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GayCock4U Gay Porn Site Review

I'm honestly not a queer and I'm personally not into gay porn but I can say that GayCock4U is one of the best gay porn sites on the internet. There are, of course, several reasons why I think so and we'll talk about each of those points in depth later. Since this website won't take your money in exchange for a whole lot of gay porn videos that they have, you should also expect that this site won't be perfect. That's why we won't just check this site out but we'll explore it so well so we will know all of its ups and downs including whether they have full-length gay porn scenes. Let's start with how to look for content here on GayCock4U.

Getting Around Gay Cock 4 U

This website has a very simple look but it wasn't designed cheaply. Whoever made it has put an effort to make it different from most free porn sites. The menu bar is placed on the topmost part of the site which is super easy to find because it's a full block of color. There are only 3-page links there which are Categories, Studios, and Drag Race. There's also a search box there where you can use any hot sex-related word to look for the type of content with the scenes you want to enjoy watching. Right below that is a huge banner of a muscular gay in an interracial bareback scene. It's a fixed banner image and it's unclickable. It's just there for the sake of aesthetics. It looks nice though so no complaints here. The thumbnails below the banner are not just photos. They're clickable and they will direct you to the pages where their videos are. There isn't much information about every video that's on its thumbnail aside from its title. There are even titles that only have the names of the homophile pornstars and some are even cropped. They are also static but I guess those photos feature the best scene in every video. You can browse through their entire collection easily by just clicking on the page arrows and numbers below the thumbnails section. Is there any way to sort the videos? Well, there isn't. All the videos are sorted from the latest movies first to the oldest. They are kind of straightforward though since Most Viewed isn't really that reliable to say they're the best. Ratings aren't also that reliable since not all of the users who love the video they watched actually rate them.

No worries though because searching for a good porn video featuring two dudes isn't that difficult. You can use either the Categories index or the Studios index to guide you to the videos that are waiting for you. There is a good load of categories here that are plain yet they describe each category really well. Some examples are Amateur, Bareback, Bear, Fetish, Bisexual, Group, Trans, and more. I was a bit surprised they included transsexual porn on this site. But actually, the only unreliable category here is Amateur because the videos under it don't feature queer amateurs but popular porn dudes. How about Bisexual? It's real. How do you know that the gay in the scenes is bi? These videos include a real girl in the trio.

Now, let's move on to the other index. The Studios index includes the names of premium sites where GayCock4U gets its videos. I'm sure that you have heard of at least one label from these - Carnal, CorbinFisher, FalconStudios, HelixStudios, SeanCody, and Reality Dudes. There are a lot more. Do check them out if you're interested. Also, this site has OnlyFans leaks. What more can you ask for?

Now let's get into the video player page. Once you click the play button, you'll see that the video player has the features its server has. Actually, this site doesn't have its own server that hosts the videos. They're hosted by DoodStream instead. Underneath the player is related videos that aren't so closely related though. The studio that produced it is there and you can click on it too as well as the actors in the porn movie.

Gay Porn Content From Premium Sites

I did mention the names of some of the studios already so let's just talk about the quality of the videos here. But before that, don't worry because even though you click on a studio thumbnail, you won't be redirected to its site. You might stray to another web page though if you accidentally click on one of the deceiving ads here. Anyway, GayCock4U uses the DoodStream server for its content so there are times when you'll find yourselves waiting quite too long for the video to be loaded. It takes even much longer to load full-length movies. You can't also skip the anticipation because there's no download option or even a quality setting. You won't also find a summary of the movie you're checking or even a comments section. The only resolution available is okay though - it's 720p HD.

Watch RuPaul's Drag Race Here

If you're looking for links where you can stay tuned to your favorite drag race show for free, this website is worth a bookmark. For other things, well, it's okay if you're used to delays.

GayCock4U Vs Other Gay Porn Sites

Despite the fact that this site is queer-friendly, it doesn't have its own community in store wherein users can interact with each other through comments. I honestly wish that if this site can't do anything about its storage, then I wish they can have a forum at least.


  • some of the movies you can access for free are in full-length

  • video resolution is always 720p or HD


  • no download option

  • only one third-party server option for you to watch the movies and loading them can take long sometimes

  • annoying ads

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