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A huge collection of free porn comics for adults. ✓ Sex comix, hentai, fake celebrities, 3d comics and more... Free Comics Porn Review

Erofus is a free porn site that hosts all kinds of high-quality hentai and cartoon porn comics. They have 3d porn, 2d porn, western-style cartoon porn comics, and also true Japanese hentai content.

So if you really love the cartoon porn option, then Erofus may be a good porn site for you; however, I will say Erofus is not like most other porn sites that feature this type of porn content - and that isn't always a good thing mind you.

While Erofus definitely has page after page of 3d comics porn on their website for their fans, they just have a straight-up terrible site. Frankly, I would recommend that if you are into this type of comics porn, you should find a different porn site that can fill your needs, because this one is simply not good.

The filtering is awful, the design is trash, the layout is garbage, there are too many ads, the site isn't optimized for mobile use, and there are almost no considerations given to user features or even general user experience.

You cannot favorite, like, comment on, or download any of the porn content that this site has to offer, and to try to search for any content is basically not an option given the functionality of this site.

Looking at this site really makes me question who exactly is coming and consuming their porn content here? I definitely won't be, and I hope you will find other porn sites for your viewing pleasures.

Anyway, let's get into the in-depth review of!

Free Porn Comics?

Don't knock it until you try it - that's all I have to say about that.

I know most people really love their HD porn videos featuring tons of hot babes in all kinds of compromising situations, and I am not saying I don't indulge in the odd porn tube experience here and there, but there is definitely something to be said of the comic format.

It is popular and the genre has tons of fans that search the net for the best porn sites that offer these types of comics.

Just look at the hentai genre!

It has produced some of the most long-standing porn websites that have ever graced the internet - and it focuses almost entirely on the sex comic or hentai manga format!

Erofus is not one of the aforementioned sites.

It has the content. Everything from 3d hentai and manga, ZZZ comics, and Hustler cartoons to Frozen parodies and Palcomix comics.

The porn material itself on Erofus is good, that is not the problem here, the problem is the delivery system. The hummus is good, but it's spread on a dud of a porn site. Site Filter

Good filtering options are the cornerstone of any porn site worth its salt - especially one that focuses on the comics niche, as there will inevitably be a lot of bad content to search through to find the best porn content.

Unfortunately, Erofus doesn't really have a working filtering system.

You can kind of sort by most viewed and most liked, but the layout renders this feature basically useless (more on the layout and design in a moment).

What is more, is you can't sort through the Erofus porn comics by top-rated, and you can't specify a date range, such as in the last 24 hours, week, month, or year.

Again, this is sort of sad to see, because Erofus actually does have some good hentai, manga, comics, and western-style 3d images and illustrations. There is a lot of junk on the site, but there are some genuinely good reads on Erofus if you can manage to get them on your page.

Erofus doesn't make this especially easy, and it is sad to see.

Erofus Website Layout and Design

If I could vomit on a page, it may just look better than what Erofus has served up for us visually with their porn site.

I'm not even sure where to start with this one...

The layout and design of Erofus are bonafide bad. I wanted to close out of the comics-based porn site as soon as I opened the homepage.

My first impression is that there are just too many links. There are about two dozen links on the homepage that all link to various 3rd-party sites, such as Sex Games, Porn Games, Zlovedoll, Cartoon Sex, and Best Porn Sites, to name a few.

Underneath this, we have a bunch of tags or categories (I can't tell and it doesn't say) in grey boxes taking up a ton of space that are supposed to help with filter searches I think? Here you have your classic Mom-son, Incest, Forced, and Animal categories.

And these could be useful to narrow down the comics, but designed like this... no thank you.

Following this are huge thumbnails linking to all kinds of censored and uncensored hentai porn, cartoon comics, and 3d material.

They aren't ordered in any discernable manner and show next to no information other than a title. Having user ratings, views, downloads, etc beside would go a long way to making sure I'm finding the best comics.

Erofus Ads

There are just so many ads on this site, it is ridiculous.

I went in with my AdBlocker up and STILL had huge banners splashed across the page, tons of pop-ups and it seemed like everything I clicked would open up a new tab.

I get it, free porn websites need to generate income, but the number of ads here was absurd, and Erofus should consider monetizing in other more creative ways.

Community Discord Chat

Erofus does have a discord chat!

I'm not sure how well it is populated, seeing as this site can't generate a ton of traffic, but they do have a couple of community features and that is nice to see.

There is still no commenting on the comics, but having an area to connect with other users is always a nice touch with any good porn site.

It is just too bad it is too little too late here with Erofus.

Erofus Mobile

Erofus is not optimized for mobile use, so don't expect to be able to get in your comics material on the run.

This is too bad, but not surprising for this site.

There seems to be misstep after misstep for Their material really isn't actually that bad, it is just they refuse to deliver on a couple of key features that the best porn websites have.

With some tinkering, could be a good resource for hentai and man

Final Thoughts

All in all, Erofus is a below-average porn website that focuses mainly on hentai, manga, and western-style porn comics.

The content is okay, at best, but the design and layout are so bad that it makes this sex comics site almost unusable.

The filtering and search options are lackluster, the ads are awful, and the entire user experience is quite bad.

I would suggest finding another porn website that focuses on the comics niche to get your fill of sex comics because just really doesn't deliver here at all.


  • Some good quality comics
  • Discord chat


  • Design and layout
  • Filter options
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • No comments or downloads

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