. Like once the page opens up, you have your fingers crossed hoping there's no virus secretly downloading somewhere.

Verdict on Gigantits

Pros of Gigantits

  • Highly recommended for lazy ass dudes who are too lazy to browse for big melons
  • Very simple layout - too simple
  • No surprising advertisements or any pop-up

Cons of Gigantits

  • All videos lead to a single website
  • No filtering options at all
  • Show us at least the views per video!
  • There's really nothing much to say about Gigantits because it basically has nothing you can call its own, or nothing really made exclusive for them that you really are so much better off staying in a much better, real, not just made of 6 pages, with filtering options, user-friendly, made with so much effort, actual porn aggregator.
  • Gigantits does not count either as an aggregator or as a tube because it takes time for their server to connect you to another server to the actual content you would probably want to watch or not.
  • You will never know if you want to watch a certain video or not unless you patiently wait to get redirected to the actual site and hope that for the nth time, you can finally settle and fap away.

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