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Everyone claims to know the best porn sites. Saying it's this or that. If they see naked celebrities, the claim becomes stronger. From the sex tapes to the regularly scheduled naked women and their boobs. It all varies on what is exposed. With that, let us check together if this site can join the categories of the greats.

This site is a gallery that you could imagine to be, weird? It is mostly half-naked celebrities, either in gifs or full-on sex tapes. The page could give you an outlet for free pleasure and the rest would depend if you are into that. The images are from their private pages or are also from content that was leaked. Everyone here has fame. No category at all, but just celebs in nudity.

Fortunately, this website has NO ads. You heard me right, nada. NONE. You get to search for celebrities and their tits for free, AD FREE. You got to note though, that some of the content on this site is not considered to be porn. I mean, there are gifs of celebrities dancing with their tops on. You can see cleavage sure, but nothing is exposed. I guess it can't be considered to be "porn sites" material.

Also, some of the celebrities on this site are porn stars, so that is something you could look forward to, I guess. You can get some sex tapes here and there, but mostly and especially if we are talking like celebs from Hollywood. These "sex tapes" are mostly just sex scenes from movies, edited to make their nudes clearer. That is still considered content you know, but you can't beat the other categories from actual porn sites.

Best porn sites at Fappenist

You go to this site to get a feature of celebrity leaks and comment on them. For example, Jennifer Aniston's tits are up here for search. Stuff like that is made available on this website. You get leaks from time to time, like from the "fappening" era. They should be here somewhere. Most of the images I have seen weren't fakes, and they are actual real pictures. The problem is that tons of the pictures here are like PG13 content. They aren't nudes or anything like that. This defeats the purpose of it being a porn site.

With that said though, there are also tons of nudes that you can go through. Like, I saw Nicole Kidman's boobs and pussy while I was scrolling through. Like, who the fuck would have thought. Since the category for the fappenist is limited. You only get gifs, images, celebs leaks, and some famous celebs as categories. Once you visit this page, note that it is in a scrolling type way. You can't compare it to other sites. So imagine Instagram but for leaks of celeb photos. Unfortunately, fappenist is in light mode. That sucks, but it works either way.

For the final verdict, sites and stuff like this are big on the internet today. Once the news of the fappening happened every site decided to use the leaks to their advantage. With that said, there are a lot of sites like fappenist. Which you can also check down below. If we are to talk, specifically about the fappenist though. It is not that special. It is also not original. If you happen to pass by this site though, then go right ahead and scroll through. There is no harm in that. Nothing special about it though since it is all unoriginal content. Not considered to be a porn site. I would consider it to be like Instagram but with a shittier layout and with an added spice.

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