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MPPS Reviews FakeHub Premium Porn Websites Network

Hold up as MostPopularPornSites.com gives you an honest review of one of the most popular porn-producing networks in the world. Most importantly, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know if their premium porn sites are worth your bucks.

To start off, I'd like to say that FakeHub may have the most contrasting slogan - The best xxx reality site. The site's name says "fake" yet it boasts to have "real scenes". Who has ever thought porn videos with close-ups on penetration to be not real?

If you're wondering why it's FakeHub, it's because this probably has the biggest collection of fake or roleplays from sexy naked women getting inspected by fake doctors, to damn hot girls getting a hitched taxi ride in exchange for being fucked in the ass. They also have the hottest holiday sex videos so you can watch travelers have a steamy vacation experience.

So, what's real about FakeHub? It's probably because their premises are real and within the "possible realm" for ordinary folks like us. If you love realistic roleplays, maybe you can skip the ads from your usual non-premium tube websites and subscribe here. But, before you do that, read everything here first.

FakeHub Home Website Layout And Navigation

Let's first talk about the design and how to navigate around FakeHub.com.

Two things you need to know - first, no matter how tempting the video previews on this site's homepage here, clicking those thumbnails won't change the result you'll see. There's no toggle navigation here. You won't be able to play the preview on a bigger view, and you definitely won't be able to watch a video here unless you have already settled the payment for a membership offered to you on your first click. Second, FakeHub.com is technically the main page of the entire Fake Hub network. It's basically a place where you can check FakeHub's latest site and decide on getting a membership to access all of the premium sites under this premium network like Fake Taxi, Fake Agent, and other fakes.

Let's talk about this site's design which I think is amusing. I'm not sure how many times I used the word "premium" but this one doesn't have much difference in layout from the non-premium ones. Well, I do like the simplicity and the pitch-black background. The fonts and frames of the previews give a modern vibe to the entire look as well. I'm just saying that there's nothing too special here and nothing functional for the people who would want to see more of what they would have to pay for.

If the clips on the upper part of the homepage don't trick you, guys, don't be hopeful with the section "trending scenes". I also thought I was pretty much fucked up hopeful that Fake Hub might be like the other premium network on the same tier that at least gives up to 5 minutes of preview of some of their latest titles. This network, on the other hand, is a real cheapskate. They scrimp on their material so even though the videos on the "trending scenes" look playable and they'll even lead you to a page with a video player, once you hit the play button, you'll just be reminded that you need to upgrade to a full membership first before you can make use of this site.

This is just what FakeHub.com really is about - their offers and marketing. Unless you're already a paying member of this network, then you can use this landing page to check their updated content across the sites in their network. No need to taint your usual search engine for that.

FakeHub Porn Categories

Just like any adult website, FakeHub also has a porn list of categories which you can see on the menu including common sex acts and tags such as Anal, Creampie, Lesbian, MILF, Teens, Doctor, Big Tits, Ebony, Threesome, Cheating, Asian, Czech, Black Hair, Massage, Gym, and Blonde.

What's every category page for? Just so you know what kind of pornographic scenes and women you can find here, how many porn videos are tagged with the niche, a few pics, and small previews.

Membership Prices On Fake Hub

There are several membership deals you can go for to join FakeHub and enjoy their full HD videos and watch every episode of your favorite title. You can choose an offer that's kinda light on your money from four different prices.

You can go for a one-time payment of $109.99 for one year and save $20.83 per month compared to getting a one-month subscription only. You can also get a 3-months subscription for the price of $19.99 per month or a one-time billing of $59.99. You can also get their limited time trial period of one dollar a day for up to two days. It's a limited-time trial period because you'd have to cancel it before you get automatically rebilled at $39.99 for one month - and that's a higher price compared to the regular 30-days subscription.

There are two ways to settle your purchase which are via credit card or cryptocurrency. For cryptocurrency, you get a different price for each term.

Although, once you are done with all this, you can finally start to watch and even download your favorite videos of that sexy ass model enjoying her hot as fuck anal sex.

Are The Best Porn Sites Mostly From The FakeHub Network?

My subheading for this part of the article may sound like a trap for what I'm about to say - it's up to you and your fetish if you can find the porno websites from the Fake Hub world as the best porn sites. What I can definitely say is that all of the girls and mature women, or their models, are all sexy and wild as fuck. You'll find lots of cum and condoms on the videos here and they all fuck like rabbits in heat anywhere and anytime.

The porn videos this network produces come in several themes even though they have a lot of similarities - aside from the fact that they have the same models. Instead of them uniting their entire content on one ultimate porn website, they cleverly made it seem that your monthly or annual fees are heck worth it and you're getting so much because you don't just get privileges on one smut site only but for several of them. Don't be mad if you have already paid FakeHub, but seriously, all of these things can actually fit in one adult website.

Anyway, they don't and you now have different websites you can go to from the menu bar on FakeHub.com. Their sites are FakeHub Originals, Fake Taxi, Public Agent, Fake Hostel, Fake Driving School, Female Fake Taxi, Fake Agent, Fake Hospital, Female Agent, Fake Agent UK, and Fake Cop.

The names of their domains are never misleading. Instead of just your ordinary category pages, they're organized into their own websites. Like you know where content with a fake cop, a fake agent or fake casting agents, and horny doctors molesting girls can be found.

There are most probably two kinds of guys who visit FakeHub.com - the ones who sure have the money, and the ones who got lost.

Free Porn Sites On Most Popular Porn Sites List

If you're one of the freeloaders who want to enjoy access to premium porn videos from high-end smut sites like FakeHub but don't want to shed some money for them, don't worry, MostPopularPornSites.com has the best sites where you can find the newest content from your favorite site without having to pay for anything. I'm talking about not just one porn site but several free porn tube sites you can choose from. Check out our reviews on these websites to find the next site you should bookmark.

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