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Is FSI Blog One Of The Best Porn Sites?

When most people think about India and sex, the first example they will usually think of is the kama sutra done with interesting and beautifully dressed women. The site FSI Blog, sometimes typed as FISBlog, features more than just kama sutra references, there is a lot of hot, quality sex on this site.

Most of the site's content falls into the amateur category of porn, but this site is one of the few Indian porn sites available on the internet.

FSIBlog is a great site to come to find free sexy Indians, worth checking out if you are into desi erotica. But let us begin the review so that you can understand the site's ups and downs

Review Of The Porn Site Content On FSIBlog

You can watch free sexy Indians from anywhere in the world on the FISBlog site. There are no pictures but there are plenty of sexy Indians in porn, all amateurs sharing their Indian sex stories.

Quality Of The Indian Sex Stories

The porn quality is not great because it is amateur content. Amateur means the porn is not being produced by any porn site companies, but rather they are all homemade videos, done by everyday people.

Some of the sex on FSIBlog are better quality than others but don't expect to find anything made by professionals or with popular pornstars loaded on this site. Just amateurs posting their stories from India, so don't be surprised by the content quality.

The stories are of real-life people who chose to submit their stories to this site on the internet. There is a lot of sexy Indian chick and aunty sex.

FSIBlog Content - How Does It Compare To Other Porn Sites?

The sex stories on FSIBlog have mixed-length content available to stream, they are of hot desi women fucking and having quality sex. There are Indian sex stories that are only a few minutes long, as well are sex stories that are a half-hour or more long.

There is also erotica from western pages, not just women from Indian sex stories.

Tags And Categories - The Difference On FSIBlog

The categories on the site tell the viewer what type of genre of porn it is, while the tags describe the sex blog of the porn sites.

You will find the categories link at the top of the page. Alongside it is a drop-down list under the title video, the home page link, and the search option - all at the top of the page

Something that is a pleasant surprise about this site, is that the blog features so many different categories of smut. On FSIBlog you can find women from all levels of experience fucking and covered in cum online.

Will You Find Images Or Photos On FSIBlog?

On FSIBlog there are no photo galleries, this site only has Indian porn. Remember that the stories featured on the FSIBlog site are mostly produced by desi amateurs, which makes for unique porn at the very least.

Suggestions On FSIBlog

This site will suggest a bunch of similar porn, based on the one you are watching. The porn the site suggests is related to the one you have selected, naturally.

What Kind Of Women And Sexy Indians Can You Find On FSIBlog

On FSIBlog, you can expect to find sexy girls who masturbate for the camera. The porn generally won't have any type of storyline to it - remember that this is a website where any amateur can post their homemade erotica.

You can however find some porn that will have a bit of a story happening between the people in it.

New content appears to be added regularly but because it is a blog you can assume there will be an irregular upload schedule.

The Experience Of Reading Indian Sex Stories On FSIBlog

FISblog is a well-designed site with a simple design, that thankfully allows for reasonably easy navigation of the blog site.

The Appearance Of The Blog Site

There is a dark background, pleasant for viewing, and that is not something we get to say in all of our reviews. All the links to the stories show up as thumbnails, with their own images as the thumbnail pictures - screenshotted from the posted smut content

There are very few ads, but many of the links you click will redirect you to other sites, which was an unpleasant experience when writing this review.

How Good Is The FSIBlog Site Design?

Thankfully they have a dark theme design. To add to the good design, the text is readable on a dark background.

There is a user rating system in place, you can like or dislike a video. But there does not appear to be a way to leave a comment, so you can't write your own reviews of the stories you watch - so the only feedback you can give the site is liking or disliking a blog.

The blogs provide a view counter. The streaming pages of the Indian porn also have information like the runtime, or length, of the porn stories.

FSIBlog Hosted Videos

FSIBlog has its own video player, so you will not be redirected to specifically watch any of the porn stories on this site. It isn't anything fancy, it has a play button, pause, and not much else.

But because the site has its own player, you do not have to go to other websites to watch the Indian sex stories you are interested in. Neither do you have to get through endless ads to get to the video, but the link to the page will open in another tab and the original page will redirect to other websites.

Users On The FSIBlog Site

On FSIBlog, there is an option to sign-up for an account with the site. This gives you the option to specifically favorite porn videos if you want to be able to come back to them.

How To Get Around On The FSIBlog Website

FSIBlog was a mostly pleasant site to review because it had limited ads and the main irritation was having new tabs open and the original page redirected. But you can at least watch on the FSIBlog site and not another one.

Streaming On This Porn Site

The site has native streaming technology on the site, so to watch Indian porn stories you will select which story or blog; and it will open in a new tab, while the previous tab is usually redirected to other websites.

This is particularly frustrating when you are paging through search results! You want to get straight to the Indian porn!

How To Find Desi Amateurs Best Indian Sex Stories

When clicking on the video link, it will open in a new tab while the original page is re-loaded and redirected in the background to another website

This doesn't happen consistently but is very obnoxious when you navigate the site

It is still easily one of the best porn sites because there are so few ads and you aren't always redirected, only sometimes.

It still makes the site unpleasant to navigate and search for Indian sex stories and porn videos because if you are not careful, you will end up with a trail of open tabs being redirected to other sites

It will even redirect you if you change pages on searches or the homepage because the site does not have an infinite scroll

Stories on FSIBlog first fall into one of the categories on the site, then the tag category is there as descriptors to help bring up appropriate search results. There are no story descriptions underneath; only the title and the tags to describe the story. And there are no photos on the platform's player, just a play button.

Final Thoughts

FSIBlog, which stands for Free Indian Sex blog and is a platform for amateurs from India to upload their sex stories. It is full of homemade stories and videos you won't find anywhere else on the web.


  • amateur porn content

  • dark background to the site

  • diverse categories

  • the platform has its own video player

  • user rating system


  • badly shot content

  • the site redirects you often when opening a link

  • short Indian sex stories compared to other porn sites

  • no description blog posts - have to guess the story from the tags and category

  • no photos or images

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