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FapForFun Free Hentai Porn Torrent Site Review

FapForFun is a hentai torrent site where you can download 2D hentai, 3D hentai, hentai videos, hentai games in several game formats, and a ton of other hentai content.

When compared to other hentai porn sites like FapForFun, this site is easier and more straight-forward to use, has fewer ads, has more hentai content to enhance your porn experience, and they have extremely easy download capabilities using the magnet link download button.

FapForFun.net is without a question one of the top hentai torrent sites, and it is truly hard to nitpick this wonderful porn site.

One feature I will touch upon in this review that Fap For Fun could incorporate is some more advanced filter capabilities, but we will get to that in time so don't worry one bit.

FapForFun has a great mobile site, a great support team, a strong following &community, and they even have Reddit and Twitter accounts, so you can follow along on your favorite social media (Reddit, let's be real).

So join me for an in-depth review of the Fap For Fun free hentai porn torrent site!

Fap For Fun Hentai Videos

FapForFun has a huge collection of high-quality HD hentai videos in their collection.

Most of these Japanese hentai porn videos will be in Japanese. Shocker, right?

But luckily, they will come with English subtitles so you can follow along - and if there aren't any, you're probably not there for the dialogue anyway!

Hentai comes in all shapes and sizes on Fap For Fun, so you can enjoy your classic 2D hentai, or get funky and take a walk down the 3D hentai alley. Personally, the 3D stuff just seems weird to me - we just aren't quite there yet with the 3D porn, but if that is your thing then you can find it here!

How to Torrent?

It may be that you nerds reading this review don't know how to torrent.

Look, I know, it is unlikely. It is 2021. Everyone and their mothers have used PirateBay once or twice. But for the newbies, here is how it works.

To actually download a torrent, you will need to download a BitTorrent program. Once you have that, you can simply click on the download link underneath the FapForFun content, and boom, it will open your BitTorrent program and you can watch that bad boy download peer-2-peer!

After it is finished, you will have your brand new hentai porn content in your recently downloaded folder.

Fap For Fun Hentai Games

Honestly, this is the first time I've seen this, and it is something I should have known about. I mean, I review hentai porn sites for a living, don't I?

Still, downloadable hentai games are a new one and really push FFF above the other porn sites like FapForFun.

The hentai games on FapForFun come in a couple of different game formats - Visual, RPG, Action, Simulation, Shooter, Puzzle, and others.

Now that is a pretty robust selection of hentai games! And they aren't little baby games here either, they are quality games with really nice artwork. These games come in at around 500mb+, so they have a ton of options, services, characters, several languages, and even get regular updates.

How fucking cool is that?

FapForFun Site Layout and Design

The design and layout on this website site are pretty good.

It isn't especially a stand-out, but it is efficient at what it is for - delivering high-quality hentai porn and photos to all you aficionados out there.

The home page is dark-mode, which is something I cherish in good porn sites, and it even comes with a beautifully-drawn hentai banner photo as a greeting! Well hello there!

Once you enter FapForFun proper, you have another photo banner at the top with a small navbar with all your links featuring a dropdown selector menu, and a little search box on the right side.

The content is ordered in a list format on the page with a title, some small thumbnail screen grabs to check the quality, a short description, and a user rating.

The design is good; however, there is a bit of dead space on FapForFun that could probably be put to good use in some way.

FapForFun Filters & Categories

Now we are talking about actual usability here.

This section here is what typically makes or breaks a good hentai porn site like FapForFun. Good categories and appropriate filter applications make it much easier for users to find the content on your site quickly, and easily. Because no one wants to take 40 minutes to search for the right hentai videos.

When it comes to categories, FapForFun has it taken care of.

They have their content broken down into hentai (2D & 3D), MMD, hentai games, and rewards.

This is nice, so you can make sure you're in the general ballpark of content you're looking for, but I was disappointed to find out that they actually don't have many filters or an adequate tags system.

FapForFun's tag system reads like the categories, mostly singling out overall format like 60fps, subtitled, and censored vs uncensored.

Now don't get me wrong, those are okay. Especially censored vs uncensored; however, I would like to see the ability to filter hentai porn content based on user rating, most downloaded, and maybe even the latest version options on FapForFun.net.

Premium Membership and Patreon

While you can access most of the porn content on FapForFun for free, if you are feeling the love and want to share it then you can support the site through hard times by using Patreon.

They already have a large group supporting them, pulling in a couple of thousands of dollars every month, but feel free to join the ranks of patrons in supporting fapforfun.net.

What is really nice is you get access to some bonus perks once you contribute a certain amount of money for a premium account. Some of these FapForFun perks include larger preview images, quicker downloads for images, and even access to a secret google drive folder containing a bunch of new material.

There are a couple of levels, with a difference in options and stuff based on how much you contribute to the site.

Peep the VIP section if you are a badass.

FapForFun Ads

One of my favorite things about this blog site is that there are almost no ads on fapforfun.net.

Each page is clean and clear - FAQ section? Nothing. Category menu? Nothing. Image Tags? Nothing.

You get the point.

There is nothing more ass than getting ads rammed up your ass every time you try to open a video, some images, download some games, or check out the FAQ.

I think FapForFun benefits from a generous following of patrons donating a lot of money for access to their games, videos, porn torrents, and VIP section, and that allows them to reduce the number of ads shown on the page at any given time.

It makes for a very clean FapForFun experience.

FapForFun Mobile Site

It is 2021 now guys, I've said it before and I will say it again - If you want people to like your site, you need to make it accessible via mobile phone. Hardly anyone is using laptops, or god forbid DESKTOPS, to enjoy their porn when they have HD handheld phones with them at all times.

FapForFun understands this and makes sure their mobile site is completely responsive and active.

Now, the question is can anyone download things to their mobile using a BitTorrent client...?

Probably not, if I'm going to be honest. But if you do get a premium account you can still browse FapForFun's games, videos, and torrents, and even download a couple of photos to view in the browser.

This is a feature most top porn sites have today, so I'm glad to see FapForFun right up there with the heavyweights.

FapForFun Final Thoughts

The site is great if hentai porn torrents are your thing!

You can download full-length videos, games, images, and tons of other video content.

There are almost no advertisements, the downloads are quick and simple using a BitTorrent client, and they even have a decent design and layout.

Compared to other sites, FapForFun rocks.


  • Tons of hentai content
  • No advertisements
  • HD-quality videos
  • Nice site layout
  • Mobile friendly


  • Could have better filter options
  • Some dead space on site

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