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Femdom Tube is a lot of free female domination videos from facesitting, strapon and footdom to cuckolding and cfnm, mistresses and slaves.

Femdom Tube Femdom Site Review

Let's get right off the bat with this review. This is probably one of the oldest looking yet still running porn sites on the internet. Well, it seems to be a pretty common theme for BDSM-related fetishes as far as I have noticed. There are so many xxx fetishes and kinks out there anyway and S&M plays contribute to just a small portion of them and there are even far more people who are in the normal xxx spectrum which involves just vanilla sex to hardcore orgies. Then, from those Domination plays, you'll have to divide that into MaleDom and FemDom so you can only just imagine the audience share sites like FemDomTube has.

So, what makes this site survive despite its current status and why does it not seem to have enough budget to rev up? Is this really a good porn site to enjoy materials displaying men being dominated by dominating women? There aren't really any other reviews out there for this site so let me share all the information you need about Femdom Tube including whether you should visit other sites with Female Domination instead.

Porn Site For Femdom Worshippers

This porn site won't deal you with a shemale surprise. All of the dominants here are females who will make men beg for their pussies and well-deserved punishments. You can find your own mistress from tons of ladies who are into financial domination, orgasm denial, male bondage, restricted sex, CFNM, ballbusting, and other kinds of sexual torture. Of course, with whips and canes. You'll also find so much latex and leather on this site. If you're into women taking care of the fucking, you'll probably enjoy watching so many pegging videos in here too.

In short, I do recommend these tubes if you're one of those adults who still love some spanking time from your momma. And, yes, to sum up, the content on this free porn site only contains porn for people who love seeing masochistic men. I haven't found a single video otherwise. How old are the videos? Actually, I'm not sure. There seems to be an update daily but the video quality of the clips uploaded here doesn't look too new to me. How long is each video? I think that instead of calling them videos, it's better to call them "clips" instead because they're usually just around 30 seconds long. Seriously, they could have been GIFs instead.

Fetish Or Extreme?

Before that, you should know that the content here seems to come from only one country and uses only one language - English. Femdom Tube doesn't offer other languages but that's okay. As long as you're one of the ladies and gentlemen who enjoy watching women punish men and feel aroused with that then this site is for you. Now, is this really a fetish site or is there extreme content? Well, you'll definitely see a lot of redness and slavery here but you won't see any blood or mutilation so this isn't an extreme site.

Site Design And Navigation

The overall design looks typical of free porn sites. It's also user-friendly but there are thumbnails that link to other porn sites mixed among the videos. No worries though because the other porn sites are real and not just external ads. But, you can always use an ad-blocker and this site won't block you from spending time here. Anyway, to cut things short, the only things that will help you find the kind of femdom scenes you want here are the Categories and Tags on the header, and the Search box so you can find other related kinks you won't see on the Categories.

Final Verdict On Femdom-Tube.com

I honestly think that Femdom-Tube.com is not the ultimate porn site for free Femdom videos. Although all of the videos are femdom related, they're also too short that you'd better have a speedy cumming ability if you'd like to fap to these. There are so many other free porn sites for this specific industry that I'd recommend instead and some are listed on our Fetish Sites list. Go check them out. Femdomtube seems to have a safe reputation so I guess it's a plus point if you want to be on the safe side while watching dangerous-looking real sex stunts.

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