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Eka's Portal

This aryion.com site is another banging hentai style tube that features pictures full of fan-based material. There is some amazing shit on here and if like me, you know what you want to find, you will.

It's also important to remember that because all of the materials on the Ekas Portal site is uploaded through user accounts, you'll never quite know what kinds of things you're going to find. Now, that may sound exciting but I actually stumbled across several empty folders.

However, I also came across a treat of a sub-folder, 'Vore'. I definitely recommend having a search for the Vore stuff! Either way, it's different than your standard porn sites.

Ekas Portal Review

This is where this aryion.com portal site's soul is. This is the heart of the community content.

The 'Gallery' page section of Ekas Portal allows you to explore the kinds of Aryion dropdowns that we all love and know. You can search through stuff like writing, drawing, tag approval, tag browsing, videos, community list, and latest updates. This is the place to get your hands and eyes on images and videos uploaded by different users that feature a huge range of topics and provide the kinds of things to suit the tastes of everyone.

Gallery, Forum, and Roleplay Pages of Eka

Ekas Portal 'Forum' page is pretty straightforward and is one of those great online tools that means you can connect with fellow freaks and join groups that share your interests. You can chat online, join threads and write or comment on other users' posts.

The ‘Roleplay’ page section, just to warn you, this isn't the place to act out all your Aryion site fantasies, you can find that in Vore and Private roleplay sections, there are plenty of other Ekas Portal users on this site who share your core enthusiasm. Now, this is something a lot of sites don't offer. There are some freaky forum users!

So if you're not into vore, the galleries 'Roleplay' page section is a bit more like a chat room, a place for people to roleplay chat on the Aryion Ekas Portal site.


All the other stuff the aryion.com site contains is in the last 'Other' section, it offers tools such as FAQ page, blog list, vore wiki, feedback, interactive stories, links, etc.

When you browse the main Ekas Portal categories, you get access to photos and drawings and get info about each artist. You can even download videos without registering too.

Ekas Portal Design

The design of the Ekas Portal site is a bit of a letdown. The site's main features are its galleries which contain loads of shit hot drawings and animations by different artists, it's a shame the partners at aryion.com didn't outsource an artist/website designer to create something at least visually pleasing.

Like most hentai style sites, Ekas Portal is no different. If you want access to any of the advanced services, you will have to register and create an account. This allows you to post your own photos and drawings and use the forums to post threads, chat online with other Aryion users, and share content and video. In addition to this, it's completely free!!

Ekas Portal Pros

  • Loads of free image and video access
  • Community vibes, friendly and inclusive
  • Free sign up
  • Great forum with links to deeper topics, including vore

Ekas Portal Cons

  • Terrible site design
  • A bit tame, not all the images are x-rated

Ekas Portal Summary

One of the parts I really like about the Ekas Portal site is the vibe. It's super friendly, and people make you feel welcome. You can find specialized stuff if you know what to look for, for example, 'Vore' groups. Its layout lets it down big time and not all of the material here is erotic so definitely not for everyone.

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