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FappeningBook is the largest archive of photos of naked celebrities. The Fappening, leaks, icloud, movies, photosets, leaks from their ex's - we have everything.

FappeningBook: Naked Celebrities Review

Fappeningbook.com is another homepage for celebrity nudes. I say another because there are dozens of other data like this. This all began from the one time the iCloud hack happened and, everyone's business got leaked to the public. Everyone got access to celebrity nudes, and that's where these types of sites happened. The fappening book another one of those sites, we are here to know if this is any different from all of the same sites we have encountered.

We all know the celebrities that have been most affected during the fappening. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Emily, Bella Thorne, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Selena Gomez, and a bunch more you could think of would be here. As we all know that any fappening site is the largest archive of naked celebrities of photos, sextape videos, and sex tapes. There aren't more categories than those two. It just revolves around nudes being exposed out of nowhere. Now let us check if it serves its purpose right.

Now that we know what this site is made of, let us talk about the site layout. At the very top, you could see the most popular naked celebrities, again all ranked by popularity and clicks. All the people you could imagine could be here. The iCloud leaks on the website aren't as special as you think they are. I mean a bikini on another actress. Chicks and their tits out. I guess it is special because there are celebs but it is just the regular pictures you see on the internet. Another thing about this site is that its layout is not the best. You can distinguish whether it is part of the site or it is a straight link to another server. The ads here are beyond annoying. Websites like this don't usually have scattered links of ads around but this page does. The thumbnails make the site feel like a girl magazine, because of all the glamour photos instead of the actual nudes. This is a surprise to me because if the owners of the site spent time to search for the photos then why didn't they use them?

I am not saying any of the pictures on the site wouldn't make you cum. It is just that some of the photos are are silly. As one of the photos, I have seen involved someone sitting in a toilet, and they weren't even nude and only the side of their ass was shown. This page could serve as a comedy page if given the chance. Websites like this make me wonder, what was the point? The homepage is even worse because of how crowded it is. From the celebs and the ads merging, this while website feels like a mess. Though when you get to the actual celebs page, you would not only notice the celebs name and face but also a little bio. That tells you how many photos were leaked from her account. Now, this doesn't feel like a registered link at all. Oh, it also leads you to other sites. I am assuming it still belongs to website owners but, why do you guys lead us to another website that is the same as the one I am currently reviewing. The other domain I was led to was even worse, but that was because the whole website felt crowded. It seems to me I need to dig deeper to find more of the nude celebrity photos on that site.

Whois responsible for making this archive website. The fappening book is a problem, a whole ass problem. The content is not lewd, most of the time. Most of the photos you can see with one google website. The layout is a mess. The fappening book, what happens? Just to report to you guys how bad it is, you can't even get actual nudes from the archive. I could find one single nude, that wants fashionable to a degree. It is like it's just there to show photos we have already seen. Whois making this website happen? Hopefully, you guys can fix it up in a jiff, because I don't see a reason for us to access it. Will be hoping for more recent updates in the future.

Now that we know what type of website it is all in all. We should not proceed to the final review of the "largest archive of nude celebrities" website. To check if it was worth the largest archive title. Well, for my review I think it is not worth the pain of accessing it. There are a ton of other sites, that are exactly like this. Just the fact that the owner could not work on it, makes me mad. The nude celebrities' photos could be seen on a ton of other sites and, well sites like this don't deserve to be checked on for the nude content you have been looking for. I am disappointed, to say the least, just knowing the fact I could not access the actual content from when it happened. You honestly might be better off watching porn movies instead of accessing this site, just because of how badly made the whole website is. Please if you guys can, put in some more effort devs. The last review from me would be, no it isn't worth your time. Please go check out the other sites available down below.


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