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FAKKU is the largest English hentai publisher in the world. Thousands of uncensored English hentai manga, comics, and doujinshi available.

Fakku All About Hentai Website Review

Fakku is a huge site that hosts all types of hentai content.

The collection of hentai content hosted on Fakku is astounding, and it keeps growing daily through weekly, and monthly releases.

The hentai, in this case, is mostly manga, stories, and comics, so you won't find many hentai videos here. So, if videos are your thing, then head over to other porn sites like hentaimama.io.

Hentai Site Description

As mentioned previously, this site deals in mainly non-video based hentai.

For all of you guys and gals out there who haven't run into this type of genre before, listen up.

Hentai is porn but in Japanese-style comics.

So if you ever read X-Men comics when you were younger (or still do, like me), then hentai is basically erotic stories delivered in this format. The style is Japanese anime or manga - and often you can even find the hentai that features your favorite anime titles (Dragon Ball After Dark, One Piece, or two).

The huge upside of manga hentai is the freedom of expression.

There is a genre for everything, and with fantasy-based porn, and excellent erotic artists, you can basically find any kink that you can think of.

I really mean anything - the mind is the limit here.

Fakku Membership

Unlike most other hentai porn sites, Fakku is not actually a free porn site.

When you land on the site's homepage, you'll find that you can access the content by signing up for a free 14-day trial.

During the trial, your content consumption is unlimited. However, after your trial ends, you will need to sign up for full membership.

The membership is quick and easy to acquire - you only need to make a username, password, and email address. But, it also comes along with a $12.95/month price tag.

Now, if you really love hentai, then the results are conclusive, you should sign up for a Fakku membership because the pros outweigh the cons.

But if you're on the fence about your hentai content, and the addition of another monthly expense to access artists' sex illustration stories, then I would say compare prices with other free hentai porn series sites and maybe tuck your wallet away for now.

Site Content Description

Fakku hosts hentai comics and features anime-style porn and pleasure material.

Fakku Video Games

Interestingly, Fakku also hosts erotic video games, which is a feature that only a couple of other porn sites offer.

I personally didn't purchase a game, because they are a bit too expensive for me and not really my cup of tea, but if you are interested in playing interactive sex story games then head over to the games category and get your fill.

The games range in price from as low as USD 8.99, all the way to USD 69.99 (nice!), so these aren't going to be your typical low-quality game series experience.

Comics Content

The comics in Fakku can be separated into two categories.

First, you have the professionally-made shit, released, published, and English-translated by a known releaser of hentai.

Next, you have the doujinshi.

Now, I wasn't familiar with what doujinshi actually meant before I started to look into the site's comic page. Now, I understand that doujinshi is actually amateur created and released content.

So this type of material is created and released by dedicated users and fans who love the art form and storytelling aspect of their works.

Fakku Site Content Tags

Fakku does a tremendous job of allowing sorting and filtering of material based on English key-words, and this helps you get the sex comics and magazines you're looking for all on one page.

On the top navbar, if you navigate to the tags section, you will be presented with a list of work and works that can be sorted using the tag system.

And you're in luck here friends, because Fakku is paying attention to the small details and little things here that make both the first-timers and the long-time fans of erotic manga scream for joy.

The variety of tags in Fakku is robust and allows you to filter through ecchi, anal, bukkake, and double penetration with ease, but also even lets you sort the action based on small features and details most other porn sites don't pay attention to, such as heart-pupils, beauty marks, eyebrows, and inverted nipples.

And there are material and posts about everything in between!

So you can see your girl, girls, guy and guys, and any combination of these in many different erotic settings on the Fakku site, and on one page, by simply filtering using key-words and some tags.

So share this with your women and friends, and get them hooked on this steamy material!

Content Updates

The Fakku site also releases regular updates of English material and magazines directly from the publisher.

This is key as if you are going to buckle up and sign up for a paid monthly membership, you are guaranteed to have high-quality material updates every month.

Additionally, if you are interested in following a particular project, you can even sign up for email updates that notify you when your favorite titles release.

Fakku Mobile

The hallmark of any reputable porn site, especially one you are paying for, is a fully functional mobile site that allows you to consume all your anime girls in a seamless fashion.

Fakku delivers fully here.

The pages are appropriately spaced, you don't get odd overlaps and misaligned content.

Also, they feature a very simple-to-use comic reader that saves the location of your last read page and chapter so you can quickly swipe one-handed (very key in this circumstance) through your Fakku content.

User Interaction

Fakku rates highly in terms of community engagement.

Every post you find on the Fakku site is filled with comments from different members and fans. So you can share your favorite girls with your fellow fappers.

Fakku offers more than just a full comment section - it also features a Twitter account where you can interact with other members and contact Fakku directly.

Also, they host a discord server, so if you are feeling the itch to chat with your friends about the latest chapters, or maybe just looking to meet some people with similar interests, then you can join the discord chats and connect with some interesting folk, guys and girls!

Who knows, maybe you will make a couple of new friends that share the same passions as you!

These are details that I would expect from a high-quality, paid membership porn site, and Fakku is hitting the nail on the head here.

Fakku Forums

The last topic I will touch on in this review will be the forums hosted on the Fakku site.

Much like the Twitter and Discord options mentioned before, the forums act as a fantastic resource for communicating with members on the site.

Forum topics are grouped into Fakku specific news, such as feedback and support, the discussion centered on merchandise, and other frontpage news.

The general section is for "incoherent babbling" (yes it is named so!), serious questions, and a meet-and-greet section.

Lastly, there is a special interest section, where you can talk directly about specific games, writings and fanfictions, cosplays, and upcoming conventions.

Again, this is a great feature that allows members to communicate and connect with each other quickly and easily.

Final Thoughts

I personally wouldn't pay for a paid monthly membership to Fakku for two reasons.

Firstly, there are tons of similar sites that are completely free.

Secondly, I just am not a huge fan of hentai.

There is nothing wrong with it, and I would be lying if I said I didn't peruse the collections from time to time, but I am not a dedicated enough fan to purchase the membership.

BUT, if you are, there are tons of benefits that Fakku offers that other similar porn sites lack.


  • Tag system
  • Wide selection and collection
  • Regular updating
  • Great community options
  • Excellent mobile site


  • Paid membership
  • Game add-ons can be expensive

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