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FullScatMovies Scat Porn Site Review

I am personally not a fan of shit but I am very aware of how the dirtiest porn niche is actually very popular. There are a lot of porn websites that only have messy chicks having fun in a puddle of crap so there's obviously a huge audience for it. That also means that if you haven't immersed yourself in a pile of poo porn but you're just curious about it, you won't have to worry if you're normal because there seem to be real humans out there who enjoy watching dirty girls lick crap. Although, if there's a really slim chance that you're checking out this site accidentally, its name Full Scat Movies doesn't just mean that it's trying to be a badass porn website. Do not enter this place unless you are ready to find an explosion of feces straight to your face. However, if you sincerely like being in a dung-filled environment, you'd probably like being here as well. So, without further ado, let us start checking out the different types of dirt that you can find and how you can browse for them here on Full Scat Movies.

FullScatMovies Navigation

They all say not to judge a book by its cover but it's something that we humans just do instinctively like breathing. As soon as you enter this website, I'm sure you'll think of the words "old", "outdated", or even "lame". It's like it shares a similar face with its counterpart for mainstream porn that porn users only visit when they're too lazy to think of another free porn tube website to go to when their first two options aren't loading well. Sadly, the reasons why despite its popularity porn fans don't consider it their favorite free adult website are because it doesn't have a decent navigation system, the quality of its collection is too random, and it has a cheap look. Now the question is, does this site share the same fate as XVideos? Not really. It has the same downsides except this one has an older look and a less updated porn collection. Let us talk more about that later. For now, let us focus on how you can get around thousands of poop-covered scenes because some of them may be worth watching while others may be worth flushing down the toilet.

This website may make someone with a serious case of fetishism feel a bit flattered with the search options here. That's because aside from the search bar that will only give users results based on keyword matches to the titles of the videos, there are still several other options for you to look for the types of dirt scenes that work for your kink and even a babe whose face you'd love to be dirtied.

The search options may look like random tags mixed with links to other adult sites but they actually work and they will send you to actual porn indexes. The menu options include Categories Scat, Actress List, MFX, NewMFXHD, ShitMaster, JAVScatMovies, ScatHunter, SperrgebietErotik, ScatIntoMouth, ScatSoloHD and JAVScatVideos. Most of these indexes are supposed to lead users to collections from various scat sites. The only two indexes here that will supposedly show you the dirty tapes that you might want to watch are the categories index and the actresses list. The categories index has a lot listed and it includes specific poop kinks such as Anal Fisting, Big Turd, Body Shit, Diaper, Diarrhea, Eats Shit, Enema, and more. Aside from just showing you more specific kinks, it can also help lead you to the scenes you can tolerate in a way. The categories' thumbnails also show the total number of clips and movies that each of them has that you can watch here on Full Scat Movies.

Content Quality

Now let us start talking about another important thing here on Full Scat Movies which is the quality of the content here. You can't select the resolution you want to watch the clips in and most of them are only available in low resolution for up to 480p. I don't know if stool fans love watching poo in high definition but if that's not the case then I'd understand why the porn collection here is mostly in low definition. When it comes to quantity, there are tons of clips here but it won't be more than that. In terms of age, it's honestly almost belonging to the vintage club. When it comes to length, I call them clips for a reason. They are often short that even if you are already having fun staring at some lesbians who lick crap like it's peanut butter, you might feel discontented because the scenes have ended before you know it.

Final Verdict On Full Scat Movies

I don't have a lot of issues with this site except that everything here looks a bit outdated from its cover to its content. Also, since this is a free porn tube website, you should already have expected that you'll encounter ads in exchange for being able to see a pretty face get messy with dark matter. The bottom line is, this isn't a bad website but it's far from being a favorite in its niche.


  • lots of scat clips that you can almost choose the poop-covered face that you can add your fap to


  • ugly design

  • a lot of old content

  • lots of low-definition porn clips

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